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Both the hardware and software components of the iPhone were exceptionally built, hand-picked, and coupled to make one of the best gadgets you will find around. However, the making of this fine masterpiece has its challenges. One of these challenges is that its stan security measure can lock out the owner if they forget their passcode. And after too many tries, the iPhone is disabled. Moreover, unknown issues can happen on iPhone. Therefore, knowing how to flash iPhone is essential for iPhone users.

How Do You Manually Flash Your iPhone?

Learning how to flash iPhone requires that you flash the firmware that runs your device. For an iPhone, that process would be to install a newer version of its OS. To do this, you need a computer with functional iTunes. Or, as an alternative, you can use a tool that performs the same function.

1Flash iPhone Without iTunes

WooTechy iPhixer is the software for upgrading and downgrading iOS. It can access your phone even when you have forgotten your passcode. You can use the Standard mode to flash your iPhone without jailbreaking it. In addition, none of your data will be lost. This method does not require using iTunes or iCloud.

Downloading the software tool from our official website. Installing it on your computer and launching the application.

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From the four options on your screen, you can pick the Standard Mode, Advanced Mode and Reset iDevices to flash your iPhone. We will show you the steps of using Standard Mode.

select standard mode

Connect your iPhone to the computer with the aid of a lightning connection cable. Unlock your iPhone and click on the Next button.

connect iPhone

If you don't remember the password or your iPhone can't be recognized, follow the instructions to put it into recovery/DFU mode.

put iPhone into recovery mode

The next screen will identify your iPhone and prompt you to pick the firmware version to flash your device. Click on the Download button to get the firmware.

download iPhone firmware

Click on the Start button and iPhixer will begin to flash your iPhone.

flash iPhone


  • This method is beneficial because it is faster than the generic use of iTunes to flash the iPhone.

  • It can be also used to fix many other iOS issues with 100% success rate.

  • It has 100% great compatibility with all iPhones running any iOS versions.

  • It can reset your iPhone with/without password while backing up your data first.

  • It is also a method that iPhone users that are not tech-savvy can easily understand.


  • The common disadvantage is that this tool is not free.

2Flash iPhone with iTunes

In this section, we shall be considering three methods of using iTunes to flash the iPhone.

a. Directly Flash iPhone with iTunes

Download and install the iTunes app on your computer.

Download the firmware for your iPhone on the internet to flash your phone.

Connect your iPhone to a PC / Mac with a cable.

After connecting it, click on trust on your iPhone so that the iPhone information can be read and managed in iTunes.

In the iTunes screen

  • If you are using a PC, press the Shift button and click on Check for Update / Restore iPhone.

  • If you are using Mac, press the Options button and click on Check for Update / Restore iPhone.

Tap Update to save internal user data in the iPhone.

Then, click on Restore iPhone to flash your iPhone by erasing all your data.

When you select the firmware dialogue box, you should select the firmware you downloaded.

Click OK to check for update / restore iPhone.

b. Using Recovery Mode

Download, install and open the iTunes app on your PC or Mac.

Connect your iPhone to it with a cable.

  • For iPhone 8 or newer models: Hold and release the Volume up. Hold and release the Volume down. Keep holding the side button till the Recovery Mode interface screen appears.

  • For iPhone 7 or 7 Plus models: Hold the Volume down and Side buttons for you to see the Recovery Mode interface appear on your screen.

  • For iPhone 6 or older models: Hold the Home button and the Side button down to see the Connect to iTunes screen appear.

On your screen, you will see the following options; Restore, Update or Cancel. Pick Update. But if the update option is not working, you can restart the process and choose Restore.

flash iPhone in recovery mode

c. Using DFU Mode

Download, install and launch the iTunes app on your computer.

Connect your iPhone to the computer with a cable.

  • For iPhone 8/10/11/12/13 models: Hold and release your finger quickly from the upper volume button. Hold and remove your finger quickly from the lower volume button. Hold the Side button till the screen of your iPhone until it turns black. Hold the Volume down button with your finger on the side button. Immediately, it is five seconds, you can remove your finger from the side button. But keep pressing the volume button for another 5 seconds.

  • For iPhone 6/7/7 Plus models: Hold the Home (iPhone 6) or Volume (iPhone 7) and Sleep buttons for eight seconds. Immediately it is eight seconds, remove your finger from the sleep button. Hold the Home (iPhone 6) or Volume (iPhone 7) button for 5 seconds.

When a message appears on the iTunes screen, you can click OK and Restore iPhone options.

flash iPhone in DFU mode


  • The advantage of using iTunes is that it is free.


  • But its technicality is a major hindrance for users that are not tech savvies.

  • It doesn't save your iPhone data.

  • The time it takes is much longer.


Your iPhone can develop a software issue. To rectify such an issue, Apple will roll out OS updates that have new features and are more compatible with other applications. Hence, you can access this update by flashing your iPhone. The two possibilities of how to flash iPhone could be with iTunes or without it. And these two possibilities were given consideration above.

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