Top 3 Best Voice Cloner for AI Voice Cloning of 2024 [HOT]


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Searching for how to clone voice? If you are also wondering how to clone your own voice or someone else's, then you have come to the right place! This post will introduce you to everything you should know about AI voice cloning! What's more, it will also detail the top 3 best AI voice cloners for 2024 to help you do voice cloning with ease! Without further delay, let's get started now!


Part 1. What Is AI Voice Cloning?

AI voice cloning is a technology that mimics the voice of a target through speech synthesis. With voice cloning, it is possible to realistically replicate a person's voice, including tone, intonation and even accent.

Previously, voice cloning took over ten hours or even days to create voice model data. However, thanks to advanced AI algorithms and deep learning technologies, voice cloning is now an easy task. With voice cloner, you can now quickly create voice clones in just a few simple steps.


AI voice cloner analyzes human voice data and learns by imitation. It works by breaking down the voice into individual components, such as phonemes, syllables, and intonation patterns, and then reconstructing these components in a way that sounds natural and human-like.

All industries are benefiting from AI voice cloning. Podcasters create podcast content more efficiently by quickly fixing pronunciation errors without having to re-record; educators record PPTs in their own voices to easily create a variety of online course materials; and your gaming experience can even be more fun than ever before because of voice cloning!

Part 2. Top 3 Best AI Voice Cloner

So, with so many voice cloners on the global AI voice cloning market, how to pick the one that suits you best? Don't worry, we've picked out the 3 best AI voice cloners for you, either one can help you deal with the voice cloning brilliantly! Check them out!

#1 AI Voice Cloner - WooTechy VoxDo

- Rating: ★★★★★ -

You can't talk about voice cloning without mentioning VoxDo, one of the most popular AI voice cloners that allows you quickly create voice clones in minutes and easily clone ultra-realistic voices exactly like real people! Simply record or upload the voice you want to clone, then VoxDo will analyze, learn and do all the rest, and make sure your clone is 100% safe.

But that's not all. As an all-in-one voice toolkit, VoxDo also comes with built-in AI text-to-speech, AI voice change, AI-generated rap, background music removal and many other popular features. Combined with the TTS, you can use your cloned voice to quickly convert your text into speech, while retaining the original elements of your voice such as mood and accent, making it easy to add your own personal touch to the audio. In short, the possibilities are endless!


How to Clone Voice with VoxDo AI Voice Cloner?

Step 1. Download, install and launch VoxDo on computer.

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Step 2. Click "Voice Cloning" and choose a cloning method.


Step 3. Upload the audio/video file of the voice you want to clone, or record to clone your own voice.


Step 4. Click "Start Cloning". Wait a few minutes and you will get the realistic cloned voice!

[Video Tutorial] How to Clone Voice?

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#2 AI Voice Cloner - LOVO Genny

- Rating: ★★★★☆ -

LOVO Genny is one of the most advanced AI voice cloners on the market, and a name that comes up a lot when Reddit users discuss voice cloning. It specializes in voice cloning and text-to-speech technology that delivers very realistic sound effects, making it easy to create lifelike voiceovers. With just a 10-second audio file, Genny can accurately and instantly clone your voice, replicating it with a level of realism that makes it virtually indistinguishable from a real human voice.

With over 500 voices in 100 languages, LOVO Genny gives your content a unique edge, allowing you to create captivating and high-quality AI voices for gaming, marketing, education, and a variety of social media platforms. In addition, its easy-to-use user interface makes generating voice-overs effortless, even for those with no experience in audio production, making it adored by 700,000 users.


How to Clone Voice with LOVO AI Voice Cloner?

Step 1. Go to LOVO Genny official site.

Step 2. Select Voice Cloning.


Step 3. Record or upload your voice data to start the AI voice cloning process.

Step 4. Complete the information to store your voice and click "Add Voice".

#3 AI Voice Cloner - Resemble AI

- Rating: ★★★★☆ -

Resemble AI is a professional voice cloner that specializes in creating personalized AI voices through its top-notch cloning technology, which can help you generate high-quality voice replicas and realistic human voiceovers. The voice cloning process is simple, all you need to do is record 25 sentences or upload 3 minutes of voice audio. Next Resemble AI will analyze the voice, mimic the voice and generates a clone that closely resembles it.

Resemble AI supports up to 100 languages, so you can convert your voice to any language to reach a global audience. Its voice personalization feature also gives you fine control over every tone and intonation, and you can even add an unlimited number of emotions to your voice, including happy, sad, angry, and more, making it perfect for audiobook dubbing.


How to Clone Voice with Resemble AI Voice Cloner?

Step 1. Go to Resemble AI official site and create an account.

Step 2. Click "Build a Voice".


Step 3. Start recording the sentences. A minimum of 25 sentences is required.

Step 4. You will be notified via email when your voice has been cloned, then you can use it through Resemble's web platform or API.


Well, this is everything you should know about AI voice cloning and the top 3 voice cloners in detail. However, we have to say that VoxDo is indeed the best AI voice cloner of them all. The voice it clones is so similar and the whole cloning process is so simple. You just need to read 3 sentences and it will clone a voice exactly like yours! If you too wanna experience this amazing voice cloning, just try VoxDo for free now!

WooTechy VoxDo - Best AI Voice Cloner




  • AI Voice Cloning: Read 3 sentences to clone your ultra-realistic voice

  • AI Text to Speech: 3000+ hot AI voices in 100+ different languages & accents to generate any voice you want

  • AI Voice Changer: Change your original voice into any character's voice

  • AI Rap Generator: Generate rap lyrics & select a rapper to make your first AI-generated rap song

  • Noise Reduction: Remove background noise & background music from audio with 1 click

  • All-in-One Toolkit: Speech to text, video to audio, voice recording, audio editing, text extraction

  • Easy to Use: Intuitive interface, no technical expertise required, friendly to beginners

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Instant refund within 30 days if not satisfied

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