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Grindr is the giant geo-social hook-up app, with a community of 2.4 million active users across the globe. On this social app, once your find a partner matched with your profile, you can check their locations, interests and about that person shared on their profile.

Doubtlessly, this is the most rapid way to meet strangers and get to know them closely, having the same interest as yours. However, it could encounter some problems with your location privacy.

If you don't want to tell your actual location on the Grindr app, you can hide or change it. This guide will tell you how to change your location on Grindr using location changer apps.

You need to know Fake GPS on the Grindr app

First, before changing your location on Grindr, you need to know some risks you may suffer when you know all the possible hazards that may happen. As a result, you can make the right decision to select a proper approach.

    When you change the location on Grindr, changes apply to all apps requiring you to use your actual GPS location, for example, Maps and Weather forecasting apps.

    When you install the location changer apps on your iPhone, the process requires jailbreaking that iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

After knowing the issues that may happen while changing your location on iPhone and Android, you can follow the best instructions below.

1.How to change Location on Grinder on iPhone

It is relatively more complicated to change your location on iPhone than on Android because there are few options available on the app store. These are not fully functional, and you may be banned from the Grindr app once tracked by the system for a fake location.

If you want more options to spoof your location, you have to jailbreak your iPhone, which makes your device vulnerable to viruses. You may probably not prefer jailbreaking.

We prepared the best product, iMoveGo, to fake your location on Grindr to any place in the world you want. 

    It is also used to fake your location in Pokémon GO.

    iMoveGo is also used to fake your location to watch movies unavailable in your region.

iMoveGo Spoof your location on iPhone

Step 1 Before starting any process, you must close all the background location-based running apps. Connect your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. On the next screen, agree to the terms of use options and click the get started.

fake GPS location

Step 2 Unlock your phone and click trust this computer, and enter the passcode. If your device still does not start loading, then try reconnecting it. If "trust" this device doesn't appear, try reconnecting your phone.

fake location

Step 3 When connected, your phone iMoveGO will show a green tick between mobile and computer on the screen.

iMoveGo connected

Step 4 Now a map-like interface will appear; you can choose the starting point by entering the search bar or pin any location.

change your location

Step 5 Select the destination by entering coordinates or addresses. You can simulate the speed between the moving points. You can choose the time to repeat the activity.

iMoveGo fake your location

Step 6 When you reach the destination, iMoveGo shows a completed message.

iMoveGo location spoofer

2.How to change location on Grindr on Android

Step 1 Connect your android phone to the computer.

change your location on Android

Step 2 The computer will identify your device, and you have to select one.

android location changer

Step 3 Select the USB connection protocol as the media transfer protocol. If connecting an LG phone, select the picture transfer protocol.

change the USB protocol

Step 4 Turn on USB debugging in this step. Follow the instruction.

turn on USB debugging

Now allow the USB Debugging on your mobile.

change mock location app in developer options

Step 5 Choose the desired mode, Gaming mode, or social mode. In this case, we are changing the location of the Grindr social app and then selecting social.

android social mode 1

Step 6 In this step, the iMoveGO assistant will be installed on your phone. When it will install, go to the developer options, select the mock location app, and tap on iMoveGO assistant.

imovego assistant

Step 7 Now everything is good to go. You can change the location to desired GPS location.

change location on social apps on Android

Fake your location in three modes

Teleport mode

Change your starting point because, by default, the location will be your computer's IP address.

Two spot mode

Move between two spots and choose how many times you want to move.

Multi spot mode

In multi-spot mode, you can choose more than two points. You can also go circular to your route.

3.How to turn on/off location services on the Grindr app

If you don't want to use the above-given methods and still want to turn off your location information on the Grindr app. You can disable showing your location by disabling the distance on your profile. Follow the steps for How to turn on/off your location on Grindr.

    Open the Social app Grindr.

    Locate the profile settings options from the upper right corner.

    Find the option “show my distance” & disable it.


We have discussed all the possible ways to change your location on Grindr. Whether you are using iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, or any android phone, you must learn how to hide your location from the public. This way, you will be safe from others, and nobody can harm you. Furthermore, if you agree with our tips, you can adopt any one from the above given to fake your location on your iPhone or android phone.

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