2024 Pokemon Presents: What to Except? You Might Don't Get Hopes Up


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Pokémon Presents Returns on Pokémon Day 2024!

The Pokémon Company has announced the latest Pokémon Presents showcase, scheduled on Tuesday, February 27, 2024, at 6:00 a.m. PST, coinciding perfectly with Pokémon Day. Many fans are excited and expect what Pokemon Company to bring us, especially after generating a great deal of buzz in Palworld.

Maybe you've seen something about "Pokemon Present Leak" such as Generation 5 remakes, updates for Pokemon Go or Pokémon UNITE. Or perhaps, some other spin-off or new titles in sub-series. Realistically, the likelihood of a major change is very small. However, we can still discuss and take a look at what we can expect in Pokémon Presents 2024, where to Watch 2024 Pokemon Presents? and what special rewards we can get in Pokemon Day events!

Pokémon Presents

Part 1: What is Pokemon Presents?

Hosted by The Pokémon Company, Pokemon Presents can be seen as a one-stop shop for news and updates about the entire Pokemon franchise, including mobile games, anime, movies, other merchandise and more. It replaced the previous "Pokémon Direct" format in 2020, continually offering fans a glimpse into what's coming next for the beloved franchise.

Part 2: What to Expect in Pokemon Presents and Pokemon Day?

1New Spin-off or Remake

While it's likely too early for Gen 10, there's a chance for a remark. Some points towards that Gen 5 Remakes by ILCA: Titles speculated as "Pokémon Deep Black" and "Pokémon Vast White", while some rumors point to a remake of Pokémon Gold & Silve in the style of Pokémon Let's Go. This is because some may have noticed a clue in the recent teaser video for the upcoming Pokémon Presents: key art for Pokémon Gold and the titles "Pokémon Gold" and "Silver" appearing under the "Games" field in the mobile app description. This subtle hint has sparked speculation that the presentation might just feature news related to the beloved Johto region.

These possibilities aren't far-fetched, considering the frequency of remakes between mainline entries. Moreover, considering the recent distribution of past titles, it's highly likely that the Presents stream will showcase DLC plans for Scarlet and Violet. The timing aligns with past DLC announcements for previous titles, and Pokemon Sword & Shield received two major expansions. Fans can expect special Pokémon distributions for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet due to recent DLC.

Pokémon Gold & Silver

2Updates for Existing Games

Additionally, new titles or updates for various Pokémon titles on Switch and mobile platforms are possibilities, including the recently announced Pokémon Sleep, and Pokemon Go.

For Pokemon Go, sprites including Poipole, Naganadel, Stakataka, Blacephalon, Zeraora, and the Paldean Legendaries could signify their arrival in Pokémon GO. With the "Timeless Travels" season nearing its end just after Pokémon Day, the next season's theme could be announced, potentially tying into these newly discovered Pokémon or continuing the time travel theme in a different direction.

The 2024 Pokemon Presents focus seemed to be on other mainline games and animated projects rather than Pokemon Go. However, the developer of Pokémon Go has emphasized live events like Community Days and Raid Days. On this front, we can still look forward to.

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Pokemon go day

3Pokemon Movie

It has been 4 years since "Secrets of the Jungle" premiered in 2020. However, getting a whole new series of Pokemon movies online is almost impossible. But we might get more news about "Pokémon Horizons: The Series," premiering on Netflix in the US on March 7th.

Pokemon Movie

Part 3: Where to Watch 2024 Pokemon Presents?

The presentation takes the form of live conferences and is expected to last around 30 minutes. You can click here to watch it on the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel.

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While the allure of a brand-new Pokémon title is undeniable, considering the series' usual rhythm, potential remakes or spin-offs, and updates in exciting games are more likely to appear in Pokemon Presents 2024. Sure, anything is possible in Pokemon Presents.

Anyhow, the annual celebration of International Pokémon Day, the excitement continues. Just join the fun and be part of the Pokémon community. If you don't want to go outside, consider using Wootechy iMoveGo for a seamless experience.

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