3000+ Text-To-Speech AI Character Voices To Choose From

Monthly Update Of The Hottest AI Voice Actors

  • Siri


  • SpongeBob


  • Optimus Prime

    Optimus Prime

  • Goku


  • Trump


  • Biden


  • Obama


  • Kanye


50+ Different Languages Available For TTS

Huge AI Voice Library Covering Most Major Languages & Accents

50+ Different Languages Available For TTS
  • English


  • French


  • German


  • English(IN)


  • Spanish


  • Italian



AI Voice Cloning - Read 3 Sentences To Clone Your Voice

Generate Your Unique Voiceover With More Possibilities

  • Olivia


  • Noah


  • William


  • Emma



What Else You Can Do With VoxDo?


  • AI Voice Changer

    AI Voice Changer

    Upload audio file
    Change the original voice into any character's voice

  • AI Voice Changer

    AI Rap Generator

    Enter your rap lyrics or generate rap lyrics via AI
    Choose a rapper to make your AI generated first rap song

  • AI Voice Changer

    Speech to Text

    Extract voice from audio&video and convert it to text
    Supports multiple languages around the world

  • AI Voice Changer

    Video to Audio

    Convert video file to audio files
    Supports multiple video file formats conversion

  • AI Voice Changer

    Voice Recording

    Real-time audio recording & third-party platform voice recording
    A high quality recording studio for you anytime, anywhere

  • AI Voice Changer

    Audio Editing

    Easy to edit, cut, and merge audio files
    Allow audio enhancement to improve clarity, volume balance and sound effects

  • AI Voice Changer

    Voice Mood Settings

    Apply super-rich emotions to the voice with a single click

  • AI Voice Changer

    Noise Reduction

    Remove background noise & background music from audio
    Eliminate mouth clicks, heavy "S" sounds and popping "P" sounds in speech

Why 800,000+ Users Choose VoxDo?

All-In-One AI Voice Generator

No More Dubbing Hassle

Hiring Voiceover?

  • Costs money, voiceover artists are too expensive
  • Troublesome to find and communicate with dubbing artist
  • May need to re-record over and over again

Dubbing Yourself?

  • No good recording equipment and studio
  • Not good at dubbing and audio editing
  • Pronunciation is not standardized and has some accent
  • Bad and unattractive voice
  • Time-consuming


  • Say goodbye to all the hassle of dubbing!
No More Dubbing Hassle

Suitable For Wide Range Of Scenarios

  • YouTube/TikTok/Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat Videos
  • Podcast Voiceover
  • Game Commentary
  • Movie Commentary
  • Vlog Narration
  • Simulated Celebrity Conversation
  • Animation Voiceover
  • Audio Novel
  • Children's Audiobooks
  • Advertisement Voiceover
  • Promotional Video Voiceover
  • Online Education Voiceover
  • Presentation Voiceover
  • Training Tutorial Voiceover
  • Sales Video Dubbing
  • Phone Messages
  • etc.
No More Dubbing Hassle

Reach Wider Global Audience

Generate voiceovers in different languages as many as you want at once, making your contentcreation faster and easier!

Connect with billions of people from different countries around the globe in multiple languages, attract fans and audiences from all over the world!

No More Dubbing Hassle

Millions Of Voiceovers Have Been Generated With VoxDo

  • It's awesome to be able to clone voices! As a teacher, I often have to create lectures and lessons videos for my students, and VoxDo's AI voice cloning feature helps me do this quickly. It used to be impossible for me to record a lecture in one day, but now I can get 3 voiceovers for my courses in one night with VoxDo, and the voices are so similar to my own that I can't even tell the difference hahaha. And it's easy to use, lots of teachers at my school are already using it.

    Bella, Middle School Teacher

    Bella, Middle School Teacher

  • This is an amazing tool that I stumbled upon! It actually started out as something I wanted to use to prank my friends, but now it has become a traffic godsend for me. Its text-to-speech feature has done a lot of funny voiceovers for my YouTube channel videos, and one using Trump's voice literally exploded the day after it was posted! Thanks to it I'm finally a video blogger with a million followers now!

    Bella, Middle School Teacher

    Leo, Social Media Blogger

  • I've tried several AI TTS voice generators, and this is the only one left that I'm still using. VoxDo's AI character voices are just super versatile, and the quality of the voices is excellent. There's also a lot of built-in features, basically this one program is enough for my daily needs for dubbing and voice production! All in all, recommended!

    Bella, Middle School Teacher

    George, Animation Voiceover Artist


How To Use VoxDo?

Text To Speech & Voice Cloning In 3 Simple Steps!

  • AI Text To Speech
  • AI Voice Cloning
  1. Step 1

    Download and launch VoxDo.

  2. Step 2

    Select language and AI voice.

  3. Step 3

    Type or import text and convert it to speech.

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3


  • What is the difference between the full version and the free version?

    The full version offers over 3000 AI voices and over 50 languages, giving you endless possibilities for your voice creations. Meanwhile, the full version has no character limit or time limit, allowing you to create more freely. Plus there are more advanced features for you to explore.

    The free version, on the other hand, will have some limitations on the number of voices, languages, characters, and the duration of voices. Upgrade to the full version to unlock all the exciting features of VoxDo!

  • Can Text-to-Speech extract text from images?

    Yes, VoxDo's Text-to-Speech can extract text, it supports extracting text directly from images and PDF files. You can upload pictures, photos, screenshots as well as PDF, Word documents, and VoxDo will quickly extract text from them and convert the text to speech for you.

  • Is voice cloning safe?

    Absolutely Safe. The cloned voices can only be accessed and used by you personally. VoxDo only provides you with the function and service of cloning voices, it will never use any of the voices you create and generate in any other places. Your privacy and personal information will be 100% protected. Just let your ideas fly!

  • Can AI-generated celebrity voices be used for commercial purposes?

    Yes, all voices generated by VoxDo can be used for commercial purposes. However, the usage rights for AI-generated voices may vary depending on the platform and service you are using. Some platforms may have specific terms and conditions regarding commercial use. We recommend that you review the terms of service or contact the platform to understand the licensed use and scope of use of AI Generated Voices.

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