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The importance of an iCloud email for every iPhone user cannot be overemphasized. Generally speaking, the iCloud email account is the same as the iCloud/Apple ID that gives you access to all the features provided by Apple.

However, as an iPhone user, it is possible to forget your iCloud Email password especially when you do not use it frequently. Don't worry. This article provides a guide on how to reset iCloud email password. Read to find out more.

Reset iCloud Email Password on Apple ID Website

There are two ways to reset iCloud email password on the Apple ID website.

  • First of all, open "appleid.apple.com" on a browser, and then click on the "Forgot Apple ID or password" button

apple id website

  • Then enter the Apple ID in the space provided, and click on the "Continue" button


enter your apple id

You will be taken to a page with the heading "Select information you want to reset"

  • On that page, select "I need to reset my password" and then click on the "Continue" button.

select to reset password or security questions

A page that says "Select how you want to reset your password" will appear. You will be presented with two options either to "Get an email" or to "Answer security questions".

reset password

If you choose the "Get an email" option, which is the easiest option, an email will be sent to the backup email account immediately. If you choose the "Answer security question", you need to answer the questions set before. Then you cam reset your iCloud email password.

Change iCloud Email Password with Two-Factor Authentication

To be able to reset iCloud email password with Two-Factor Authentication, you need access to your trusted Apple device. The trusted Apple device is either an iPhone or an iPod touch with an iOS 9 or later software, or a Mac with OS X EI Capitan or later that has already been signed into with the same account.

If you have them, then follow these steps:

  • Open the Apple ID account page.

  • Click on the "Forgot Apple ID or password" option.

  • Enter your Apple ID to continue. Then a pop-up window will show on your trusted device's screen.

  • get apple id password

  • Tap Trust and follow the prompt to reset your iCloud email account.

Reset iCloud Email Password with WooTechy iDelock

If you have logged the iCloud email on your device and forgot the password, you are lucky as there is a method to remove the account without password. WooTechy iDelock is an all-in-one iOS unlocker and decrypter. This unique tool helps you bypass all problems associated with Apple ID/iCloud account, MDM lock, screen passcode and Screen Time passcode.

As a professional unlocking tool, it promises a super high success rate. With the intuitive interface, the iCloud email account can be removed from your device in several minutes. And then you can reset it in the way you like. What's more, this tool now is compatible with all iOS versions including the newest iOS 15.

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Here is a detailed step on to use this software.

Step 1: On your computer, launch WooTechy iDelock, and select "Unlock Apple ID."

choose unlock apple id

Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable and trust the device.

connect device unlock apple id

Step 2: Click on "Start." And iDelock will be ready to remove the iCloud email account currently on the device.

start unlock apple id

Step 3: As the Two-Factor Authentication is generally enabled on your device. You need to check the status once more and ensure you have set up a screen passcode.

check device status unlock apple id

Step 4: You need to read the notice carefully and enter "000000" to confirm your action.

enter 000000 unlock apple id

iDelock will finish the work in several minutes. Please wait patiently.

unlocking process apple id

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FAQ About iCloud Email and Apple ID

How do I change my iCloud mail password?

Ensure that your iDevice has iOS 10 or later. Open the Settings app and tap "[Your Name] > Password & Security". Then tap "Change Password". Type in your device passcode and then you can enter and confirm the new password on the screen.

Is my iCloud Email Password the Same as my Apple ID Password?

Yes, the Apple ID password is the same as the iCloud Password.

How do I find out my iCloud Username and Password?

Go to the Apple ID account page and select "Forgot Apple ID or Password". Then when asked to enter your Apple ID, click on "Look it up". Enter your first name, last name, and email address. You can also go to iCloud.com, and if you're already signed in, go to "Account Settings", where you can find the details you want.

Are Apple ID and iCloud ID the Same?

Yes. Apple ID is the account that is used to access all of Apple's services such as iCloud, App Store, iMessage, Apple Music, etc.


In conclusion, as an iPhone user, it is quite easy to rest your iCloud email password just by following the methods listed in this article. Most importantly opt for WooTechy iDelock, a great tool with many features and functionalities. It has a super high success rate and can help you solve all problems associated with iDevice locks. Now it supports iOS 15. Just download and give it a try!

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