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4 Methods to Unlock iPhone with/without iTunes


Jun 23, 2021 (Updated: Sep 08, 2021) • Filed to: iPhone Passcode Unlocker

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It should be expected that after entering the wrong passcode more than the required number of times on your iPhone, you will be locked out. If this occurs, what do you think you can do? You shouldn't be overwhelmed by such a situation because there is a way out. This piece will discuss several methods to unlock iPhone with/without iTunes.

Part 1: Forgot iPhone Passcode? Unlock iPhone with iTunes

Using iTunes to unlock iPhone passcode is one of the effective methods you can apply. It is important to know that this method only works if your iPhone has been synced with iTunes.

Detailed steps

The following are the detailed steps to unlock iPhone with iTunes:

Step 1: Update iTunes

If your iTunes is outdated, try to update it to the latest version. Launch it and use a USB cable to connect your device to your PC.

Step 2: Restore iPhone

In the iTunes interface, press the icon on the top left. Choose "Summary" and click on "Restore iPhone". To confirm the selection, press the "Restore" button once more.

Step 3: Reset your iPhone

The device will be wiped off by iTunes during the installation of the updated iOS. Then restore the iPhone to its factory settings. After restarting your device, try to set it up again.

restore iphone


This method will erase all the data in the iPhone. There will be a need to reconfigure the settings of your iPhone after unlocking it. With iTunes backup, your device will be restored after the unlocking process.

Part 2: (iOS 15 Supported) Forgot iPhone Passcode? Unlock iPhone with WooTechy iDelock

WooTechy iDelock is a great method to unlock iPhone when you cannot remember your passcode. It works as an iOS unlock and decrypter, helping to bypass the issues of screen passcode, Apple ID/iCloud account, MDM lock, Screen Time passcode, iTunes backup encryption settings, and iTunes backup lock.

wootechy idelock

Great Features of WooTechy iDelock

  • It makes iPhone usable whether it is locked, disabled, or broken.

  • It supports the latest iOS 15.

  • It helps unlock Apple ID on activated iPhone

  • It can easily remove 4-digit or 6-digit Touch ID or Face ID.

Free DownloadFree Download

Watch the video to unlock iPhone in a few steps:

YouTube Video

Detailed steps

The following are the detailed steps to unlock iPhone with WooTechy iDelock:

Step 1: Launch WooTechy iDelock

Choose "Unlock Screen Passcode" mode after launching the software.

unlock iphone screen

Use a USB cable to connect your iPad to your PC. Click on "Next" to see the device information loading.

connect idevice via usb

In case your iPhone is not recognized, put it manually into DFU/Recovery mode to make it detected.

Step 2: Download & Extract Firmware Package

The model of your iPhone will be auto-detected by the program. Select the firmware version offered and click on "Download."

If the download is unsuccessful, click on "Copy" and download the firmware package through your browser. However, if it's already downloaded on your PC, add it by clicking on "Select".

download firmware package

Wait while the firmware package is downloaded and verified.

download and verify firmware

After a successful verification, click on "Start to Extract" and wait until it is complete.

start to extract

Step 3: Unlock Screen Passcode

To begin the unlocking process, click on "Start Unlock". Ensure your iPhone is connected to the computer through a USB cable.

start unlock

Read the notice and enter "000000" to double confirm your agreement to the unlocking process and click on "Unlock". The iPhone will automatically enter Recovery mode.

enter 000000 to unlock

In case your iPhone does not automatically enter Recovery mode, follow the guide to the manual instruction to put the iPhone into DFU/Recovery mode. Within a few minutes, the device will be removed.

removing screen lock

How to Put iPhone in DFU/Recovery Mode

If your iPhone is not detected in the unlocking step or process of loading information, try to put it manually into DFU/Recovery mode.

Select on the top bar the model of the device "Other iDevice", "iPhone 7/7 Plus", or "iPhone 8 or Later". Follow the given instruction and put your device into DFU mode.

dfu mode

In a situation where the iPhone fails to enter DFU mode, click on "put your device into Recovery Mode" at the bottom for Recovery Mode. Then select the model of your device "Other iDevice", "iPhone 7/7 Plus" or "iPhone 8 or Later" right on the top bar to view the instruction.

Part 3: Forgot iPhone Passcode? Unlock iPhone via iCloud

You can unlock iPhone through iCloud after your device has been synced with it and the "Find My iPhone" feature has been enabled.

Detailed steps

Find below the detailed steps to unlock iPhone via iCloud:

Step 1: Visit and sign into your iCloud account

Step 2: Click on "Find iPhone"

Click on the "Find iPhone" option among the various options on the homepage to know how to unlock your iPhone screen passcode.

icloud find iphone

Step 3: Select your device

Click on "All Devices" and select your device if there are other devices linked with your account.

choose from all devices

Step 4: Erase your iPhone

Click on "Erase iPhone" from the several options provided that relate to your iPhone and then confirm your selection.

erase iphone

Reset your device as a new one without any lock screen after restarting.


This method requires users to have their Apple ID password.

Part 4: Forgot iPhone Passcode? Unlock iPhone by Tricking Siri

If you cannot remember your iPhone passcode, Tricking Siri Is an effective method to bypass the passcode. Using it will not cost you your iPhone data in a way.

Find below the detailed steps to unlock iPhone by Tricking Siri:

Step 1: Enable the Siri feature

Press and hold the home button to enable the Siri feature. Siri will be activated on your iPhone and ready to respond to your voice. Then ask it to open the clock. At the sight of the clock on the screen, touch it to proceed.

use siri to unlock iphone

Step 2: The World Clock will show with a tune list that must be selected for the alarm clock.

Step 3: You will see from that option the tab "Buy More Tones" which will inform you to go to the iTunes store.

buy more tones

Step 4: To go to the main screen of the device, click on the home button.

buy more tones

You will then discover that you are free to access your device without a passcode.


Tricking Siri to unlock iPhone only works on iOS 10.3.2 and 10.3.3.

FAQ about Unlocking iPhone without iTunes and Passcode

Q1: How Do I Unlock My iPhone If I Forgot My Passcode without iTunes?

You can unlock your iPhone using WooTechy iDelock, through iCloud, or by Tricking Siri.

Q2: How Do I Get My iPhone Out of Disabled Mode?

To do this, connect your iPhone to your PC (that you have been using to sync with iTunes). Launch iTunes and right-click on the device icon (left pane), then press "Back Up." Select "Restore" after the backup is complete to restore the device and get it out of Disabled Mode.

Q3: Why Did My iPhone Go Disabled?

Your iPhone goes disabled when you enter the incorrect passcode too many times.

Q4: Why Is My iPhone Passcode Not Working?

The iPhone passcode may fail to work if you enter the wrong passcode too many times (over ten times) or if you have just upgraded to the newest iOS 15.


With the information provided in the content, you should have no problem unlocking your iPhone when you cannot remember your passcode. The different explained methods, both with and without iTunes, are some of the best ways to get it done effectively. Particularly, you may want to try WooTechy iDelock to see how effective any of the methods can be.


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