FAQs About VoxDo

  • 1. What is the difference between the full version and the free version?

    The full version offers over 3000 AI voices and over 50 languages, giving you endless possibilities for your voice creations. Meanwhile, the full version has no character limit or time limit, allowing you to create more freely. Plus there are more advanced features for you to explore.

    The free version, on the other hand, will have some limitations on the number of voices, languages, characters, and the duration of voices. Upgrade to the full version to unlock all the exciting features of VoxDo!

  • 2. Can Text-to-Speech extract text from images?

    Yes, VoxDo's Text-to-Speech can extract text, it supports extracting text directly from images and PDF files. You can upload pictures, photos, screenshots as well as PDF, Word documents, and VoxDo will quickly extract text from them and convert the text to speech for you.

  • 3. Is voice cloning safe?

    Absolutely Safe. The cloned voices can only be accessed and used by you personally. VoxDo only provides you with the function and service of cloning voices, it will never use any of the voices you create and generate in any other places. Your privacy and personal information will be 100% protected. Just let your ideas fly!

  • 4. Can AI-generated celebrity voices be used for commercial purposes?

    Yes, all voices generated by VoxDo can be used for commercial purposes. However, the usage rights for AI-generated voices may vary depending on the platform and service you are using. Some platforms may have specific terms and conditions regarding commercial use. We recommend that you review the terms of service or contact the platform to understand the licensed use and scope of use of AI Generated Voices.

  • 5. What operating systems are supported?

    Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 / 11.

    VoxDo for Mac / iOS / Android are coming soon! Stay tuned!

  • 6. What languages are supported by the Text-to-Speech feature?

    The TTS feature currently supports a wide range of languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. For a complete list of supported languages, please check within the VoxDo software.

  • 7. What audio input and output formats are supported?

    VoxDo supports MP3, WAV and AAC formats for both audio input and output. High compatibility and flexibility.

  • 8. How to quickly find the voices I want?

    You can enter the keywords in the search box of the voice library, such as the name of the president or singer, then you will be able to quickly find the voice you want. Meanwhile, VoxDo also has Hot Voice of the Month, which includes the latest monthly trending topic voices and keeps updating the most popular voices, providing more possibilities and constant inspirations for your creations.

  • 9. What if I used up all my TTS characters? Can I buy extra characters?

    Fret not, additional TTS characters can be purchased if needed. VoxDo offers convenient value-added services, if you are in need of more TTS characters, you can contact our customer support team via email support@wootechy.com to purchase additional TTS characters.

  • 10. What if I forgot my account information?

    If you have forgotten your account password, you can contact our customer support team via email: support@wootechy.com, they will promptly help you recover your account.