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How to Recover Deleted WeChat Messages on iPhone? [Recommended]


Jan 11, 2022 (Updated: Jan 13, 2022) • Filed to: iOS Data Recovery

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"While clearing up some space in my iPhone, I deleted all the chats and associated data from WeChat. Now, I cannot find them anywhere. I don’t even know a way to recover. Is it possible to recover deleted WeChat messages on iPhone? If yes, how?"

Sometimes, WeChat users make mistakes and delete their important messages along with the less-important ones, and later they regret their doing for Tencent, the founder company of WeChat, does not provide any direct methods to recover deleted WeChat messages and history on iPhone or Android. However, we still have some alternatives to make it. Keep reading!

recover deleted WeChat Messages on iPhone

Part 1. How to Recover Deleted WeChat Messages on iPhone?

WeChat App keeps the chat history forever if you do not delete the chat box, you can easily find your desired content by searching related keywords in the app. If you deleted it accidentally, you could ask your friend to send it back to you. However, this method works with a small number of chat logs. If you permanently deleted all your WeChat history, we suggest you to choose the methods below.

Recover from Another Device

Before deleting the WeChat history, if you have migrated it to any other device, such as a tablet, you can restore deleted WeChat Messages on iPhone from the migrated device. You can do that in the same way you first migrated your chat history to your tablet. Here is how you do it:

Step 1 Open the WeChat app on the other device which contains your migrated chat history.

Step 2 Go to Settings > General > Backup & Migrate Chats.

Step 3 Migrate Chats to Another Device.

migrate from another device

To follow the above-given method, you will need to connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi. After some processing, all of your WeChat messages will be transferred back from your tablet to your iPhone.

If you have another device (tablet or computer) logged with the same WeChat account, your chat history will be synced while communicating with your friends. You can restore it to your iPhone using your tablet or computer.


WeChat only allows users to log in on phone and website/WeChat for Windows/iPad at the same time.

Restore WeChat History Without Backup

If you do not have a backup of your WeChat history on any of your devices, you might be wondering how to restore it without backup. Although it might sound impossible, here is an amazing tool known as WooTechy iSeeker, that makes that impossible possible!

iSeeker is an iPhone data recovery tool supports almost all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models. No matter how you lost your data, it is always here to back you. Whatsmore, iSeeker allows you to preview and selectively recover your desired data either from your device, iCloud or iTunes backup, which helps you manage and save storage of your devices.

Why Choose WooTechy iSeeker




  • Enables you recover various data types like call history, notes, Viber messages, WhatsApp messages with a few clicks.

  • Encompasses almost all iOS versions up to iOS 15 and iPhone models up to iPhone 13 and continues to upgrade.

  • Allows to preview and selectively recover needed data.

  • Offers lifetime update and free scanning service to check if the data can be recovered.

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Step 1 Download, install and launch the iSeeker on any accessible PC. Choose Recover from iOS Device, where you can recover deleted Wechat messages on iPhone directly. Connect your iPhone to the computer. Once it is connected, click Next.

recover deleted data from iOS device

Step 2 Select the file types to recover (WeChat in this case). Click Scan. The system will scan your device thoroughly to search for the deleted data.

scan WeChat messages with iSeeker

Step 3 Once iSeeker finds your data, it displays it. Review the lost data and select what you want to Recover.

recover deleted WeChat messages with iSeeker

All of the selected data will be recovered after a while.

Recover WeChat History from Backup

Do you have a backup of your WeChat? Congratulations, you can recover deleted WeChat history by restoring the backup using any of the below-mentioned ways:

From WeChat Desktop:

If you have recently backed up your WeChat history on your computer, you can get it back on your iPhone. Here is how:

Step 1 Open the WeChat on your desktop/PC and log in. Click on the horizontal lines at the lower-left corner of the screen. Choose Backup and Restore from the menu.

Step 2 Click Restore on Phone option.

restore WeChat messages from computer backup

Step 3 Select the backup to be restored. Once done, click OK. The chats in the selected backup will be restored to your iPhone.

From iCloud Backup:

If you back up your WeChat history on iCloud, you can use iCloud backup to recover it as follows:

Step 1 Go to Settings > General.

Step 2 Scroll down to tap Reset.

Step 3 Choose Erase All Content and Settings from the list of options. When your phone restarts, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your phone.

erase all content and settings of iPhone

Step 4 Go to Apps & Data page and tap on Restore from iCloud Backup from the list. Wait until the recovery process finish.

recover deleted WeChat messages from iCloud balckup

Once done, all of your data backed up will be restored. You can now retrieve your deleted WeChat messages.

From iTunes Backup:

If you maintain a backup of all your iPhone data, including WeChat history, on the computer via iTunes, you can recover deleted WeChat messages by doing the following steps:

Step 1 Open iTunes and connect your iPhone via USB cable.

Step 2 Click the phone icon and click Summary.

Step 3 Select Restore Backup and choose the appropriate backup.

recover deleted WeChat messages via iTunes

Step 4 Click on Restore and let the process complete.

Part 2. How to Prevent WeChat Messages from Being Lost?

Losing your WeChat messages or data is painful, especially when you do it unintentionally or accidentally. Although accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, we can prevent WeChat messages from being lost by simply backing up the chat history locally on a computer, iCloud/iTunes or migrating it to other devices. Here are how different options work:

Back Up Chat History to a Computer - Launch the WeChat app on PC, then log into your WeChat account. Go to the Backup and Restore option and click on Backup on Computer to select the chat history. This way, you get a backup of your chat on your computer.

Migrate Chats to Other Devices - Open WeChat app, go to Me > Settings > General > Chat Log Migration > Migrate Chats to Another Device > Select Chat History > Done. Now open WeChat on another device, scan the QR code and let the chats migrate.

Be Careful When Deleting - You may want to save the iPhone storage or make the chat list clear when deleting the chat history. You can clear the cache or manage the chat history to save the storage or select Hide when organizing chat boxes.

The Bottom Line

As there's no official way to restore accidentally deleted WeChat messages, recovering permanently deleted chats and messages in WeChat may sound impossible, but this article proposes different ways that you could choose. We should know that the deleted data can be recovered as long as it haven't been overwritten or completely erased. Therefore, if you accidentally delete WeChat messages, you'd better not to use your device temporarily until your deleted messages are recovered. You can choose any method that suits you the most for all of them are tried and tested, or choose the iPhone data recovery tool, WooTechy iSeeker, to recover your permanently deleted data.

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