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Private Photo Vault - pic safe is a popular app for safeguarding your photos and videos with password.

You uninstalled the app without taking those photos out of Photo Vault or deleted photos from Photo Vault accidentally or you forgot the password of the Photo Vault app and and are now looking for some ways to get the photos back.

If you are facing these problems, don't worry! This article will introduce 4 methods for iPhone Photo Vault recovery.

Recover Photos from Photo Vault for iPhone

What Is Photo Vault?

Photo Vault was launched in the year 2011 by the Legendary Software Labs. It is a standard storage app to save your personal photos and videos with a single password (it could be Pin or Pattern lock as well). When you use this app, you can directly store photos in it and only you have access to it.

set up photo vault on iPhone

Its strong ability for safeguarding your privacy can be demonstrated for the below features:

Nobody has access to your photos and videos without authorization.

If someone tries to break into your Photo Vault, he will be privately taken a photo by the front camera.

The GPS location of the culprit will also be shown to you, so you know where the theft attempt took place.

As it's a quite safe tool, recovering photos from it could be a little troublesome for you, especially when you don't have the password.

4 Ways for iPhone Photo Vault Recovery

Delete the photos? Forget the password? Delete the Photo Vault app? Don't worry, in this part, we will walk you through all the efficient ways to achieve Photo Vault recovery on iPhone.

1 Recover Deleted Photos with Recently Deleted Album in Photo Vault

You can easily retrieve deleted photo in Private Photo Vault app from the Recently Deleted album. The Photo Vault app will hold the deleted photos for 30 days.


However, if you want to restore the deleted photos from Recently Deleted album, you have pay to upgrade to premium.
upgrade to premium in Photo Vault

2 Recover Photos from Photo Vault Without Backup

If you failed to retrieve your photos in Photo Vault app from the Recently Deleted album, or if you have lost those photos for other reasons, then WooTechy iSeeker can be your savior. With this recovery tool, you even don't need a backup.

This powerful iPhone data recovery tool is ideal if you want to recover photos from the Photo Vault when you forget to back up the photos before losing the precious photos. This tool has the highest data recovery rate, which means it can bring back all the data more than you expect. And it will help in various scenarios where you lost data.

Why iSeeker Stands Out As A Photo Recovery Tool




  • It has the highest success rate when directly recovering photos and videos from Photo Vault without backup.

  • It allows you to recover 18+ common data types like photos, videos, WhatsApp chat history, etc.

  • It supports almost all iOS models and versions, including iOS 16/17.

  • Its interface is user-friendly and you can retrieve your data with only 3 steps.

  • If your photos, images, or videos are damaged and cannot open, iSeeker can recover them for you using the toolkit.

  • If your photos are too blurry, iSeeker can enhance them for you with the photo recovery feature.

  • Free Download

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    Free Download

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With iSeeker, you can perform Photo Vault recovery on iPhone without backup with 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Choose recovery mode

Launch iSeeker on your computer and choose Recover from iOS Device from the left sidebar. Then connect your iPhone to this computer with a USB cable. After your iPhone is detected by the software, click Next to go on.

recover from iOS device

Step 2. Select a data type.

Select App Photos from the list and click on the Scan to continue the process.

select and scan the data types you want to recover

Step 3. View and recover photos

After the scan is complete, all the photos will be displayed. Preview the photos and choose desired ones, then click Recover to retrieve what you want.

select the data to recover

3 Recover Photos from Photo Vault with Cloud Vault

The Photo Vault app also has its backup service called Cloud Vault. So, if you have backed up your photos with this feature, you could easily achieve Photo Vault recovery. In the Photo Vault app, go to Settings and find the Cloud Vault. You could sync the photos to your device by signing in and entering your Cloud Vault Password.

photo vault recovery with Cloud Vault

4 Recover Photos from Photo Vault with iTunes/iCloud Backup

Another way to achieve Photo Vault recovery and get back the deleted or lost photos on iPhone is through the Apple official route. If you have backed up your iPhone to iCloud or iTunes before losing the photos in the Private Photo Vault app, then you can restore the backup to your iPhone to recover the photos.


But remember that you will have to erase all the existing data on iPhone and then restore the backup. To avoid losing any important files, you are recommended to make a full backup before restoring.

Steps to recover deleted/lost photos in Photo Vault with iTunes:

Step 1. Open iTunes, and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable. If the message asks for your passcode or Trust This Computer, agree.

Step 2. Select your iPhone when it appears. Click on Summary. Select Restore Backup.

recover photos on iPhone from iTunes backup

Step 3. Choose a backup that contains the photos you are looking for and click Restore.

Steps to recover deleted/lost photos in Photo Vault with iCloud:

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset All Content and Settings to erase your iPhone first.

recover permanently deleted screenshots from iCloud backup

Step 2. After your iPhone restarts, follow the instructions on the screen to set up your iPhone. When you reach the Apps & Data screen, tap on Restore from iCloud Backup.

restore backup from iCloud

Step 3. Choose the most relevant backup and wait for the restoring to be finished.

Part 3. FAQs about Photo Vault

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Photo Vault App that maybe helpful for Photo Vault recovery and using Photo Vault app.:

What Do You Do if You Forget Your Photo Vault Password?

If you left your e-mail address for password recovery when you used the app for the first time, then you could recover your password through e-mail. When the prompt message asks you if you'd like to recover your password. Tap on Yes to continue.

Can I recover the Cloud Vault Password?

No, you can’t. The password can’t be retrieved for security reasons.

How Do I Transfer My Photo Vault Pictures to New Phone?

You can either use Cloud Vault or use iTunes to back up the photos in the old iPhone. And then on your new phone, restore the backup to get off all your pictures. iCloud is not recommended because there can be some errors when backing up and restoring Photo Vault.

Can I Recover My Photos If I Deleted the Photo Vault App on My iPhone?

If you have backed up the photos to Photo Vault or iTunes, then you can easily get your photos back. Or you can try iSeeker.

Final Words

Recovering the deleted photos from Photo Vault is possible through various methods. You can retrieve the photos by Cloud Vault, iCloud or iTunes if you have made a backup before.

But, if you have permanently deleted the Photo vault app and want to recover your deleted photos from the Photo Vault, you can consider WooTechy iSeeker the most powerful data recovery tool. It offers different recovery modes and is an amazing tool for meeting the different needs in various situations. Get your free trial here!

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Free Download

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