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Looking for ways on how to bypass iPhone Face ID or how to bypass iPhone screen lock? Wondering if it’s possible to unlock iPhone without passcode or Face ID? Your search ends here! We tested some of the popular ways on unlocking iPhone passcode and have summarized the top 3 easiest and fastest ways to bypass iPhone passcode, now we're sharing them with you! Read on!

3 Best Methods to Bypass iPhone Passcode:

Method 1: Bypass iPhone Passcode by WooTechy iSalvor

There are many tools on the market claiming to be able to remove iPhone screen passcode or even Apple ID passcode, but most of them simply don't work or even disappear once you've paid for them. If you are looking for the easiest and most effective way to bypass iPhone passcode and are not averse to using third party tools, then WooTechy iSalvor is your best option.

As a professional iPhone passcode bypass software, WooTechy iSalvor can quickly remove all kinds of passcode locks on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, including screen lock, iCloud activation lock and SIM lock. You can easily unlock your iOS device even if you don't have an Apple ID and password. With a super high success rate and super easy operation, WooTechy iSalvor is now leading the way in iPhone unlocking software.

WooTechy iSalvor – The Best iPhone Passcode Bypass Tool

wootechy isalvor



  • Bypass iOS Lock : Quickly remove iCloud activation lock, screen lock, SIM lock from iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without Apple ID or password

  • Easy To Use : Just a few simple steps, no expertise required, friendly for non-technical users

  • High Success Rate : With advanced iOS device unlocking technology, the success rate is almost the highest in its category

  • Good Compatibility : Works with almost all iOS versions. Supports most iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices

  • After-Sales Guarantee : 30-day refund policy with instant refund if unsuccessful

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How to Bypass iPhone Passcode with WooTechy iSalvor?

Step 1: Download, install and launch WooTechy iSalvor. Choose Remove Screen Lock and Bypass Activation option.

isalvor home

Step 2: Connect your locked iPhone to the computer with USB cable, follow the on-screen guidelines to put it into recovery mode. Select the FMI Status and click on Next to proceed.

device information

Step 3: Click on Start Jailbreak and then follow the on-screen instructions to jailbreak your device. Once your iPhone is jailbroken, the bypassing process will start.

download jailbreak package

Step 4: When the bypassing process finishes, the screen lock will be removed. Click Done and now you will be able to access your iPhone!

unlocked successfully

[Video Tutorial] How to Remove Screen Lock & Activation Lock Without Passcode?

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Method 2: Unlock iPhone without Passcode via DNS Bypass

DNS stands for Domain Name System. This method is used to bypass the iCloud activation lock on iPhone by bypassing the DNS server. iCloud DNS Bypass can help you unlock your iPhone when you need to unlock a used iPhone/iPad but cannot contact the previous owner, or if you have forgotten your iCloud account and password.

How to Bypass DNS to Unlock iPhone without Passcode?

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Language and Region, select your language and country.

Step 2: Go to the Wi-Fi settings page and disconnect your Wi-Fi network by tapping the "i" symbol next to the Wi-Fi network.

iCloud DNS bypass

Step 3: Click on "Configure DNS" and manually enter the DNS server IP address. Select from the following list based on your location:
United States:
South America:
Australia and Oceania:
Other regions:

Step 4: After changing the DNS settings, reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

Step 5: Click "Back" and select "Activate Help" to go to the iCloud bypass screen.

iCloud DNS Bypass

Step 6: After connecting to the DNS server, you will receive an alert. Now you can access certain apps and features on your iPhone.


After using DNS to bypass the iCloud activation lock, you will only be able to use some of the features of your Apple device. If you need to restore normal use of iPhone/iPad features, click here to learn more.

Method 3: Bypass Passcode on iPhone with Recovery Mode

When you forget or lose your iPhone passcode and don't want to use any third-party tools, another common way to unlock iPhone is to use iTunes/Finder to put iPhone in recovery mode to bypass iPhone passcode.

How to Bypass on iPhone with Recovery Mode?

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC using a USB cable.

recovery mode

Step 2: Launch iTunes on your Windows computer or Finder on your Mac.

Step 3: Click on the “Restore” option and you will see a warning that your iPhone data will be deleted, which is the cost of accessing your iPhone again without a passcode or Face ID.

restore iphone

Step 4: Follow the instructions to restore your iPhone to its factory settings.


This process will delete all the contents and data on your device. Therefore, it is recommended that you back up your iPhone before using this method to avoid data loss. Click here to learn the easiest way to backup iPhone/iPad.


Well, those are the 3 best ways on how to bypass iPhone passcode, and now you should have successfully unlocked your iPhone! I have to say that WooTechy iSalvor is the easiest and fastest way to bypass iPhone passcode! As the most popular iPhone unlocker, whether it's iCloud activation lock, screen lock, or SIM lock, WooTechy iSalvor can unlock them all quickly without Face ID or passcode. It won't let you down, just try it now!

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