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WhatsMover is highly praised by media and users for its efficiency in transferring WhatsApp data between Android and iOS devices. We are proud to help our users!

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  • This is a LIFE SAVER!
    This is a LIFE SAVER to any one who are chaging to a new phone! I had all my whatsapp messages transferred from android to iPhone without any issues.
    by Wendy W. 2021/12/03
  • All My WhatsApp Data Got Transferred
    After switching from the Android system to an iPhone, I had to look for a means to transfer my WhatsApp data. I am glad that WhatsMover was my first choice, all my WhatsApp messages, photos and other files got transferred safely, thank you!!!
    by Selina 2021/11/30
  • Easy Data Transfer
    WhatsMover worked great for me when I was transferring my old WhatsApp data. I found it to be faster than expected. It transferred my 3 GB data within a few minutes and was easy to operate too.
    by Ross 2021/11/20
  • Easy to Use
    I was lucky enough to come across WhatsMover among a list of 3rd-party WhatsApp transfer tools. It has a pretty straightforward operation, and the price is reasonable, highly recommend it.
    by Md. Asif 2021/11/16
  • New and Cheap
    Finally, I have found the perfect solution for transferring WhatsApp data to my new phone. Messages, files, photos...all get transferred, thanks!
    by Bruce. B. Brown 2021/11/12
  • Seamless Transfer Experience
    Recently, I switched from Huawei device to the iPhone 13 Pro. It’s a fine device and I am having a lot of fun. But I was worried about transferring my WhatsApp data. As three years ago I did the same but the transfer was botched. I am glad to say that WhatsMover gave me a seamless transfer experience.
    by Saurav.D 2021/11/09
    Glad to here that our product helps!
    Response from WooTechy 2021/11/09
  • Free storage
    Ok, I hate the default method of backing up my WhatsApp chats. It’s slow and allows only 5GB of free space. So I have to backup chats frequently and delete old ones. Using WhatsMover gave me solace. This tool efficiently transfers all my chats to my computer and is super-fast too.
    by Mark.B 2021/11/09

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