The end-user license agreement (EULA) is a contractual agreement between the licensee (user) and WooTechy regarding the usage of WooTechy. It is subject to legal recourse therefore download and install the software only if you consent, having read the terms, to the contractual obligations outlined herein.


WooTechy is protected by International Copyright Laws and Treaty Provisions. The license is prohibited from removing or concealing any form of labels, proprietary notice, or marks from the software.

WooTechy license grant

WooTechy grants you the non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, and revocable right to download, install, and use the software in line with the contractual terms outlined in this EULA.

User acknowledgement

1. The user acknowledges that WooTechy shall only be for personal use unless they have purchased a Business License, or Multi-User License, that grants shared usage. The user will be in violation of contractual terms should they share the software with third parties, or allow said third parties to view the contents of the software.

2.The user acknowledges that they will not avail WooTechy to a network, or avail the contents of the software to a network, without first purchasing a Business License, or Multi-User License.

3.The user acknowledges that their use of WooTechy shall be in accordance with the jurisdictional laws of their territory of residence and/or operation, country, state, province, and/or city. Usage of the software that is contrary to jurisdictional legislation, statutes, regulations, and/or guidelines, is prohibited, and the company shall not be held liable.

4.The user acknowledges that they are installing WooTechy on a device or system that they own and/or have exclusive administrator permissions. Should they do it on behalf of a person, said person MUST grant them explicit permissions and/or consent to perform the installation. Installation and operation of the software without express approval and authorization from the device or system owner is strongly prohibited and is against the contractual agreement.

5.The user acknowledges that their primary intent is to use WooTechy software in connection with an account or service. The user has a full right to access it.


The WooTechy retains full ownership and therefore reserves all rights that are not granted to the user. The user retains full ownership of media or data that is recorded or collected by WooTechy as well as the ownership of the device or system.


The user is prohibited from using WooTechy, without official permission, to deliver service to third parties.

The user is prohibited from converting, transforming, dismantling, or decompiling, with the intent to reverse engineer, any part of WooTechy, except to the extent to which it is allowed by WooTechy and the user’s jurisdictional laws.

The user is prohibited from using WooTechy for the purposes of conducting espionage on other companies or creating competition with other companies.

Consent of WooTechy User

By downloading and installing WooTechy, you accept that WooTechy may obtain and use technical information pertaining to your device, system, and peripherals. This, and any other relevant information, shall be used to enhance the delivery of software services, which include, but is not limited to, software upgrades, technical support, and bug fixes. You agree that WooTechy shall, in the process of developing better services, maintain and protect your individual identity. This data shall not be shared by other parties except as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

WooTechy offers no express or implied warranties of any kind. We also do not provide guarantees that WooTechy operations and contents will remain error-free or will be fixed immediately. Should you incur losses, damages, or injury as a result of operating WooTechy, you, and not WooTechy, will meet all the costs of repair, correction, and/or treatment.

WooTechy does not provide any guarantees that the operation of the software does not infringe on the rights of other people. No liability shall thus be assumed by WooTechy or WooTechy should such an event occur.

Termination of WooTechy license

The contractual term of this EULA is governed by the duration for which the user is allowed to operate the software. Termination of the contract can either be a result of the end of subscription or failure to abide by the provisions as stipulated in this EULA. WooTechy reserves the right to terminate the contract without warning upon which the user shall cease usage and operation of WooTechy services.

Additional terms

This EULA represents the final, definitive, and complete contractual arrangement and is to be used as the ultimate reference in the event of prior contradictory arrangements, oral, written, or otherwise, made between concerned parties.

Violation of the above-mentioned terms may cause irreparable damage to WooTechy, and the company may seek injunctive relief through all possible and available legal avenues.

Change of WooTechy EULA

Provisions of WooTechy EULA are subject to modification at any time. The latest edition shall be published on this website.

International usage

WooTechy may be used internationally; however, the company does not provide guarantees that the software is suitable for use or is legally accepted for use. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are observing jurisdictional laws.


If there are any issues with WooTechy, you are welcome to contact the WooTechy support team for further advice.