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If you have watched Pokémon in your childhood, then it should be among the best cartoons that you have ever seen. The storyline and the concept of Pokémon are something that we all admire. They are literally like pets but with powers. A game called Pokémon Go was launched a few years ago. In this game, you can catch and battle with Pokémon. In this article, we are going to discuss the best Pokémon in Pokémon Go and how you can spoof your location in Pokémon Go without getting banned.

best pokemon in pokemon go

Part 1. What Are Top 5 Best Attackers in Pokemon Go

Although there are numerous Pokémon in Pokémon Go, some are more powerful than others in what they do. There are attacking and defending Pokémon. Some have good defending skills, while some have attacking skills. Let us see what the top 5 best attackers in Pokémon Go are.


Mewtwo is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the whole Pokémon world. It is a psychic type Pokémon that can take down any Pokémon with any type. However, it is a little against bug, dark and ghost-type Pokémon.


Although MewTwo can learn a lot of new moves, its most powerful moves are confusion, focus blast, and psycho cut. There is another version of MewTwo which is much stronger than a normal one; it is known as Armored MewTwo. It can pull off attacks like dynamic punch, rockslide, psystrike, and future sight, strong enough to beat any opponent.


Another powerful and attacking Pokémon is Rayquaza. It is a dragon and flying type Pokémon that is best in what it does. It performs attacks like air slash and dragon tail with ultra-high speed. Its most effective attacks include aerial ace, outrage, and ancient power. However, it is weak against the rock, dragon, and ice-type Pokémon.



Talking about attacking Pokémon and not talking about Lucario would be unfair. It is an evolved form of Riolu and is faster and stronger than it. Lucario is famous for its un-submissive nature and fighting till-last breath spirit. Its most powerful attacks include counter and aura sphere. The body structure of Lucario resembles a wolf and a dog, but it is certainly sharp and prideful. It is weak against fighting, fire, and ground-type Pokémon.



Mamoswine may look little, but it is a very powerful attacking Pokémon. It looks like a mammoth with two long horns and a humped back. Mamoswine strength includes electricity and poison, and its best moves are avalanche and mud slaps. It is weak against fire, fighting, steel, and water-type Pokémon.



As far as we know from the cartoon, Darkrai is a legendary dark Pokémon that is extremely powerful. In a battle tournament, only Ash beat Darkrai. There was no one besides Ash that could beat it. It is because Darkrai is not only agile but is very powerful with its attacking moves. The most powerful moves that it can perform are dark pulse, shadow ball, focus blast, and feint attack. Darkrai is weak against bugs, fairies, and fighting-type Pokémon.


Part 2. What Are Top 5 Best Defenders in Pokemon Go

We have talked about the best-attacking Pokémons. Let us look at the defensive Pokémons that can absorb multiple attacks.


People know about Snorlax from the beginning of Pokémon. It is a fat and lazy Pokémon that sleeps a lot. It is an evolved form of Munchlax. Snorlax may always seem tired, but I can bear many powerful attacks due to its huge size and presence. Its most powerful attack is the hyper beam. We saw Snorlax taking on different attacks, and yet it yawns because they are not powerful enough to affect it. When it comes to battling, Snorlax is a better defender than an attacker.



We all pretty much know only two dragon-type Pokémon from the first season of Pokémon, and that are Charizard and Dragonite. Both of these Pokémon are rivals to one another and cannot share a sight. Dragonite evolves from Dragonair and is highly resistant to different attacks. It can not only perform dragon-type moves but has the shield of dragons as well. We saw Dragonite taking on multiple Pokémons but still surviving every attack.



One of the most useless Pokémon that we ever know from Pokémon is Magikarp. It doesn't perform any attack or defense. Cartoons tell us that it cannot battle. However, we all love and fear its evolved type, which is the Gyrados. Back in the day, it was among the most powerful Pokémon. Although it is a water-type Pokémon, it can defend itself from many attacks. However, it is weak against the electric type but can tackle and battle all other Pokémon types, especially the fire type.



Another dragon-type Pokémon that is a good defender against multiple Pokémon types is Goodra. It is a beautiful Pokémon and can take on any Pokémon in a battle. Although it is a little bulky, it can defend attacks like a charm. One of the most powerful attacks it can pull off is Draco meteor which is considered an exceptional attack that can take down any Pokémon in a single go.



When we look at Metagros, we see a robotic steel body type Pokémon that looks strong and can bear attack. This is one feature of Metagros; it looks defensive. It is an evolved form of Metang and can absorb powerful attacks.


Metagros can also attack, and their best-attacking moves are bullet punch and meteor mash. However, it is weak against certain types, including ghosts, dark, and fire.

Part 3. Catch Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go: How to Spoof in Pokemon Go Without Getting Banned?

Pokémon Go is an addictive game, but it can compel children, as well as adults, to go outside. The purpose of this game was to give the users a real feel of what Pokémon hunting is all about. You need to go out into the world and find your favorite Pokémon. But sadly, not everyone can go out and play this game. For such people, they can use tools like WooTechy iMoveGo and spoof their location to play this beautiful game.

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  • With this tool, you can spoof your location and catch Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

  • To make sure movement is smooth, you can use the joystick.

  • It also allows you to customize your route and speed.

  • If you use an iPhone, there is no need to jailbreak your phone.

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Step 1. Download WooTechy iMoveGo according to your operating system and install the tool. Open the tool and click on Get Started to begin.

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Step 2. If you are using an iOS device, you can connect your iPhone to the computer in two ways. You can use a USB cable, or you can join it through Wi-Fi, but make sure that your computer and iPhone are both connected to the same internet. Make sure to click on Trust this computer.

Launch iMoveGo on Your PC

Step 3. Select the teleport mode as you want to spoof your location for Pokémon Go. It is the fourth option from the top right corner. Choose any location where you would like to go and catch Pokémon.

Select Teleport Mode

Step 4. You can find the location on the map, or you can enter the location by typing it. When you are done, click on the option of Move, and the tool will take you there virtually. You can now play Pokémon Go in that specific region.

Select Teleport Mode


In this article, we have discussed attacking and defensive Pokémon. Yes, there are unlimited Pokémon, as we saw in the cartoon, but some are more powerful than others in different aspects. Some have good attacking moves, while some have good defensive moves. However, if you wish to catch such Pokémon, you will need to roam around. You can spoof your location using WooTechy iMoveGo, save your precious time, and do other stuff. It has a trial version that you can download to see if it is compatible with your device.


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