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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there, where millions of people meet new people every day. In order to meet the user demand for more, Tinder also offers a paid version of Tinder Gold, which is becoming the choice of more and more people.

However, some people also ask if I can use Tinder Gold for free. It has the possibility. Here, today we mainly bring you several secret tips on how to get Tinder Gold for free. Get started.

Part 1: Tinder vs. Tinder Gold

Tinder and Tinder Gold are both popular dating app options. Tinder is free to use the basic features. Tinder Gold has more premium features while coming with a paid subscription. What differences between these two tiers are as follows;


Swipe right on profiles you like, and left on those you don't.

Wait until the next day when run out of swipes.

Can't see who liked you before your match.

Tinder Gold

Except for all the Tinder basic features, Tinder Gold also plus:

Skip the swiping and go straight to admirers.

See who likes you.

Get curated daily matches based on your preferences.

Swipe right as much as your heart desires without limitations.

Get 5 Super Likes per week.

Get bumped to the top of the queue for 30 minutes per month.

Put simply, Tinder Gold is essentially Tinder with a premium version. With more features that save time and raise your chances of matching with someone you're interested in, it caters to users who want a more focused and efficient dating experience. Nevertheless, the cost is quite high.

How to Get Tinder Gold for Free

Part 2: How to Get Tinder Gold for Free

Tinder or Tinder Gold just depends on your priorities and budget. If you're serious about finding someone special and want to maximize your chances, Tinder Gold might be the best choice. For using free Tinder Gold without paying, there are some tips you can try.

Method 1: Get Tinder Gold Free Trial If You Are New Users

Tinder offers a generous 3-day trial period, allowing you to explore the premium features without any financial commitment. To access it, go to Setting, and look for subscription of Gold. Here, you should find information about the 3-Day Free Trial. Activate it, then, you can use the Tinder Gold for free.

However, there is an auto-renewal feature in the Gold free trial. it will automatically take $30 each month after the trial period ends, if you add credit cart information. Don’t forget to manually cancel your Tinder Gold subscription.

By the way, access to the 3-Day Free Trial may vary based on your location. If you failed to get it, skip to part 3 where we provide how to bypass Tinder geographic restriction.

Get Tinder Gold Free Trial

Method 2: Apply Free Tinder Gold Promo Code

If you're eager to access Tinder Gold for free, making use of promo codes can be a game-changer. To do that, first, you have to explore reliable sources like coupon websites, official promotions, or newsletters that may share valid Tinder Gold promo codes. (A few of them resemble dealspotr.com, zoutons.com, and tinder.worthepenny.com).

Once you find a suitable promo code, copy it. Go to Tinder Setting, then select the subscription or payment options. Enter the promo code during the subscription process. Finally, apply the free Tinder Gold promo code, and verify the discount or free access.

Apply Free Tinder Gold Promo Code

Method 3: Use Tinder Modified APK

Tinder Modified APKs, also known as Tinder MOD APKs, are the altered versions of official Tinder. It comes with unlocked premium functionalities, providing the opportunity to get the Tinder Gold for free.

Modified versions are often available for free download from various online sources. However, some of them are not reliable. Keep caution for your privacy. Here are some sources available in case you need, apkdone.com, getmodsapk.com, or apkmody.com.

To download it, you have to enable the app installation from Unknown sources

by going to Settings > Security. Then, you can start installing the Tinder Gold Apk free.

se Tinder Modified APK

Method 4: Try Tinder Subscription ID Generator

The Subscription ID Generator is a tool as a method to access Tinder Gold features for free. It is not the official way so it is not guaranteed to be 100% work. But you can have a try.

Step 1: Visit a website or platform that provides a valid Tinder Subscription ID Generator, like Game Keyz, GeHack, and GumRoad.

Step 2: You'll be required to enter your Tinder account details and Email address. Then, it will generate a code that supposedly unlocks Tinder Gold features.

Tinder Subscription ID Generator

Step 3: Go to Tinder App, and find the section where you can redeem a code or upgrade your account. Enter the generated code and complete the surveys or app downloads.

Once done, you will manage to get the free Tinder Gold.

how to use Tinder Subscription ID Generator

Method 5: Unblur Tinder Photos via Tinder Web Script

Some users explored methods involving inspecting web Scripts to unblur the Tinder pictures. Here are the steps you can try.

Step 1: Right-click on the blurred image of a potential match, and select "Inspect" to open the browser's developer tools.

Step 2: Now, you should see the whole structure of Tinder in the Code. Locate the HTML element associated with the blurred image, next to the asyn function. Copy and paste the code paste into the console box, press Enter to press.

Once done, you can open Tinder Gold to see the unblurred Tinder match on the app for free.

Unblur Tinder Photos via Tinder Web Script

Part 3: Extra Tips to Use Tinder without Distance Limitations

Tired of being limited by your location on Tinder? Dating apps like Tinder often prioritize you based on your location. “Passport”, a built-in feature of Tinder Gold, became the choice of most people as it enables users to connect with people around the world. However, it is technically possible to bypass the location restrictions and enjoy this Tinder Gold feature for free. And Wootechy iMoveGo is your key to unlocking it.

Wootechy iMoveGo is an ultimate location changer for iOS and Android devices. It enables you to spoof your GPS to any corner of the globe, expanding your dating pool, and making you visible to more potential matches that you might never have encountered otherwise.

It works with all location-related software, such as dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and Hinge, social media platforms like Instagram, and Snapchat, or AR games like Pokemon Go. You can fully take control of your GPS location on the phone, no matter where you actually are.

iMoveGo isn't just about expanding your Tinder dating pool:

Hide your location to prevent being tracked.

Simulate realistic movement and won’t be detected.

Save your favorites spots for quick use in the next time.

Simultaneously change location on up to 10 devices.

Comparable with Android/iPhone/iPad/iPod.

How to get Tinder Gold for Free with iMoveGo

With iMoveGo, with only a few clicks, you can trick the algorithm into showing you a wider range of potential matches, also increasing your chances of being found by others.

Step 1: Download and install Wootechy iMoveGo. It can be downloaded on Windows, Mac and Android. iMoveGo’s Android version is sufficient for location modification, but the PC version has more powerful features. So here we take the PC version as an example to introduce the step guides.

Free Download

Secure Download

Step 2: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable or WiFi.

connect devices to use imovego

Step 3: Select Teleport Mode in the top right corner. In the search bar, enter a specific address or city name that you want your Tinder location to appear in. Click Move, iMoveGo will now mask your real GPS location with that chosen one.

change tinder location with imovego

Then, Tinder will now recognize your spoofed location, displaying profiles from your chosen area. It also will boost your profile visibility and more people can find you.


Tinder Gold, the paid subscription of Tinder, has more additional features like Tinder Picks and Passport, which is helpful for meeting more potential matches. However, like in this article, there are also 5 ways to get the Tinder Gold for free. You can get the free trial, find free promo code, or, make use of the Wootechy iMoveGo to enjoy the Passport features. With a very few simple clicks, you can make your location display in any street, increasing your chances of finding someone truly compatible. And, more people can find you.

Get started, and enjoy the free Tinder Gold.

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