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WhatsMover is highly praised by media and users for its efficiency in transferring WhatsApp data between Android and iOS devices. We are proud to help our users!

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  • Great tool
    I had my whatsapp messages transferred from iPhone to a Huawei mobile without any issues, great tool.
    by Dr. Tang 2022/03/24
  • Backup without limit, bravo!
    I was forced to look for an alternative to backup my WhatsApp as the iCloud had only 5gb free space. As the Whatsmover product claimed to backup whatsapp data to computer for free, I decided to give it a try, and it's TRUE!!! I have 600+ gb spsce on my PC, there won't be any limit anymore.
    by Ben 2022/03/09
  • Worked perfectly
    Software worked perfectly when I tried to transfer all WhatsApp chats from my Samsung phone to iPhone 12.
    by Jenny Crimson 2022/02/16
  • Fast exportation
    I'm tired of exporting only one chat at a time with email, really time-consuming. WhatsMover helped a lot by exporting all chats at once, no limitation at all. I can even read the content as it appears on my iPhone.
    by Mark Chan 2022/01/25
  • Transfered my old chats without problem
    As an avid WhatsApp user, the old WhatsApp chat history is precious to me and I can't inmagine losing them after buying a new phone. Thanks to this tool, I transfered all my old chats to the new phone without any problem, well done!
    by A.K. Arunachallm 2022/01/21
  • 5 Star for Everything
    It does a nice job and the customer service is great, thank you Wendy
    by Cindy 2022/01/19
  • Best WhatsApp Transfer Tool
    Ok, I always want an iPhone and this month I finally changed my Android phone to the iPhone 13. But then problem arises - I can't get my whatsapp data from the old phone. After a quick search I decided to go with the WhatsMover tool, and it did a great job! All my whatsapp chats got transfered seamlessly from the old phone in about 30 minutes, thanks a lot!!!
    by Sid 2022/01/11
  • Better than Imagined
    WhatsApp is a great chatting platform but it’s upset when it comes to data backup. After data backup failed the last two times, I took no chances. A friend recommended WhatsMover and boy, it works great. Faster even.
    by K 2021/12/20
  • WhatsApp data transfer gets easier
    After searching on the internet and frustrated by the so-called free tools, finally, I have found something that is cheap and works really great. WhatsApp data transfer has gotten easier and safer.
    by John. E 2021/12/15
  • A Happy Techy
    As a techy, I will only say that WhatsMover has become my first-go-to WhatsApp transfer tool, better than I imagined. My wife is impressed too.
    by Mark Chen 2021/12/12

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