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iSalvor is a leading iCloud activation bypass tool which helps thousands of users get access to their iOS devices.

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  • Solved my problem
    Wow! It only took a few steps to bypass iCloud activation lock successfully. Very easy! Nice:)
    by Dominick 2021/01/08
  • Cool activation tool
    I bought this tool with the mentality of giving it a try. The result did not disappoint me-it completed the bypass process successfully. So it is indeed a good activation tool. I would recommend it to the people who have the bypass request.
    by Chris 2021/01/06
  • This product is absolutely awesome!!!
    I forgot the password since this is a spare phone and haven't used it for a long time. Today I wanted to share some important memories with my best friend but I was stuck on the icloud activation step. I was panic cos I thought I would lose those photos forever! Luckily in the end my friend found iSalvor bypass tool which solved the problem within few minutes. Many thanks!!!
    by Meredith 2021/01/06
  • Bypassed activation lock
    Bought second-hand iPad from eBay but it got activation lock. Luckily the software helped me access it without Apple ID or passwords. Great!
    by King 2021/01/04
  • Recommended tool
    Instant tool to bypass the activation lock! And it is cheaper than the other solutions. I recommended it.
    by Crystal 2021/01/04
  • amazing app
    love it
    by luzuko bobelo 2020/12/12
  • Incredible software
    This is an incredible software indeed easy to use one click it process real fast, Check it out guys amazing
    by Khathutshelo kapelani 2020/12/01
  • iSalvor is a leading iCloud activation bypass tool which helps
    thank you
    by Ra chee 2020/09/16
  • Wonderful!!!
    I can't believe this app removed my activation lock successfully. Wonderful! Thank you so much.
    by William 2020/08/28
  • This software helped me a lot!
    My grandpa passed me an iPhone 8 that he hasn't used for years and he forgot the iCloud account login details. After using this tool, I am now using my new Apple ID.
    by Adam 2020/08/28

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