User Guide of VoxDo

VoxDo is a powerful Text-to-Speech AI voice generator and AI voice cloner. Its advanced TTS AI technology allows you to mimic the voices of your favorite characters, create lifelike voiceovers, and also clone replicate your own voice with amazing realism!

Part 1. AI Text To Speech

Step 1 Select Language & Voice

Click "Change Speaker" to select the language and your favorite AI voice.

Select Language & Voice

Step 2 Input Text

Enter text in the input box, or import text directly (support extracting text from images and PDF).

Input Text

Step 3 Convert Text To Speech

Choose the text you want to adjust and apply the parameter settings, then click "Convert" to convert text to audio.

Convert Text To Speech

Step 4 Export Audio

Play and edit the converted audio if needed, then click "Export" to export and save it.

Export Audio

Part 2. AI Voice Cloning

Step 1 Select Cloning Method

Click "Voice Cloning" and select a cloning method.

Select Cloning Method

Step 2 Prepare Voice

Upload the audio or video file of the voice you want to clone, or record to clone your own voice.

Prepare Voice

Step 3 Clone Voice

Click "Start Cloning" to clone the voice. Wait for a few minutes and you will get the realistic cloned voice.

Clone Voice

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