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Apple’s latest operating system is providing all kinds of engaging features and improvements for everyday users to enjoy. The camera settings alone are cause enough to update your device. However, there are some iOS 16 settings you need to turn off to be sure you are safe and not susceptible to any kind of bugs or software conflicts. We’ve put together a quick list to help you stay safe with a more reliable iPhone.

10 Settings You Need to Turn Off on iOS 16

Don’t worry. None of these settings are overly complicated to manage on your own. Simply follow the instructions, and you should be more than fine. In most cases, you have probably already heard of these iOS 16 settings before and just need a quick reminder to improve your iPhone’s operations.

1. Restrict App Permissions

Many iPhone apps ask for permission to see your contacts, view your email, or even record your audio devices whenever you want. You can improve your security by checking each app and what it has access to, then turning off anything that seems dangerous. This way, you have complete control over the app and even stop apple collecting your data.

    Tap on Settings.

    Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

    Turn off the features or apps you don’t want to have access to your info.

restrict app permissions

2. Analytics & Improvement

The idea behind analytics and improvement is that you elect to allow your device to periodically send private information to Apple whenever they request it. This could be the websites you browse, messages you send, or even what kinds of photos you are taking. By removing this option, you are limiting what Apple can request without your permission.

    Tap on Settings.

    Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

    Tap on Analytics & Improvements.

    Toggle all options to the off position.

analytics Improvements

3. Apple Advertising

Apple likes to target its ads directly to who you are, your preferences, and demographics. When this option is selected on your iPhone, it tells them all about your habits, from what size of socks you buy to the music you listen to most. Removing this option will protect your privacy and restrict Apple’s ability to track your online activity.

    Tap on Settings.

    Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

    Tap on Apple Advertising. Turn off the toggle next to Personalized Ads.

apple advertising

4. App Tracking

Apps like knowing what you are doing online. That includes being able to track you across other apps and websites you use on your device. This way, the owners of Instagram can see how you are using TikTok and vice versa.

    Tap on Settings.

    Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

    Tap on Tracking.

    Toggle off the tracking features of the apps you do not want to track you across other apps, websites, and physical locations.

app tracking

5. Location Services

Another essential iOS 16 settings you need to turn off relates to active tracking of your physical movements. Some applications will want to find out if you visit the gym, movie theater, and specific stores more often than others. Again, this is to create a profile of you they can use to improve their sales figures. Be careful with this setting as some apps like Maps or Health do need your location data to function.

    Tap on Settings.

    Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

    Tap on Location Services.

    Scroll through the list of your apps and adjust their ability to track your physical movement.

adjust location services

6. System Services

These are the default tracking systems inside of your device. If you like getting an alert when you are near a Waffle House or be able to make an emergency call from anywhere you are located, this is where you would make adjustments. You really want to do your research here as some of these options are necessary.

    Tap on Settings

    Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

    Tap on Location Services.

    Scroll to the bottom to System Services. 

    Turn off any service you are uncomfortable having active.

adjust system services

7. Significant Locations

Your iPhone and iCloud-connected devices love to know where you visit the most. This way, they can send you custom coupons or adjust your tracking data to feature benefits you would enjoy based on the places you visit. So, if you love a good Jamba Juice in the morning, these settings will tell Facebook to deliver you an ad.

    Tap on Settings.

    Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

    Tap on Location Services.

    Scroll to the bottom to System Services. 

    Tap on Significant Locations and toggle off.

turn off significant locations

8. Product Improvement

This is an iOS 16 setting you want to turn off because it is the native Apple system improvements. This is the tricky area where Apple likes to update its maps and other offerings with the data collected from your individual iPhone. Again, just another way to track you when you are not looking.

    Tap on Settings.

    Scroll down to Privacy & Security.

    Tap on Location Services.

    Scroll to the bottom to System Services. 

    Scroll down to the area with Product Improvements listed at the top.

    Toggle off all three settings.

product improvements

9. Blocked Sender Options

Anytime you receive an email from a spammer or someone you want nothing to do with, there is a setting you can tweak to ensure that sender is blocked from now on. This way, you never have to communicate with them unless you want to in the future.

    Tap on Settings.

    Go to Mail and scroll down and tap Blocked Sender Options. 

    Tap on Move to Trash, so any blocked emails go immediately to your trash instead of your inbox.

turn off significant locations

10. Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement

This is a trickier Apple setting because it sounds confusing, and the company does not want you to mess with it. The idea is that Apple isn’t tracking your ads, but rather, tracking whether or not you prefer to maintain your privacy.

    Tap on Settings.

    Go to Safari. 

    Scroll down to Privacy Preserving Ad Measurement. 

    Turn off that setting.

turn off significant locations

Tip: How to Fake Location on iPhone iOS 16 to Stop Tracking

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Video Guide on iOS&Android Location Spoofer (including the latest iOS16/15):

Step 1: Download WooTechy iMoveGo onto your PC. Click Get Started and connect your iPhone to your desktop through WIFI or a USB cable as prompted.

connect your device to computer

Step 2: Now, you'll see a map load with your current location shown. Enter any address or GPS coordinates in the search bar. Click Move to change your location.

(iOS 16 users will be prompted to enable developer mode, simply follow the easy steps on your screen.)

eiffel tower location

Now, open Maps on your phone to check your new location. You're ready to use this new location on all your apps.

wootechy imovego new york

If you want to simulate GPS movement on your phone, switch to the Multi-spot/2-spot mode

set fake location

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Wrapping it Up

We hope all these tips for iOS 16 settings you need to turn off helps you stay safer with your device. With so many companies and apps trying to track your every online movement, it makes sense to keep yourself a bit more protected. Don’t forget iMoveGo as well to give you that little extra boost for hiding your physical movements as well.

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