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iSeeker is highly recommended by users around the world for its proficiency in recovering photos, videos, social app data, and various other files from iOS devices. We are proud to help our users!

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  • Retrieve my deleted Wechat conversation
    When I intend to hide the conversation, I accidentally deleted it. Its the chat with my best friend. So I started to finding how to get the chat back. Luckily, iSeeker achieve it for me.
    by Diana 2022/06/13
  • Got back my whatsapp messages
    I accidentally deleted the chat with my friend. And he tell me that iSeeker could help. I tried it and got the chats back.
    by Greg 2022/05/02
  • Great help!
    This tool is really a great help! It saved my notes after I update my iPhone 11!
    by candace 2022/04/27
  • saved my photos
    my son accidentally deleted an important screenshot on my iPhone 11. Thanks for this was back now.
    by Helena 2022/04/12
  • Done a good job
    I accidentally deleted my chat history on WhatsApp a few days ago. My friend told me to use this software. I got the messages back finally! Really did a good job.
    by Cartier 2022/03/17
  • Bring back notes
    After i update the newest iOS, my notes are missing. Luckily, I finally got them back. Thanks for iSeeker.
    by Kry4tal 2022/03/05
  • Great tool!
    I accidentally deleted an important message from the bank when I cleared my inbox last week. Thanks for iSeeker. It is back now!
    by Swift 2022/02/18
  • access photos from broken iphone
    Last week I was cleaning my house and found the broken iPhone6s which saves my memory in Ohio. I try to find a way to restore those photos and I meet iSeeker. Though the scan process was kind of slow it really found the pictures. Those pictures remind me of the first time I met my wife, I really appreciate it.
    by Alex 2022/01/14
  • goodgoodgood
    good product.
    by Tim 2022/01/10
  • Cost effective
    I am a YouTuber in the data recovery area and have tested various data recovery tools. iSeeker surprised me! It has a high recovery success rate and is compatible with my iPhone 13 pro max. That's amazing with such an affordable price. I have to say it is cost-effective. I used to test tools that are much more expensive than iSeeker but don't cover so many data types. A nice product I have to say.
    by Liam 2022/01/07

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