How to Recover WhatsApp Account Without Old Phone Number


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WhatsApp is easily our favorite communication app. But with time, we may change phone numbers and have to create new accounts. The catch is that our contacts may not have our new number, and it will be much harder to get into old WhatsApp groups. The big question becomes how to recover WhatsApp account without old phone number. There are several ways of how to recover WhatsApp account without old phone number and how to recover old WhatsApp account without verification code.

If you are facing issues with WhatsApp that need you to know how to recover WhatsApp account without old phone number, read on.

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Can I Recover My WhatsApp Account Without My Old Number?

Unfortunately, you can't. WhatsApp will require you to complete the verification process by entering a 6-digit code sent to your phone number to activate your account when signing in. As part of WhatsApp's security measures, your phone number is used instead of a username and a password to ensure that only you have access to your WhatsApp account.

Your WhatsApp account is linked to your old phone number, and you will need it to be active to receive the OTP (One Time Password), which you will need to verify your account. If you don't have your old phone number or your phone is stolen, you will need to find new ways to recover WhatsApp account without old phone number and how to recover old WhatsApp account without verification code if you still want access to your old WhatsApp account. Below, we have mentioned the best options.

Tips: How Can I Restore My Deleted WhatsApp Data?

There are several ways of how to restore your WhatsApp account. The top methods are explained below

1. Recover Deteled WhatsApp Data Without Backup

With a proper tool, you can restore you deleted WhatsApp Data & attachment effortlessly. WooTechy iSeeker for Android is a powerful tool that allows users to recover their lost WhatsApp data, including WhatsApp chats and media from their old WhatsApp accounts.

With iSeeker for WhatsApp, users can recover data from device storage, Google Drive, iTunes, and by Scanning Historical Records saved on iSeeker for Android. iSeeker for Android offers an easy solution of how to recover WhatsApp account without old phone number by allowing you to restore WhatsApp data from your old WhatsApp account to your new number. Some of the Standout features of iSeeker for Android are:

Key Features of iSeeker Android WhatsApp Recovery




  • Restores WhatsApp chats, audios, photos, videos and files in a few clicks.

  • Supports iOS and Android, including the latest iOS 16 and Android 12.

  • Allows users to preview chats & attachments, and selectively recover them.

  • Guarantees high success rate thanks to its advanced technolgy.

  • 100% secure that only you can access the data.

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Here's how to use it:

First, download and install iSeeker on your computer. Then, launch the program and select the mode from which you want to recover your WhatsApp data.

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Click on Start, and then iSeeker Android will start scanning your device for lost WhatsApp messages & attachments. Once the scan is complete, all found WhatsApp will be listed in the interface.

mode1 connect device to pc

Preview the messages and recover the data. You can select which device where you want to recover the lost WhatsApp messages.

mode1 connect device to pc

For more details about the User Guide to WooTechy iSeeker, click here.

That's it! With just a few clicks, you've successfully recovered your lost WhatsApp messages without any backup files.

If you want to recover other permanently deleted data on your phone, don't miss out iSeeker for Android or iSeeker for iOS.

2. Reset WhatsApp Password

If you enabled a Two-Step verification PIN for your WhatsApp account and forgot it, you can reset it by following the following steps:

If you have an email address when setting up two-step verification. You can request a reset link by;

Go to WhatsApp > tap Forgot PIN? > Send Email.

Wait for the reset link to be sent to provided Email

Launch WhatsApp > tap Forgot PIN? > Reset

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If you did not provide an email address for Two-Step Verification, you'd need to wait 7 days to reset the PIN and then launch WhatsApp > tap Forgot Pin? > Reset. Note that the 7-day wait period cannot be expedited, nor your account be disabled after two-step verification is enabled.

FAQs About WhatsApp Account Recovery

How can I retrieve my WhatsApp account if SIM is lost?

Call your mobile provider and lock your old SIM card immediately. You can then request a new sim with the same number you used on WhatsApp to recover your account. You can reactivate your account using the new SIM.

How can I get my old WhatsApp back with a new number?

You can change your WhatsApp phone number to your new one if the account is still signed in on the device. However, your old account is linked to your phone number; if you cannot sign in with the old number to change to your new number, you have no way of using your old account with a new number.

How can I recover my old WhatsApp without a verification code?

If you have backups of your WhatsApp data, you can restore the backup to a new phone by extracting the file and using it to recover your chats. If this option doesn't work, you need to contact WhatsApp support to verify your account.

Can I use my old WhatsApp account on a new SIM card?

No. WhatsApp only allows you to sign in to one WhatsApp account using the same number. You will need to log in to your WhatsApp account using the old number and change your WhatsApp number to your new number

Can I transfer my WhatsApp Account to a new phone?

Yes. You will need to make a backup of your account to Google Drive. You will then sign in to your Google account on the new phone, download WhatsApp and sign in, then restore from backup when signing in on your new phone.

However, if the method above can't work well for you, try the mose effective WhatsApp transfer/restore tool iSeeker for WhatsApp

How do I restore my 4-year-old WhatsApp messages?

With a third-party tool like iSeeker for WhatsApp, you can effectively preview and recover all your WhatsApp messages from as far back as four years and restore them. iSeeker for Android will not overwrite your new data; you can update your app after restoring messages.

Final Thoughts

When you change phone numbers, you have the arduous task of switching your WhatsApp number, but if you lost your old number, the task is much harder. If you were wondering how I can recover my old WhatsApp without verification code' the methods above and FAQs give you the best case options to recover your old WhatsApp account.

However, with a powerful tool like iSeeker for WhatsApp, you can recover old WhatsApp data from your old phone number effortlessly without overwriting your current data. Its simple, efficient and effective. Give it a try and see if you can retrieve your precious chats history and attachments!

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