User Guide of iPhixer

As the all-in-one iOS/iPadOS/tvOS repair tool, iPhixer can bring your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV back to normal under different situations with the highest success and safety rates. Open the program and you will see 4 options on the main screen. Here you will learn how to use each mode step by step.


Mode 1. Fix iOS/iPadOS/tvOS Issues

iPhixer offers two modes, Standard Mode and Advanced Mode, to repair your iOS/iPadOS/tvOS devices if they encounter problems such as iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV stuck on Apple logo/Recovery Mode, black/white screen, boot loop, won't turn on, etc.

Option 1. Use Standard Mode

The Standard Mode can fix most common iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues without data loss. To use this mode, please follow the specific steps below.


Step 1: Open the tool and connect your device

Launch iPhixer on your Windows or Mac computer and connect your device to the computer. Choose the Standard Mode and tap on the Next button to continue the process.

Note: You have to unlock your device before the next step, as the software will not recognize it if it is locked.


After clicking the Next button, you will be brought to the next procedure once your device is detected. In case your device is not recognized, you will be asked to put your device into Recovery or DFU Mode. Just follow the instructions shown on the screen.

To put your device into Recovery Mode:


To put your device into DFU Mode:


Step 2: Download the firmware

Next, to repair your iOS device, you have to download the firmware by clicking the Download button. The software will automatically show the available and suitable firmware version of your device. You can also choose the version that you like.

After the firmware has been successfully downloaded, it will verify the firmware and extract software before fixing it by itself.


Step 3: Fix iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issue

Finally, click the Start button to begin repairing the device. Remember not to operate and disconnect your device during the process. Otherwise, it will get bricked, and no longer function.

When the process is complete, your device can restart and work normally.


Option 2. Use Advanced Mode

If the Standard Mode fails to repair your device, you could try the Advanced Mode. Just choose the Advanced Mode from the main interface of the program.


Note: The fixing process under the Advanced Mode is the same as the one under the Standard Mode. Yet to fully fix the iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues that the Standard Mode can't fix, the Advanced Mode will delete all data on your device.

Step 1: Connect your device to a Computer


Step 2: Download the firmware


Step 3: Fix the iOS issue


Mode 2. Reset iDevices

To reset your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, iPhixer offers two modes for you, Standard Reset and Hard Reset. After resetting your iDevice, you could regain access to it.


Option 1. Standard Reset

The Standard Reset is suitable for your iOS devices which are unlocked. You can do this with ease.


Step 1: Choose standard reset and connect your device

When you select the Standard Reset, you need to connect your device to a computer. Then input your device's password and trust the computer. After that, click the Start button.

start standard reset

Step 2: Start reset your device

iPhixer will automatically reset your device soon. Finally, click the Done button to end the process.


Option 2. Hard Reset

If you have forgotten the password of your device, then you could use the Hard Reset mode to factory reset your device. It will take several steps to complete the process and finally, your device will be updated to the latest version.


Step 1: Choose hard reset and connect your device

Connect your device with a USB cable to a computer after selecting the Hard Reset. Then click the Next button.

connect iPhone hard reset

Step 2: Download device firmware

Click Download button to get the latest firmware version. Then wait the program to verify and extract the firmware.


Step 3: Put your device into Recovery/DFU mode

Click Start button to proceed and follow the on-screen instructions to put your device into Recovery/DFU Mode.


To put your device into Recovery Mode:


To put your device into DFU Mode:


Step 4: Hard reset your device

iPhixer will hard reset your device soon. When the process is successfully done, your device will be restarted.


Mode 3. One-click to Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

If your device's Home and other buttons are broken, you could use iPhixer to help you get your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV into or out of Recovery Mode through one click. The process just takes a few seconds.


To enter recovery mode

Connect your device to a computer and hit the Next button. Then click the available Enter Recovery Mode button. That's it. Your device is successfully in Recovery Mode.


To exit recovery mode

Similarly, connect your device in Recovery Mode to a computer and click the Next button. After that, click the Exit Recovery Mode button.


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