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iSalvor is a leading iCloud activation bypass tool which helps thousands of users get access to their iOS devices.

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  • Unlock iphone
    by Hesam 2024/05/13
  • Cool activation tool
    I bought this tool with the mentality of giving it a try. The result did not disappoint me-it completed the bypass process successfully. So it is indeed a good activation tool. I would recommend it to the people who have the bypass request. by Chris
    by litt 2022/06/14
  • could i use an ipad too?
    it would be nice to answer
    by jens 2021/04/07
    Hi Jens, we are glad to tell you that iPad is supported too. You can download the software to take a free trial.
    Response from WooTechy 2021/04/07
  • can i use the sim card after do the icloud bypass?
    hi, i ask you if after do icloud bypass can I use the sim on the phone.
    by davide colpani 2021/04/03
    Hi David, we fell sorry to tell you that sim can't be used after iCloud bypass. Thank you for your understanding.
    Response from WooTechy 2021/04/06
  • ABOUT TO give it a try
    i an an i phone user who forgot the iCloud of my spare phone i am about to try this software hope it will work for me
    by erick-son 2021/03/23
  • Good customer service
    Even tho their product wasn't able to help me 100% they definitely are understanding. I paid for it and then found out it wouldnt work for me and they refunded my money back even tho they didn't have to because it states in the policy that just bc it didnt work for my device they didn't ave to. I didnt read it first. they still gave me a refund even tho it was my fault. I definitely recommend this software. Thanks again customer service representative for being so understanding!
    by Katie Marie grayson 2021/03/04
    Hi Katie, you are welcome.
    Response from WooTechy 2021/04/08
  • Useful bypass tool
    It's truly user-friendly. I only spent 10 minutes to unlock my screen locked iPhone following its instruction.
    by Billynotbelly 2021/03/04
  • It is helpful
    This tool is helpful to solve my problem. Could pass the lock but it did it very fast
    by Christina 2021/01/14
  • Useful tool to solve my problem
    It can solve my problem easily in just a few clicks. Works like charm!
    by Ann 2021/01/13
  • Useful Tool
    I found out my old phone a few days ago, but I forgot the correct password of my Apple ID to turn off activation lock, and tried too many times with wrong passwords. Accidently, I stumbled on this tool- WooTehcy iSalvor. It helped me a lot!! It is a powerful tool to turn off activation lock.
    by Zz 2021/01/11

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