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  • Enjoy a Large Screen

    Share movies and videos with friends on a larger screen. Also check updates on social media on computer.

  • Play Mobile Games

    Plays Android and iOS games with keyboard and mouse. Record game videos with high quality on computer.

  • Join Meeting & Live Stream

    Join meetings in conferencing software and share files from phone. Live stream screen with audio on YouTube.

  • Take Recording & Screenshots

    Record highlights of class or meeting in high quality directly to computer, no waste of phone storage.

  • Transfer File from PC to Android

    Easily transfer images, excel, word and other files from computer to Android without using other applications.

Play Android & iOS Games on PC/Mac

  • Play mobile games with keyboard and mouse, no need to use emulator.
  • Apply default key settings or customize the keys as you like.
  • Live stream to other applications and do recordings anytime.
  • Have a large screen with high resolution. Experience excellent display and thrills of batterfield.
WooTechy iSeeker Android

Stream to Conferencing Software & Live Stream Platform

  • Supports streaming phone screen with audio.
  • Join meeting and share files in real-time from your mobile devices. Support Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meeting, etc.
  • Live stream phone to YouTube and other platforms, with high definition camera and up to 4K resolution.
WooTechy iSeeker Android

Do Recording & Take Screenshots with High Quality on PC

  • One-click to take screenshots or start recording.
  • Save screenshots and recorded videos to computer, edit them anytime and no worries about phone storage.
  • Adjust the resolution or keep the original quality. Save them with no watermark.
  • Copy the screenshots to clipboard and paste them cross devices.
WooTechy iSeeker Android

Screen Mirror Android & iOS to PC/Mac in 3 Steps

  • Step 1. Launch WooTechy MirrorDisp

  • Step 2. Connect Your Devices

  • Step 3. Start Mirror or Control Phone from Computer

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We Are Loved By Users Worldwide

MirrorDisp enables me to get rid of small phone screen. I can use it for my daily entertainment and communication, and also for my weekly meeting and online classes. This screen casting program meets almost all my needs. Definitely the best screen mirroring tool I've ever used.
icon_review By Sienna

I always have to switch between my iPhone and laptop, so it is always tiring for me to log in and out other applications and send files again and again. This software saves my day and I can now deal with all the tasks just on my computer.

I'm a huge fan of Game for Peace, and it's so tricky to use a game emulator. So I've tried several screen mirroring software and this program stands out! All the gameplay sound shows great, and the delay is low.

I can take recordings anytime during my online classes and meetings, and save them to my computer for my future editing use. No quality loss and easy to operate, I've shared the tool with my friends.

WooTechy MirrorDisp

Mirror Android & iOS Screen to PC

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What's the difference between the free trial and the full version?

For free version users, you can enjoy the screen mirroring function for limited time. For full version users, you can have all the privileges including controlling phone screen with keyboard and mouse, removing watermark, live streaming to other platforms, and recording screen with extremely high quality and without time limit.

2. What should I do when my phone cannot connect to computer?
3. What to do when it fails to connect iOS devices to computer using WiFi?
4. Why does it shows the APK installation failed and how can I fix it?
5. Do I need a mobile terminal except from the desktop terminal?
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