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Is it possible to bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone? Can I re-access a screen locked iPad? Is there any way to remove iPhone SIM lock? How to disable iPhone camera sound to avoid embarrassment? The answer is absolutely YES! All these problems can be solved by iSalvor. Just follow this guide!

Part 1. Bypass Activation Lock

[Video Tutorial] Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

Step 1Launch iSalvor

Download and install iSalvor on your computer. Open it and choose Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen.

choose bypass iCloud activation lock mode

Now click the Start button.

start to use WooTechy iSalvor to bypass activation lock

Step 2Connect Device

Connect your iOS device with a lightning cable to your PC. If the connection failed, click Your iDevice can’t be recognized to check the solution.

connect idevice to iSalvor

Step 3Jailbreak Device

A jailbreak is needed before bypassing iCloud activation lock. Make sure that your device is jailbroken before the bypass process. Here are the jailbreak solutions for the macOS version and Windows version.

Option 1. Jailbreak Solution for macOS Version

After the connection, iSalvor will download a right jailbreak package automatically for your device. Once the downloading process is done, click the Start Jailbreak button.

start jailbreak 1

Follow the onscreen instructions and do exactly what the tool requires to put your device into DFU mode. Wait for a moment until the jailbreak process completed. After jailbreaking device successfully, click the Next button to continue.

start jailbreak 2

Option 2. Jailbreak Solution for Windows Version

For the windows system, there is no jailbreak tool. What you can do is to click the Jailbreak Tutorial button and follow the tutorial to jailbreak your device on Windows computer. When the jailbreak process is done, click the Finished Jailbreak button to proceed.

 jailbreak iphone on Windows pc

Step 4Bypass Activation Lock

Now you can see all your device’s information here. Check your device model, iOS version, IMEI, serial number and UDID before starting the bypass process. Then click the Start Bypass button.

(Note: Once the bypassing process is done, all features like Apple ID, iTunes ID, Apple Store and others are available except for phone calls, cellular, FaceTime, iMessage and iCloud of your new Apple ID.)

start to bypass activation lock screen

iSalvor will start to bypass the Apple activation lock screen immediately. The whole bypass process only takes a few seconds.

bypassing activation lock screen

Once it is done, a successfully bypassed window will display on your Mac or PC. That means the activation lock screen linked to the previous owner's Apple ID is bypassed successfully. Click Done to finish the whole process. You can now enjoy using your iDevice with a new Apple ID!

successfully bypassed

Part 2. Remove Screen Lock

[Video Tutorial] Remove Screen Lock & Activation Lock

Step 1Launch iSalvor

Launch iSalvor, select Remove Screen Lock and Bypass Activation.

wootechy isalvor select remove screen lock and bypass mode

Click Start to remove screen lock.

start to remove screen lock

Connect your device to the computer. If you are asked to trust the computer on your phone, make sure to tap Trust. After that, put your device into recovery mode according to the on-screen instruction. Make sure you choose a correct device model on the top of the screen to see the correct instruction.

put device into recovery mode

Confirm your device information. Make sure you select the correct FMI status of your device. If you are not sure about the FMI status, click Don’t know the FMI status to find out, or see more information about the FMI status. Finally, click Next to proceed.

confirm device information

Step 2Jailbreak Device

Proceeding to the jailbreak step, iSalvor will automatically download a jailbreak package for you. After the download is complete, click Start Jailbreak.

start jailbreak

Agree to the Terms of Jailbreak to proceed.

term of jailbreak

Then click Next to start jailbreaking your device.

jailbreak next

Step 3Remove Screen Lock

After jailbreaking, the process would be a bit different for devices running iOS 12 and devices running iOS 13 or above.

Option 1. For Devices Running iOS 12

Once the jailbreak is done, iSalvor will take a few seconds to process the data. After that, click Download to download the firmware for your device.

download firmware

Now iSalvor will remove the screen lock on your device. After that, the device will reboot, just click Next and follow the on-screen instruction to jailbreak your device once again. It’s the same process in the 2nd Step.

jailbreak device again

Finally, iSalvor will help you remove the screen lock and bypass activation lock. All you need to do is to make sure the device is connected and wait.

removing screen lock

When the [Successfully Bypassed iCloud Activation] screen appears, click Done to confirm. Now you can enter the iOS system, login with a new Apple ID and use most functions including phone call, cellular and iCloud sync and more.

bypass successful

Note for Devices Running on iOS 12.x:

  • DO NOT set the screen lock on your device after successfully removal. As the activation lock linked to the previous owner will reappear after reseting or restoring.
  • Please use the mode of Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen to bypass the activation if the activation lock screen appears again.
  • Remember to log in the iCloud account with a new Apple ID from App Store or iTunes Store, but not in Settings.
  • Option 2. For Devices Running iOS 13 or Above

    Once the jailbreak is done, iSalvor will start turning the Find My function off.

    turning off find my device

    Verify your FMI status, and input ON or OFF before clicking Confirm.

    verify FMI status

    Now iSalvor will go through a series of process to download and extract firmware package then remove Apple ID. Click Download to start, and make sure you don’t disconnect the device from computer during the entire process.

    download firmware package

    Once the bypass process is complete, click Done. Now you can disconnect the device from computer and start using it as new.

    successfully bypassed

    Part 3. Remove SIM Lock

    Step 1Launch iSalvor

    Launch iSalvor, select Remove iPhone SIM Lock.

    choose remove iphone sim lock

    Click Start to start the process.

    start remove sim lock

    Connect your device to the computer using a suitable cable. Trust the computer if you have not done that before.

    connect device remove iphone sim lock

    Step 2Jailbreak Device

    You need to jailbreak your device to remove the SIM lock. For the Windows user, the program will provide a jailbreak tutorial. Just click on the button and follow the guide to finish the whole process. When the jailbreak is done, click Next to contiune.

    jailbreak device remove sim lock

    Step 3Remove SIM Lock

    Now you'll see all the details about your iPhone. Check them one by one for confirmation. If everything is right, click Start Bypass.

    confirm device information remove sim lock

    iSalvor will start to remove the SIM lock from your iPhone. The whole process won't take more than 10 minutes, please wait patiently.

    bypassing sim lock

    Once done, there will be a successful message on the screen. Click Done to end the whole process. Now you can use any SIM card as you wish! No functions will be influenced!

    successfully bypassed sim lock

    Part 4. Disable Camera Sound

    Step 1Launch iSalvor

    Launch iSalvor, select Trun Off Camera Sound.

    wootechy isalvor select turn off camera sound

    Click Start to turn off iPhone camera sound.

    start to turn off camera sound

    Connect your device to the computer. If you are asked to trust the computer on your phone, make sure to tap Trust.

    connect device to computer

    Step 2Jailbreak Device

    Now you need to jailbreak your device. Jailbreak for iPhone 6 to iPhone X can be done by following the in-app guide. Jailbreak for iPhone XR to iPhone 11 Pro Max can be done according to this Jailbreak Tutorial.


    Step 3Turn Off Camera Sound

    When the jailbreak is done, iSalvor will start turning off camera sound. Make sure your device is connected to the computer and the internet connection is stable throughout the entire process. After the process is finished, verify your device information, then click Turn Off.

    confirm device information

    Now iSalvor will disable camera sound from your device to prevent embarrassment and there is no data loss.

    isalvor turns off camera sound process

    Once the process is done, the camera sound is turned off successfully. Now click Done and you can take photos without sound when you reopen the Camera app.

    turn off camera sound successfully

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