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iMaster is an outstanding upgrade and downgrade tool that helps users to change iOS versions to any signed versions.

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  • this is tottaly rad dude!
    it did everything i need to be done plus tottally excitded
    by her 2023/12/16
  • Amazing! Download Now!
    I was stuck on iOS 16 and the phone was really weird and buggy. I wanted to downgrade to iOS 14, but all other solutions tried to scam me, but I found WooTechy and it was the right tool for the job! Highly recommended! ????
    by I'm dying inside 2022/12/28
  • Finally found this software that could solve my problem!
    I have tried so many software to degrade my iPhone for some reason, and finally found this iMaster which can solve my problem. It is definitely amazing, easy to operate, and very professional, everything is awesome.
    by Dominick 2021/04/12
  • It works !
    iMaster is worth of my money. Great!
    by Carter 2021/04/09
  • Super easy-to-use and powerful tool
    I don’t know how to operate things related to mobile phones, but the simple operation of this software gives me the illusion that I am tech-savvy haha
    by Winnie 2021/04/08
  • Amazing software!
    I upgraded my phone to ios 14 one week ago but I really regretted it! I prefer the previous version!!! So I searched to find this downgrade software. In just a few minutes, I got the familiar version back. Awesomeeee!
    by Helen 2021/04/08
  • Helpful app
    It helps me to downgrade to the iOS version I want. Thank you.
    by Cliare 2021/04/07
  • Really helps
    Actually I want to go back to the iOS 13 version. And iMaster really helps! I can help to downgrade to iOS 13 without any data loss. I recommend it
    by Stephanie 2021/04/06
  • Effective tool !
    This is the app I've been looking for these days. I had been so anxious until problems all got fixed and solved. Nice!
    by Olivia 2021/04/02
  • Solve my problem that quick
    I don't want to lose any data but I don't know how to downgrade my ios system. But iMaster just solves it real quick
    by Jane 2021/04/02

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