How to Unlock LG Phone Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset


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LG phone users ensure privacy on their devices using pattern lock. There are instances when users can't recall their patterns. For such users, the home screen becomes inaccessible. In such situations, most users factory reset their devices. There are other ways to get back into your device besides a factory reset. If you've been looking for an alternative to factory reset, rest assured you will find out soon enough. In this article, you will learn how to unlock LG phone pattern lock without factory reset. Let's get right into the details.

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Part 1. The Official Method to Unlock LG Phone Pattern Lock [Factory Reset]

The official method LG mobile phone company recommended to unlock pattern lock is a hard reset of the device. Also, you can click here to know more if you want another easier way to unlock your LG phone.

Steps to factory reset on LG phone:

Step 1: Power off your LG device.

Step 2: Next, press and hold the volume down and power buttons simultaneously.

lg recovery mode

Step 3: When the LG logo comes on, temporarily release the power button only, then press it again.

Step 4: Now, take your hands off both buttons when the factory reset screen is displayed.

Step 5: Finally, press the power button to select the factory data reset option and confirm.

factory data reset

Bonus. The Easiest Way to Unlock LG Phone Pattern Lock- WooTechy iDelock (Android)

Our discussion on how to unlock LG phone pattern lock without factory reset is incomplete without mentioning this tool. WooTechy iDelock (Android) gets the job done with ease. The unique feature of this software is the simple steps that guide you to unlock your LG phone easily. WooTechy iDelock (Android) is fast and effective. If you are having issues imputing the right pattern, iDelock (Android) is your best bet to unlock your LG mobile phone.

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frame Pros

  • It is a fast and efficient way of unlocking your phone. The steps are easy to follow.

  • The success rate of this tool is high, which is praised by many users.

  • It supports a wide range of Android devices from Android 2.3 to Android 11.

  • Not only pattern locks, all kinds of Android screen locks can be removed with this tool.

  • The users can enjoy 24-hour customer service. Free trial to test compatibility now.

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Steps to use WooTechy iDelock (Android) on LG Phone

Download and install WooTechy iDelock (Android) on your computer device. Then select Remove Screen Lock on the screen.

choose remove screen lock

Connect your LG phone to the computer using a USB cable. The app will display certain information about your device, choose and confirm them.

confirm information

Afterward, iDelock (Android) will begin downloading a firmware package best suited for your device.

prepare data package

Once the download is complete, you should follow the onscreen information to reset your LG phone. Then the software will start to unlock your phone.

prepare data package

The unlocking process takes a few minutes. Now the screen lock on your phone is removed, and you can access your home screen again.

unlock successfully

Part 2. How to Unlock LG Phone Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

1 Use Backup PIN to Unlock LG Phone Without Factory Reset

The backup PIN feature becomes useful when you cannot recall your LG phone pattern. It can help you unlock your LG phone without factory reset. Follow the guide below to start unlocking:

Step 1: Input the wrong pattern passcode on your phone several times. After that, the device will ask you to try again after 30 seconds.

Step 2: At the dot of 30 seconds, don't input the wrong pattern again. Select the Forgot Pattern option on the screen. It will take you to a window containing the Backup PIN field.

forgot pattern

Step 3: In the Backup PIN field, enter your Backup PIN and click OK.

backup pin

Step 4: Be patient for a few minutes while your screen lock is reset. Then your device will be unlocked.

frame_2 Cons

  • This method only works if your Backup PIN has been set up before you are locked out of your device.

  • It is only available for Android 4.4 and older, or you can’t recall your backup PIN.

2 Use Find My Device to Unlock LG Phone Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

Find My Device is another useful feature to unlock LG phone pattern lock without factory reset. Make sure it is activated on your phone before using it.

find my device

Steps to Use Find My Device on LG Phone

On your PC, visit Find My Device. Login using the Google account linked to your LG phone.

Select the device you want to unlock from the options provided. In the pop-up window, click the Lock button.

Then enter a temporary password and click the Lock button again.

Now enter the temporary password set before again and you can access to your LG phone.

frame_2 Cons

  • It only works if your Google account is linked to your LG phone.

  • If the feature is not activated on your phone before it is locked, this method will be useless.

3 Use Smart Lock to Unlock LG Phone Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset

Smart Lock is a feature that keeps your phone unlocked when it is with you or around a trusted device such as a Bluetooth speaker. It works on Android versions 5.0 and above. If you want to unlock your LG phone using a trusted place, for instance, your workplace, you need to add your workplace as a trusted place. As long as your GPS is enabled, your phone is automatically unlocked whenever you are within your workplace.

Steps to Unlock LG Phone Pattern Lock Without Factory Reset Using Smart Lock

Before using the Smart Lock Feature, you will need to set it up.

Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > choose the screen lock you prefer.

smart lock

Set a trusted device and trusted place.

Once you set that before being locked out of the device, you can find the Smart Lock to unlock your phone whenever you forget your pattern lock.

frame_2 Cons

  • This feature requires you to set it up beforehand, or it can not work.

  • It can’t unlock your phone permanently, and it only keeps your phone unlocked for 4 hours.


There are many ways to unlock your phone pattern lock. This article explained how to unlock LG phone pattern lock without factory reset. However, these methods cannot unlock your LG phone permanently and are not suitable for many devices. So WooTechy iDelock (Android) is undoubtedly the easiest, fastest, and most efficient method. It restores your access in no time. More importantly, it is compatible with over 6000 models of Android devices and a wide range of system versions. With this software, you don’t need to worry about being locked out. Download it today!

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