• 1. Is iPhixer safe?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to download on Windows and Mac. It has been approved by well-known safety software like Norton and McAfee. Besides, it supports all iOS/iPadOS/tvOS devices and versions, so it will not cause any damage to your devices and computers.

  • 2. What kind of iOS issues can iPhixer fix?

    With iPhixer, you could easily fix various issues on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/Apple TV such as stuck in Apple logo/Recovery Mode, black/white screen of death, won't turn on/boot loop/freezing and more.

  • 3. What's the difference between the free trial and the full version?

    The free trial allows you to check if your device is supported or not. Also, you could 1-click enter/exit recovery mode for free and you can receive friendly customer support. While the full version not only lets you enjoy the functions of the free trial, but also fix all iOS issues and reset your devices, etc.

  • 4. How do you know if your device is supported or not?

    To check if your device is supported or not, you could dowload the free trial version of iPhixer and open it on your Windows or Mac computer. Then connect your device to the computer and select the mode.

    If your device is supported, you could proceed with the "Start" button; if your device is not supported, the message “Your Device Is Not Supported” will be shown on the screen.

  • 5. Why do you need to put your device into DFU/Recovery mode?

    Apple sets these two modes to recognize your device and solve iOS system problems. After entering the two modes, your device and data, and settings will not be affected.

  • 6. Will Wootechy iPhixer erase data on Apple devices?

    If you choose Standard Mode to fix iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues and use the function "Enter/Exit Recovery Mode", then any data will be not erased. While the Advanced Mode and Reset iDevices functions will remove all data on your device. However, you are able to back up your device data before resetting iDevices.

  • 7. What should you do if WooTechy iPhixer says "There is insufficient space on the disk..."?

    If Wootechy iPhixer says "there is insufficient space on the disk...", please change the storage path or free up some space on the disk where the firmware file was saved. Usually, 8 to 10 GB of storage space should be left to extract the firmware file.

  • 8. What's the difference between iPhixer and iTunes?

    The biggest difference between iPhixer and iTunes is that iPhixer can solve problems that iTunes can't and bypass iTunes errors. With professional techinical teams, iPhixer is developed with high technology to fix all iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues and restore your devices without iTunes.