Review of CheckM8 iCloud Bypass Tool and Its Alternative


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Research for software to bypass the Apple iCloud lock is common among iPhone users. This is because you can be locked out of your phone due to forgetting iCloud password or if you purchase a second-hand iPhone which still has the iCloud account of the previous user.

When you make a search for iCloud unlocking tools online, you would be faced with many results of different kinds of software, but unfortunately, not all of these software work, and some can only just cause you to lose money.

Thus, we have decided to review one of these tools called CheckM8 and try to investigate its claims of unlocking iCloud while providing you with all the details you need to know. What’s more, if you feel this software doesn’t satisfy you, a better choice can also be found at the end of this article. Keep reading.

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Full Review of CheckM8 iCloud Bypass Tool

What Is CheckM8 iCloud Bypass Tool

CheckM8 is third-party software that claims to have the ability to bypass iCloud locks on Apple devices. After installing it on your personal computer, a detailed guide will show you how to bypass the iCloud locks on various iOS devices and versions. However, the jailbreak required in this process is very complicated to finish, complaint by many users.

Is CheckM8 Free to Bypass iCloud

No, it isn't free. When looking for tools to unlock the iCloud, price is usually an important consideration. Unfortunately, the CheckM8 software is not free and you are required to make some payments before using the software. The price varies according to the device that you use, ranging from $19.99 to $69.99, and payment is necessary before you can unlock your device.

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Is CheckM8 Really Work to Bypass iCloud

It is hard to say. The reports about the success rate of the CheckM8 are mixed. While some people have mentioned that it works, others have complained about its ineffectiveness to bypass the activation lock. It should be noted that the software faces a limit when it comes to compatibility with some iOS versions. And this is a possible cause of the discrepancy in its function.

Why or Why Not Choose CheckM8 for iCloud Bypass

Before you decide on whether to use this software or not, have a look at the pros and the cons, as this would give you a guide and influence your decision about using CheckM8.

frame Pros

  • Unlock your iOS devices in an straightforward way.

  • Support a good number of iOS versions and models.

  • Fairly affordable if your device is not the recent one.

frame_2 Cons

  • The software compromises certain functions such as phone calls and mobile data after unlocking. Buttons on the device may also experience a malfunction, reported by some users.

  • It doesn't work excellently on Windows computers.

  • Positive results cannot be  guaranteed on all devices.

  • If your device is the recent version, like the iPhone X, the price will be as high as $69.99.

The Best Alternativa to CheckM8 iCloud Bypass Tool - WooTechy iSalvor

If you are not satisfied with the use of CheckM8. It is understandable because the features prove that it is not a reliable option to bypass the activation lock on your iOS devices. Here an excellent alternative would be to utilize the WooTechy iSalvor. This is designed to accurately bypass the activation lock. Some of its amazing features include the following:

  • Swift and efficient removal of the activation lock.

  • Easily navigable interface that is friendly to beginners.

  • Promise a high success rate, or you can apply for the refund in 30 days.

  • Unlock various iOS/iPadOS versions and device models with the same price.

  • Work well on both macOS and Windows system.

  • No risk of malware infiltration or virus.

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Follow these steps to bypass the activation lock on your iOS device without complications.

Download and install the WooTechy iSalvor on your personal computer. Launch it and choose Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen.


Using an original lightning cable to connect your device with your Mac or PC. If your device isn't recognized, select Your iDevice can’t be recognized to correct this. 


A jailbreak is necessary for you to bypass the iCloud activation lock on the device. Follow the steps provided to bypass for either a Mac or Windows computer.


After completing the jailbreak successfully, the next window will display your device information. Ensure that the details given are accurate. Then, select Start Bypass.


iSalvor will start the bypassing process instantly and this only takes a few moments, a successful message will be displayed when the process has been completed. Then you can set up your iPhone as a new one.


Yes, there are several software that claims to help with unlocking the activation lock on your iOS devices, but to get the value for any money spent, ensure that you are under a lookout for authentic and reliable software like WooTechy iSalvor. Get optimum protection from entry of virus and malware infiltration, while ensuring that the activation lock is permanently removed from your device. Just download and give it a try!

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