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The iOS 16 update comes with numerous features to streamline phone use. There are a variety of iOS 16 features available, including live text, messages, and customizable lock screens. Here is an extensive list of the features and their compatible devices.

Everything You Need to Know About iOS 16

ios16 new features

1When is iOS 16 coming out?

The iOS 16 beta is now public for Apple users to experience the newest updates. However, due to development and bug issues, the software is still unofficially complete. Therefore, most iPhone lovers are still waiting for the new operating system.

iOS 16 update is expected to release in mid-September this year officially. The update will match the timeline of the newest iPhone release if we assume the pattern follows. The good news is the iOS 16is completely free!

2Exciting iOS 16 features?

Personalized lock screen

One of the most anticipated iOS 16 features is the new lock screen. Amplify your user experience with the most upgraded feature yet. The new operating system for Apple devices shows a customized layout. The user can pick from color schemes. Furthermore, skimming information is also available after connecting the phone with the Apple watch.

The customization offers color and font options. Moreover, you can place time and date with fun effects. The transitions are automatically generated to keep the lock screen looking crisp and clean. The user can add widgets for weather, fitness, or colander events with the new iOS 16 update.

Notification system

The second iOS 16 feature on the list is the new notification system. The new lock screen is expected to limit the constant notifications presently. The screen will no longer flood with an expert notification filter system coming to your Apple devices with the iOS 16 update. Furthermore, the applications will now appear at the bottom of the screen for a cleaner look.

Another component is Live Activities which will restrict notifications from unknown applications such as sports and food delivery apps. The users are greeted with minimal interactions on the phone. As a result, the applications and applications are expertly damaged.

notification system

Live text to video

iOS features also include a live text-to-video option. The user can now pause the video anytime to retrieve real-time text from videos. The iOS 16 update is very helpful for coders and individuals interested in the same field.

The feature is an upgrade on the live feature introduced in iOS 15. With the new iOS 16 feature, users can also identify products and other items in the Phones app or gallery images. Lastly, a drag and drop option is available to cut out pictures for iMessages.

Better Maps

The newest iOS 16 update is also introducing an enhanced interaction with maps. The cities and streets shall be updated with additional information. The Apple device users can now enjoy interesting local destinations and detailed street layouts. Furthermore, the navigational compass has been widened for larger cities such as London and California.

The maps now offer a multi-step approach. The user can ask Siri to add extra steps to the journey. Furthermore, the new Transit mode provides suggestions for the best cost-efficient routes. As a result, you can plan trips while staying under budget. These iOS features are not as newer on Apple’s rival devices.

Apple Pay Later

The next iOS 16 feature is Apply Pay Later. The feature is exactly as it sounds with no underlying features or assumptions. The customers can use Apple Pay Later to transfer the amounts after successfully making purchases. The stretched payments do not incur interest or additional charges either.

However, the user is expected to pay the amount fully in the next six weeks from the date of purchase. Apple has said the feature is available for All Apply pay purchases. However, whether the feature is for US Apple users or a global option is unclear. The component will assist small-time merchants in growing their businesses.


Live captions are added to the iOS update to facilitate the deaf and audio-impaired community. The iOS 16 feature provides real-life captions on video calls, Instagram, and FaceTime. Furthermore, Apple has also mentioned you can use Live Captions to converse with the people around you. It includes Sound Actions, Head Tracking, and Voice Control.

3iOS supported devices

iOS 16 update is available in the following devices. You can enjoy iOS 16 features if you own:

iPhone 8 or 8 Plus

iPhone X, XR, XS, or XS Max

iPhone SE 2020

iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max

iPhone SE 2022

ios16 supported device

4iOS update issues & system repair solutions?

iOS 16 beta version was released on 11th July 2022. It is available on iPhone 8, more recent models, and other devices mentioned above for installation. iOS 16 update is still not officially released as it is causing severe operating issues.

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choose repair mode

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