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Voice control on the iPhone is a handy feature that allows iPhone users to navigate and use their device with just their voice. For people with mobility issues and disabilities, this is an invaluable tool. Still, what if voice control on iPhone not working? We’ll go over some simple ways to solve this problem. This way you can fix your voice control and keep using your iPhone how you want to!

fix voice control on iPhone not working

Part 1. Why Is Voice Command Not Working?

Your voice control might not respond to voice commands for a few different reasons. Most commonly, this is an issue with your internet connection or cellular data. Incorrect phone settings or outdated iOS software can also cause voice control to malfunction.

In addition, while English is supported for iPhone voice control, some languages might not be compatible with this feature yet. In other situations, your phone might simply glitch due to a software bug.

Part 2. How Do You Fix Voice Control Not Working?

If you are wondering how to fix voice control that isn't working on your iPhone, keep reading through this section. We’ll talk about nine solutions to this iPhone issue.

1Check the iOS Version

iOS should be updated to a compatible version, this way voice control and other iPhone features run smoothly. Check on this first before trying the other fixes listed here.

Go to Settings > General > About first.

check iPhone OS

In the About section scroll down so you can see what iOS version you have installed.

Make sure that you have iOS 13 or higher so that voice control will work.

If you don't have the correct version of iOS, update your iPhone. We've outlined the steps for this in the following fix.

2Update iPhone to the Latest Version

Your iPhone needs to be updated to the latest version. If you checked your iOS and noticed that you didn’t have the right software, update your phone with these steps.

Go to your Settings > General > Software Update.

update iPhone

On the Software Update page, you should be able to see if you need to update iOS.

If there is new software to download, press Install Now.

Once iOS is updated you can see if voice control is working.

3Check Voice Control Limit

Voice control is still being rolled out around the world, but some languages aren’t fully supported yet. Check the limits of your voice control if you are using a language other than English. Do a quick Google search and type in which languages are supported by voice control for the iPhone.

4Check Network Connection

Without an internet connection or cellular data, voice control won’t work. Go into your settings to see the status of your network connection.

Enter your Settings > WiFi. Look to see if you are connected to the right network.

check iPhone network

Make sure your network is connected to the internet. A blue checkmark should be next to your WiFi network.

If you are using cellular data, look at the cellular bar near the top right-hand corner of your phone to see if you have cellular service.

5Reset Voice Control

Resetting voice control can also fix voice command not working on iPhone problem for you. This is a simple fix that shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete.

Click on Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control.

reset voice control on iPhone

To reset voice control, turn it off then turn it on again.

Check if your voice control is operational after resetting it.

6Restart Your iPhone

Try a quick reset of your iPhone to get rid of any software bugs or glitches preventing from voice control working.

Newer iPhones:

If your iPhone has Face ID, press one of your Volume buttons and your Side button.

A power slider will appear on your screen and slide the power off.

Press your Side button again to turn your phone back on.

Older iPhones:

For old iPhones just press the Side button or your Top button.

Slide off the power when the slider appears.

Wait 30 seconds then turn the phone back on with the same button.

turn iPhone off

7Manage Siri and Voice Control Settings

iPhone users can also manage their voice control and Siri settings to correct this issue. Make sure that your settings are set up right so you can use voice control to navigate every aspect of your device.

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control. Click on Customize Commands.

From here you can scroll through settings and select which features will be controlled by voice control. This includes opening Siri, going to your home screen, and opening apps.

To manage your Siri Settings, go to Settings > Siri & Search. Siri should be turned on so voice control will work.

manage siri and search settings on iPhone

Also, change any settings such as language and voice response on the Siri & Search settings page.

8Use Screen Recording to Re-enable Voice Control

Another simple way you can get voice control working again is set up with your control center and screen recording. Some users on Apple forums reported this worked.

First, make sure voice control is on in Settings > Accessibility > Voice Control.

Add screen recording to your control center by going to Settings > Control Center > tap Screen Recording.

Swipe down on your iPhone screen so your Control Center appears.

Press Screen Recording and wait for a microphone to appear.

Hold down the microphone and do the screen record for a few seconds.

Afterward, check if your voice control is working.

use comment to fix voice control not working on iPhone

9Fix iPhone Voice Control Not Working with WooTechy iPhixer

Finally, if the above ways failed and don’t get your voice control working. Then you may need professional iPhone repair software to fix serious system issues leading to voice control on iPhone not working. WooTechy iPhixer can solve all iPhone problems such as iPhone keyboard not working, iPhone screen not responding to touch and more. Above all, it won’t cause you any data loss.

Apart from that, iPhixer is compatible with all iPhone models and iOS versions including the latest iOS 15.5/16, so you can use it to fix your any iPhones. Moreover, it can also be used reset your iPhone and enter/exit recovery mode with 1 click.

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Here are the steps of using WooTechy iPhixer to fix voice control not working on iPhone without data loss:

Download our iPhixer repair software onto your computer. Open the software and click Standard Mode. Click the Next button and plug in your iPhone to your computer.

select standard mode

Your iPhone model and system version will be displayed. Download the secure and official repair firmware for your iPhone.

download iPhone firmware

When it finishes downloading, press Start on your computer, then your voice control will be fixed soon.

fix iPhone voice control not working


Voice control on iPhone not working is a common tech issue that has an easy solution to fix. In this post, we showed you exactly how to combat this issue. It shouldn’t be too hard to get voice control on an iPhone working with the steps we outlined here. If you want to fix it with the 100% success rate, using WooTechy iPhixer iPhone repair program is your best choice.

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