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Every device you have was gotten to be used for one thing or the other. These devices have either a handle, remote, or control interface so that you can use them. In the case of the iPhone, it has a control interface, which is also called a screen. But when the handle, remote, or as seen in iPhone screen stops working, you cannot use the device for anything. Unfortunately, a tech masterpiece like iPhone can fall into this condition where the iPhone touch screen is not working. This article will show you the possible causes, and the best solution for the iPhone screen is not responding to touch issues.

Part 1. What Causes iPhone Screen Not Responding to Touch?

The damaged physical part of your iPhone display – digitizer is one of the several causes of the iPhone screen not responding to touch. When the digitizer is broken, it cannot take command from the screen, and the software components of your device cannot carry out your intended instruction. Hence, the lack of communication among the screen, digitizer, other physical and software components can lead to your iPhone screen not working properly.

This lack of communication may come from the software of the device. For instance, the OS glitches will hinder your iPhone screen from responding to touch. Another popular cause of the lack of communication is the screen protector. When the screen protector is too thick or is not installed properly, it can cause the iPhone screen not to work. Furthermore, this issue can be caused by dirt around your iPhone screen.

Part 2. How Do You Fix iPhone Touch Screen Not Working?

You can fix all the causes identified above. Hence, I have prepared for you seven easy methods to improve the iPhone touch screen that is not working.

1Clean iPhone Screen

Dirt, moisture, or particles may be on your screen and prevent it from responding. You can remove any water or debris on the screen with proper cleaning. To do so, you can get a soft cloth, dampen it lightly, then use it to remove any dirt, moisture, or other particles on the screen.

2Disconnect Any Accessories

iPhone accessories range from lightning cables to wireless chargers and across AirTag, AirPods, AirFly, Phone Holder, iPhone LED Flash, among others. When connected to your iPhone, any of these accessories can cause your iPhone touch screen not to work. Hence, you should unplug and disconnect them from your iPhone.

disconnect accessories

3Remove the Case and Screen Protector

Another iPhone accessory you can remove is the case, and if you have a screen protector, you can remove it. Some cases can cause the iPhone screen to be unresponsive. And some screen protectors can harbor debris, making your iPhone touch screen not work.

remove iPhone case

4Force Restart iPhone

iPhone screen that is unresponsive can be corrected by forcing a restart of the iPhone. The importance of forcing your iPhone to restart is that the process wipes out temporary glitches from your device. These glitches may be responsible for the iPhone not responding to touch.

For Your iPhone 8 or newer models

Push on the Volume Up button quickly and release it.

Push on the Volume Down button quickly and release it.

Lastly, keep pressing the Side button until the Apple logo appears.

For Your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices

Press the Volume Down, and Sleep/Wake buttons until the Apple logo appears.

For Your iPhone 6 or earlier Models

Push on your iPhone's Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until the Apple logo appears.

hard reboot iPhone

5Fix iPhone Screen Not Working/Responding with Wootechy iPhixer

Wootechy iPhixer is an effective tool for fixing Apple products. Hence, if your iPhone or iOS device is faulty, like the iPhone touch screen not working/responding, you can repair the error with it. It is secure, easy to use, and has a very high success rate. Above all, you will not suffer any data loss. You can download and install it on your Mac or Windows computer.

Support all iPhone models and iOS versions including the iOS 15.

Unlike iTunes, it causes no data loss and no errors during fixing your iPhone touch screen not working.

Resolve many other iPhone touch problems like iPhone ghost touch.

Download Now

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Download Now

Secure Download

After installation, launch the application. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Select the Standard Mode option on your screen. Then click the Next button at the bottom of your screen.

choose repair mode

If your device isn't detected, follow the instructions on the screen to put it into Recovery/DFU mode.

Once it recognizes your iPhone, download the firmware repair kit for fixing your iPhone.

download firmware

Once the download is complete, tap the Start button to fix your iPhone.

repair iPhone battery percentage stuck while charging

6Restore iPhone with iTunes

An alternative to Wootechy iPhixer and vice versa is iTunes. You can fix your iPhone and iOS devices with iTunes, especially if you have identified OS bugs as the cause of the iPhone screen not responding. However, this process will wipe all the data on your device and install the latest version of OS on your iPhone.

Launch iTunes/Finder on your computer and connect your device.

Check for your iPhone on the left side of your computer screen.

Follow the following steps depending on the model of iPhone you are using to enter recovery mode.

  • On iPhone 8 Or later models: Push on the "Volume Up" button quickly and release the button. Push on the "Volume Down" button quickly and release it. Finally, press the "Side" button until the Connect to iTunes screen shows.

  • On iPhone 7 or 7 Plus: Push on the "Volume Down" and the "Side" buttons until the Connect to iTunes screen shows.

  • On iPhone 6 Or earlier models: Push on the "Home" and the "Side" buttons until the Connect to iTunes screen shows.

iPhone in recovery mode

From the "Restore" or "Update" options on your screen, choose Restore.

restore iPhone with iTunes

7Adjust 3D Touch Settings

Your iPhone has 3D and Haptic touch sensitivity. And sometimes, a change to your 3D touch sensitivity setting can positively affect the iPhone screen not working.

Launch the Setting app on your iPhone. Click Accessibility and Touch.

Select 3D & Haptic Touch to turn it on. Use the slider to set the sensitivity level.

adjust iphone 3d touch setting


If your iPhone screen is not responding to touch, you are probably worried that your device is broken. While it may be faulty, the instructions highlighted above will help you fix the issue. And the iPhone fixing tool can definitely help you resolve it when it is resulted by software errors. On rare occasions when people cannot use any of the methods above to resolve their issue, we refer them to Apple Support.

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Download Now

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