June 4 ChatGPT Down: Impact & Update on the Outage Situation


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ChatGPT experienced a major outage, affecting many users worldwide. The outage started on early Tuesday, 00:21 PDT, with numerous complaints surfacing on social media platforms, particularly regarding the inability to launch the chatbot from Chrome. The problem appears more severe on mobile devices, with the Android app freezing at the login screen.

DownDetector reports that most issues are related to ChatGPT rather than its website or app.

ChatGPT down

Update on the Situation

OpenAI has acknowledged the issue and is actively working to resolve it, as per the latest update at 01:31. They are in the process of mitigating the problems, aiming to restore access in the coming hours.

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User Experience and Impact

Users encountering the outage receive an "Internal Server Error" message when attempting searches or queries. Premium subscribers are also affected by connectivity issues.

Inability to launch the chatbot on Chrome and the mobile app.

Some experience slow response times and inaccurate results, such as outdated information or hallucinations in responses.

ChatGPT outage

Previous Incidents and Uptime

This isn't the first outage for ChatGPT, with a major incident occurring on May 23, lasting over 8 hours. Despite this, OpenAI boasts a 99.67% uptime rate over the previous 90 days. For users seeking alternative solutions, Google’s Gemini remains operational for those needing access to a language model.

In conclusion, users globally express frustration on social media platforms like X, highlighting their inconvenience caused by its unavailability. OpenAI works to resolve the ongoing outage, let's await further updates on the service's status.

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