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  • exceed expectation
    Exceeded my expectations, the celebrity AI voice was so real that even my friends couldn't tell it was AI generated
    by Jane 2023/12/08
  • I love goku voice!!!!!!!!
    I can't believe how accurately you can replicate the voice of Goku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's like watching Dragon Ball! FUNNY!
    by William 2023/12/08
  • really natural voices
    Been using this AI text to speech software for my YouTube channel and the voices are really natural, it's like having your own team of professional narrators.
    by Peter 2023/12/08
  • pretty solid app
    I recreated the voices of historical figures for my audiobooks and it works great. Pretty solid app no doubt
    by Selina 2023/12/08
  • MUST-HAVE for voiceover professional
    Really powerful! The attention to detail and range of available voices is unmatched. Truly a great tool for voice over professionals
    by Rebecca 2023/12/08
  • like a real person reading my text
    The range of voice options is extensive and the quality of the voice generated is outstanding, it's like having a real person reading my text. And Very importantly, it supports multiple languages
    by Mary 2023/12/08
  • great tool for creating different accents
    It's a great tool for creating different accents and languages! Endorsement from a language teacher.
    by Isabel 2023/12/08
  • very good sound quality
    Surprisingly, the voices don't sound as bad as I originally thought. I thought it was just an ordinary software, but the sound quality is actually very good and the voice generation is very realistic
    by Frank 2023/12/08
  • quickly translate scripts into different languages
    In the past, my projects used to take months to produce just the voices. But now I can test different voices for my characters, and it's really easy to quickly translate scripts into different languages for voiceovers. Highly recommended!
    by Vivian 2023/12/08
  • easy for newbies
    After using several similar text-to-speech programs, I found VoxDo to be the best. The selection of voices available is superb, and it's easy for newbies to use.
    by Adam 2023/12/08

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