The activation lock has alwasy been a hugh trouble for second-hand iPhone buyers. If you buy an iPhone with activation lock on and you cannot contact the original owner, then you have no option but bypassing it yourself. Bypassing Activation lock with jailbreak is usually the first idea that comes to users in this situation. But does jailbreak really halp you bypass activaction lock?

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best techniques to bypass ‘Find my iPhone’ activation lock with a Jailbreak! We will explain What jailbreak is, what it does, or what other techniques you can make use of to bypass activation lock. Now without further ado, let's get started!

jailbreak bypass activation lock

Part 1: Does Jailbreak Remove Activation Lock?

Before we head into the discussion on whether jailbreak can effectively bypass the activation lock or not, let's take a step back. First, let's take a look at what jailbreaking is in itself and then see if it can help remove the activation lock.

What Exactly Does Jailbreak Do?

The iPhone is great in itself; sweet UI, elegant animations, and easy to use applications. Though as you start to get the hang of it, you'll realize it's quite limiting. There are hundreds of limitations imposed upon iPhone users by Apple and the App Store.

Default set of applications, inability to install third-party applications, and failure to customize your experience – are just a few to name here. Jailbreaking, as the name suggests, is bypassing these limitations to get the most out of the iPhone. Simply put, jailbreaking allows you to get root access to iOS, the operating system of the iPhone, and other leading devices from Apple.

Jailbreaking has several purposes. Here’s a short list of why you’d want to go down this path:

Device Customization – get the ability to download applications without AppStore, bypass restrictions on files and customize the looks of your phone.

iPhone Unlocking – one easy way to shift to a different carrier if you’re tied with one ever since you bought the iPhone.

Expanding your feature set – replace default apps with ones of your choice, install new packages, and modify them according to your will.


Watch the video to learn more about jailbreaking?

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So… does jailbreak remove activation lock?

Most jailbreaking methods can't remove the activation lock directly. Consider them to be two different things – jailbreaking the iPhone and bypassing the activation lock. Though there are a few ways you can make use of to bypass the activation lock, along with the restrictions discussed above.

For an example, the 'checkra1n' jailbreak has been the most popular method to date to bypass such restrictions. Whether you own an iPhone 5s or one of the latest models like the iPhone X, the jailbreak can help bypass iCloud. How? Let's take a look at it next.

Part 2: Bypass Activation Lock by Jailbreaking

Let's quickly jump into how we can bypass the activation lock by jailbreaking the iPhone and see if it would be fruitful to do so.

How to do it?

We’ll be making use of the checkra1n jailbreak for the next few steps. In order to run it, you’ll need access to a macOS or a Linux machine, since checkra1n only has support for these two at the moment. If you can't get your hands on these operating systems, you can jump to the next solution where we use an all-in-one activation lock bypassing tool and make things simpler.

checkra1n ailbreak tool

Here’s a step-by-step guide to bypass ‘Find My iPhone’ activation lock jailbreak by patching the “” on a standard Apple device:

  1. Step 1:Get the latest release of the checkra1n jailbreak from the website. After that, open the terminal on your machine, and install ‘homebrew’ using the command:
    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

  2. Step 2: Use brew to install usbmuxd using the command:
    brew install usbmuxd

  3. Step 3: Boot your device into DFU mode in order to bypass the iBoot bootloader by Apple, then run checkra1n and jailbreak the device by following instructions on the screen.

  4. Step 4: Use the ‘iproxy’ service from usbmuxd, and establish a tunnel between your host (mac/Linux) and the jailbroken device. Here’s the command:
    iproxy 2222 44

  5. Step 5: Open another terminal window and SSH into the opened port by typing:
    ssh root@localhost -p 2222
    {the default password is usually ‘alpine’}

  6. Step 6:Mount the file system so we can modify the ‘’ file, rename the file, and then remove it completely using:
    mount -o rw,union, update /
    mv /Applications/ /Applications/Setup.bak
    rm -rf /Applications/

  7. Step 7:Clear the cache and kill the ‘Springboard’ process which is used to display the home screen in order to reset it.
    uicache –all
    killall backboardd

That’s it – the bypass ‘Find my iPhone’ activation lock jailbreak is complete. But there's a small cost which comes with this process. Let's discuss it next.

Disadvantages of Bypassing Activation Lock by Jailbreaking

As you can see, the biggest disadvantage of this method is it being too complicated. In fact, there are more than one problem you might face with this jailbreaking strategy:

The deletion of the will cause the baseband activation status to be shifted to “Inactivated” – this ultimately renders the device unusable for SIM signals, iMessage, Facetime, new iCloud accounts, and iTunes. Baseband.

It’s overly complicated.

It’s not always effective – the chances of bricking your device are quite high.

Part 3: Simplify the Process: Bypassing Activation Lock with iSalvor (iOS 15 Included)

If the jailbreaking strategy looks too intimidating, then the next solution to bypass activation lock might suit you better. WooTechy iSalvor is a tool that can swiftly remove the activation lock without entering any ID or password, and most importantly, it guides you all the way through the jailbreaking process and handles all technical work directly and efficiently. Here’s a list of advantages in using the iSalvor over the checkra1n jailbreak strategy:

wootechy isalvor

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Features of WooTechy iSalvor

  • Supports all iPhone devices from 5S to the latest iPhone X and almost all iOS versions, including the latest iOS 15.

  • Bypass activation lock jailbreak without Apple ID.

  • Includes one-click jailbreaking function and enable you to freely customize your iPhone.

  • Disconnect the device to previous Apple ID completely.

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In order to get started with the bypass ‘Find my iPhone’ activation lock with jailbreak, you can start off by downloading iSalvor – test the free edition out if you’d like. Now here’s how you can get started with the WooTechy iSalvor:

Step 1:Open the downloaded iSalvor application and Press the ‘Start’ button on the main menu.

wootechy salvor start

Step 2:Connect the iOS device that you’d like to bypass the lock on via a USB cable. iSalvor has the jailbreaking module built in so you don't have to find out how to jailbreak your device in advance. The jailbreaking process might be a bit different according to the operating system you are using.

isalvor jailbreak

Step 3:Once the jailbreaking package is downloaded, click ‘Start Jailbreak’, and then enter the DFU mode by following on-screen instructions. Once done, click ‘Start Bypass’ to proceed.

isalvor start bypass

Step 4:Finally, wait for the bypassing to finish. Bypassing should be completed in a few seconds, and you can see an prograss bar along the way.

wootechy isalvor bypassing activation lock

Part 4: Bypass Activation Lock? Our Conclusion

Normally, jailbreak doesn't bypass activation lock completely. However if you want to bypass activation lock with jailbreak, you can try doing it on Mac or Linux with the Checkra1n jailbreak tool. But if the overly complicated operation is too intimidating to you, WooTechy iSalvor might be a better option for you to do the activation lock bypassing task. It works on both Windows and Mac, and has an intuitive user interface to guide you all the way till the activation lock gets removed.

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