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SoundBot is a useful real-time voice changer. Check our users' sincere reviews and you are free to leave your comments below.

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  • Good yygtt
    by Nori Petty 2024/02/13
  • Highly recommended
    Highly recommended , Easy to use, Very fun and interesting voice-changer. If you're a live streamer, trust me you're gonna love it.
    by xavi 2023/09/06
  • Soundbot Voice Changer for Gamers
    This software has helped me mask and change my voice when streaming on my Twitch. Very fun and interesting voice-changer. If you're a live streamer, trust me you're gonna love it.
    by Mitush 2023/08/15
  • Love using this during my podcasts
    Keeping a podcast entertaining is no easy feat. There's only so much you can do with your voice and conversation. Luckily WooTechy SoundBot makes your voices sound fun and helps me perform bits and make my show interesting. The audience definitely loves it.
    by William Thompson 2022/12/08
  • So many features!
    Such a great software to have fun with your friends and prank them. It's really fun to play around with and try all the different features. Has an easy-to-use interface as well. You can really get a lot out of it if you know how to use it effectively. Best part is : it's free ! Highly recommended it if you're a frequent prankster.
    by Alex Jones 2022/12/08
  • Staple in editing!
    While I was skeptical of using a new software for my audio editing, WooTechy SoundBot has quickly become a staple! It's so easy to use and has pretty much all the features you might need for any sort of voice manipulation. Gets the job done. No complaints here.
    by Harris Lee 2022/11/17
  • Best option out there
    I've used a lot of different voice filter and autotune softwares for my clients, but this is by far the best option out there. Often works even better than the paid ones. So many features and compatible with many other softwares. Makes my work really easy and I can do whatever the clients require from me!
    by Jamie Carter 2022/11/17
  • Amazing for memes
    My meme game has gotten so much better with WooTechy Soundbot. Not only does it have a collection of the trendy sound effects, but also so many different sounds that I can use to make my content funnier and of course much for entertaining.
    by John Davids 2022/11/10
  • My kid loves playing with this software
    My kid got me to install WooTechy SoundBot for him recently on my computer. He heard about it from his friends, and now he spends hours on this thing just playing around and recording himself. He's also been having fun pranking his cousins. Whatever keeps the kids happy !
    by Tiffany Miller 2022/11/10
  • Convenient software
    Easy to use, no hassle and free. All the right things you want in your editing software. The best part is, you can import pre-recorded audio and change them. Makes editing much more efficent.
    by Jack Smith 2022/11/10

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