How To Generate Rap Lyrics & Rap Song? [Top 3 AI Rap Generator]


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AI Rap Generator is a tool based on machine learning algorithms. It understands the contextual meaning of spoken and written words, converts them into original and engaging rap lyrics; it can also mimic the style and tone of human rapper voice with a similarity that will even blow your mind!

So, with so many AI rap generators on the market, which ones are the best? If you too have this doubt, then this post is for you! We have reviewed some of the popular rap generators in the market and selected the top 3 best AI Rap generators! If you're a fan of rap too, you can't miss them! Check it out!


[No.1] WooTechy VoxDo AI Rap Generator

- Rating: ★★★★★ -

After testing and comparing, VoxDo came out on top with an excellent all-around performance. It got perfect scores for both generating rap lyrics and rap song, making it the best AI Rap generator in this round of competition without any doubt.

As the most popular voice generation tool nowadays, VoxDo has a powerful function of AI Rap generation. It provides tons of famous AI rapper voice, including Kanye West, Ice Spice, Drake, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Juice WRLD, and more, which allows you to generate rap songs with any of your favorite rapper voices as you like!



1 Month (Unlimited Rap generation & 250K character Text-to-Speech): $14.95

1 Year (Unlimited Rap generation & 800K character Text-to-Speech): $39.95

Lifetime (Unlimited Rap generation & 2000K character Text-to-Speech): $79.95

How to Generate Rap Lyrics & Rap Song via VoxDo AI Rap Generator?

Step 1. Download and install VoxDo on your PC and launch it.

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Step 2. Click "Change Voice" in the "AI Generate Rap" section and select the rapper's voice.


Step 3. Type the rap theme you want, then click "Generate Lyrics" and import.


Step 4. Adjust the beat, click "Convert" to create your AI Rap song.


WooTechy VoxDo - Best AI Rap Generator




  • AI Rap Generator: Generate rap lyrics & select a rapper to make your first AI-generated rap song

  • AI Text to Speech: 3000+ hot AI voices in 100+ different languages & accents to generate any voice you want

  • AI Voice Cloning: Read 3 sentences to clone your ultra-realistic voice

  • AI Voice Changer: Change your original voice into any character's voice

  • Noise Reduction: Remove background noise & background music from audio with 1 click

  • All-in-One Toolkit: Speech to text, video to audio, voice recording, audio editing, text extraction

  • High-Quality Output: Supports popular output formats such as OGG, WAV and MP3 for ultra-clear voice output

  • Voice Fine-Tuning: Provide personalized voice settings to adjust the speed, pitch, volume of the generated voice

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: Instant refund within 30 days if not satisfied

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[No.2] Uberduck AI Rap Generator

- Rating: ★★★★☆ -

Uberduck is a popular AI voice generator that provides excellent synthesized singing and rapping voices. It has a variety of bright features such as rap generation, text-to-speech, voice cloning, voice changing, and one of the highlights is the ability to create AI rapper voice using the TTS feature.

Uberduck uses high-quality speech synthesis technology to ensure realistic and engaging voice output. It also offers customized voice feature that allows you to adjust parameters such as speed and pitch to precisely control the tone and rhythm of the audio, thus providing more flexibility to create unique and personalized voice output.



Free Trial (Non-commercial use & very few features): $0

1 Month (Limited voice & use): $9.99

1 Year (Private voice access & API access): $96

How to Generate Rap Lyrics & Rap Song via Uberduck AI Rap Generator?

Step 1. Go to Uberduck official site.

Step 2. Select a beat.


Step 3. Generate lyrics with AI or write your own.

Step 4. Choose a voice or use your own voice.

Step 5. Download the AI-generated rap song as audio or video.

[No.3] Voicify AI Rap Generator

- Rating: ★★★★☆ -

Voiceify AI is an AI-powered online voice generator for creating AI cover music and AI rap song. It offers a large selection of voices to choose from, making it easy to add high-quality AI voices to any of your music project.

This online Rap generator has a huge voice library with more than 2000 AI voice models of celebrities, presidents, singers, movie stars, and cartoon characters, so you can use the voice of any of your favorite rappers to create realistic AI rap songs. It's also worth noting that you can create your own AI voice models and share them to the Voiceify community so more people can see your AI-created songs!



25 voice generation per month: $7.99/Month

Unlimited generation & 3 custom models: $24.99/Month

Unlimited generation & 10 custom models: $89.99/Month

How to Generate Rap Song via Voicify AI Rap Generator?

Step 1. Go to Voicify official site.

Step 2. Select the AI voice model you want.


Step 3. Upload your music files. You can upload an acapella track or a full song, Voicify AI will automatically extract the acapella for you.


Step 4. Click the "Ready To Convert" button to generate your AI song.


Step 5. Download the AI-generated song on your PC.


Well, these are the top 3 best AI Rap generator, now you can choose your favorite one to generate rap lyrics and rap songs!

If you're looking for the best AI Rap performance, then VoxDo Rap Generator is undoubtedly the best choice for you! Millions of users have used the VoxDo to generate lots of interesting AI Rap music, and they've achieved notable popularity on TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook! If you're keen on using AI to create Rap music, just make your new Rap song with VoxDo now!

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