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User Reviews of iSalvor

iSalvor is a leading iCloud activation bypass tool which helps thousands of users get access to their iOS devices.

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  • does it work for meid device
    meid with helloscreen
    by uddipta phukan 2020/08/25
  • I manage iPads in our school and this app helps
    I am an IT management staff in our school. A lot students sent me iPads with this activation lock thing and there was literally nothing I could do to unlock the devices. So I finally decided to search online and iSalvor turned out to be helpful! Much thanks for the app. Keep up the great work!
    by Dylan 2020/08/18
  • Amazing App
    Thanks a lot, it works!
    by Haley Tyler 2020/08/18
  • Awesome!!!!
    This is awesome!! Thank you. great app!
    by Timm 2020/07/22

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