3 Proven Ways to Access Phone with Broken Screen


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Phones have become more durable than ever before with gorilla glass and metallic bodies. However the screen of a phone remains the weak link and it is usually the first component to break in case a device falls or faces an impact.

A screen repair is not always economical or possible for some Android & iOS devices. So, it is natural for people to wonder if they can access a phone with a broken screen. In short it is definitely possible to access a phone with broken screen and we are going to discuss three proven methods that actually work.

Part 1: The Challenge of a Broken Phone Screen

A broken phone screen is a broad term that may be used for both completely or partly broken screens. Even if your phone's screen is not entirely broken, it can still be a challenge to use the phone in such a condition. Here are some challenges you may face due to a broken phone screen:

Data loss: A broken phone screen makes it difficult to access data on your phone.

Screen Malfunctioning: The screen may become wholly or partly unresponsive.

Risk of Electrical Shock and Damaged Internal Components: If you try to charge a phone with a broken screen, it can give you an electrical shock.

Eye strain: A broken screen obstructs vision and causes eye strain.

access a phone with broken screen

Part 2: Best Way to Access Phone with Broken Screen [For Most Android &iOS]

The easiest and the best way to access phone with broken screen is through a software called Wootechy MirrorDisp. This software mirrors the screen of your phone to the computer and allows you to control the device as well.

So if your phone's screen is broken and you want to quickly access its contents, then MirrorDisp is the best method for you. Not to mention, you can also copy files when using MirrorDisp, which makes this tool a lifesaver for those with a broken phone screen.

What You Can Do in the Phone with a Broken Screen through MirrorDisp

    Key Features of Wootechy MirrorDisp

    • Mirror the screen of your phone directly to the computer in real-time.

    • Easily control the mirrored phone screen with the mouse and keyboard to access phone files with a broken screen.

    • Transfer stored files from your phone to your PC with a few clicks.

    • Play mobile game on PC.

    • Record your phone's screen or take screenshots of important information such as texts or stored notes.

    • Live stream your phone's screen, play mobile games on the PC, and more.

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Using Wootechy MirrorDisp to access your phone's broken screen is easy. All you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and launch the official Wootechy MirroDisp software and choose between Android or iOS device options.

connect wootechy mirrordisp via usb or WiFi

Step 2. If Windows Defender prompts you, click on Allow Access.

Step 3. For Android users, make sure the USB debugging option is enabled on your Android phone. If it's not, you can enable it from the Developer Options. For iOS users, skip to Step 5.

enable usb debugging

Step 4. You will be asked to provide permission to allow MirrorDisp to install resources on the device. Allow it and continue to the next step.

install mirrordisp driver

Step 5. Wait for your phone's screen to appear on your computer, and you can now control your phone and view its content via your computer. For example, reply to messages or play mobile games.

access phone with mirrordisp

Part 3: How To Access Samsung with Broken Screen

Samsung Flow is another option if you want to access Samsung phone with broken screen. Samsung Flow is an official app that allows you to control and transfer data from your Samsung phone to your PC. This app has to be installed on your Samsung device and the PC in order to access the phone with a broken screen. If you have Samsung Flow installed, you can follow these steps to access it even with a broken screen.

How to access Samsung phone with broken screen

Step 1. Make sure your Samsung device with a broken screen is connected to the same Wifi network as your PC.

connect Samsung flow

Step 2. Pair your phone with your PC with Samsung Flow and confirm the pairing.

Step 3. Once the pairing has been completed, you can mirror your phone screen to the PC in Samsung Flow software and Access files as well.

pair Samsung flow

Part 4: How to Get Everything off the Phone If the Screen is Broken?

When your phone's screen breaks, the first thought that comes to mind is to secure the data present in device storage. Here are some ways to get everything off the phone if the screen is broken:

Use an SD card: Now, if your device's screen still has some functionality left, you can always transfer all the files to the SD card. Or if you already have an SD card set as default storage media, you simply have to take out the card and use it on another device.

Cloud Backup: For devices that have somewhat responsive screens, you can use Google Drive to back up the files and media. Then, you can access those files by logging into Google Drive on another device.

Use the Third-Party Tool: To back up your iPhone file to PC, you can also use iMaster. It allows you to back up all data on your iPhone or iPad efficiently, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, and more, proving you a safety net in case of data loss or device issues.

imaster backup

Part 5: How to Access Phone if the Touchscreen Is Not Working At All?

Now, the methods explained above for accessing a phone with a broken screen are for situations where the device still has some screen function. If your device's screen is completely shattered or if it is nonresponsive, then you have no choice but to get it repaired.

The exact cost of a broken phone screen repair depends on the model and whether it's an iPhone or an Android. More importantly, depending on where area are you in. In some area, you can expect to pay no more than $500 for the screen repair of the newer model iPhones. On the other hand, screen repair costs for an Android are lower, with costs ranging between $100 and $300.


So there you have it; we have provided three methods to access a phone with a damaged screen. In addition, we have also discussed how much you can expect to pay if your phone's screen is completely broken.

Wootechy MirrorDisp is the easiest option to secure your device's data if your phone's screen is somewhat responsive. This tool is available with a free trial along with a premium version, so try it for free today.

Wootechy MirrorDisp

  • Mirror screen Android/iPhone to PC in real time.

  • Control Phone from PC with keyboard or mouse.

  • Live stream screen.

  • Transfer file from PC to Phone.

  • Support multiple devices at the same time.

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