• 1. What can I do with WooTechy iMaster?

    WooTechy iMaster is a reliable tool for mastering all your iOS devices, providing the best services for iOS downgrades, upgrades, and backup with advanced technology and professional support. You can use it to roll back iOS updates without any data loss, update your iOS devices to the latest iOS version in one click, and even back up iOS data in case of any accidental loss.

  • 2. Is it safe to use WooTechy iMaster? Will it do any damage to my device?

    Rest assured, it is safe to use WooTechy iMaster. Seeing as it is a product particularly designed for iOS users in trouble, this tool is designed to protect your iOS devices (as well as the data you possess) during the whole process. Besides, you can always use WooTechy iMaster to back up your device data to avoid any loss.

  • 3. What's the difference between the trial and the full version of WooTechy iMaster?

    The full version covers all three features of WooTechy iMaster, including downgrading, upgrading, and backing up iOS devices. In contrast, the trial version offers availability to iOS upgrades and backup. You can try the free version and then decide whether to get the full version depending on your needs.

  • 4. How can I know if my device is supported or not?

    Download the free trial version of WooTechy iMaster and launch it on your computer. After connecting your device with the computer, choose the feature you need. If your device is supported, you can go through the whole process. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to continue.

    *You can also go to the Tech Specifications Page to check the latest supported devices and iOS versions.

  • 5. Why do I need to put my device into Recovery Mode?

    The Recovery Mode is set for system repair by Apple. To effectively upgrade or downgrade your iOS device, you have to put it into Recovery Mode. Doing this will not affect the data or settings on your device.

  • 6. Will WooTechy iMaster erase my device data if I choose to downgrade or upgrade my iOS device?

    There will be no data loss using WooTechy iMaster. The program utilizes the most state-of-the-art technology to downgrade and upgrade iOS devices, leaving everything the same on your device. So you can go downgrade or upgrade your device without worries.

  • 7. What should I do when WooTechy iMaster says, "Insufficient storage space . . ."?

    Please free up some space on the disk where you saved the firmware or backup files. Normally, for iOS downgrades or upgrades, there should be 8 to 10GB of storage space left empty to have a firmware file extracted. For iOS backup, it depends on the size of your device data.

  • 8. Where can I find the firmware and backup files I've saved through WooTechy iMaster?

    Open WooTechy iMaster and click on the Menu button on the left top corner. You will see the entries for "Firmware File Location" and "Backup File Location". Just click on the one you need, and the program will open the corresponding folder automatically.

  • 9. How do I restore the backup I made with WooTechy iMaster to my device?

    WooTechy iMaster adopts the same backup method as iTunes, so you can use iTunes to restore your device from a backup file made by Wootechy iMaster. The steps are as follows: 

    1. Launch iTunes on your PC or Mac and connect your device to the computer with a USB cable. Remember to trust the computer on the device before the next step.

    2. Click on the Apple icon when it appears in iTunes, and then select "Restore Backup" in the "Summary" module.

    3. Choose the backup file you've made with Wootechy iMaster, and then click "Restore" and wait for the restore process to complete.

    4. Keep your device connected to iTunes as it restarts and syncs with your computer.

  • 10. Can I use WooTechy iMaster to upgrade/downgrade my device from an iOS beta version? What should I do if it failed?

    Yes, you can. However, due to the fact that iOS beta versions are not commercially released by Apple, there might be some unknown errors or inaccuracies leading to the failure of iOS upgrade/downgrade, so make sure to back up the device first before upgrading/downgrading from an iOS beta version. 

    If your device could not function normally after upgrading/downgrading from an iOS beta version, here is the solution:

    Use WooTechy iMaster to upgrade/downgrade the device to the original iOS beta version by importing a local firmware file. This way you can get it back to normal as well as your device data.

    If it still fails, contact us and we'll help you deal with the problem.

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