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Turn Off Find My iPhone From Computer: With and Without Password


Apr 18, 2021 (Updated: Sep 10, 2021) • Filed to: Bypass Activation Lock

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Find My iPhone is a handy feature that lets you locate, lock, or even erase your device remotely. However, activating the Find My iPhone feature will also automatically enable Activation Lock at the same time. This activation lock will request a passcode every time someone tries to disable it or unlock it.

Turning off Find My iPhone on an iPhone is easy. In some scenarios, however, you may not be able to disable Find My iPhone. For instance, when you don’t have access to your device or you forgot the passcode for your Apple ID. In such scenarios, you can turn off Find My iPhone with laptop or computer. Read on to learn how to get the job done.

Part 1: (No Password) Turn Off Find My iPhone with iSalvor

If you forgot the passcode for your Apple ID, or if you inherited a device from someone else with an Apple ID signed in and you don't know the password of it, you can remove the Apple ID, turn off Find My iPhone with the assistance of iSalvor.

Wootechy iSalvor is a software specially designed to bypass the Find My iPhone activation lock and remove Find My iPhone without any hassle. It is the ideal way if you ever want to unlock Find My iPhone lock without your Apple ID or iCloud passcode. After removing the iCloud account and Find My iPhone, you can use the device as  a brand-new one (Some specific models are excluded).

What’s more? Its user-friendly interface makes it further easier for people with no technical knowledge to get rid of Find My iPhone from their device. What makes iSalvor the best solution to bypass the activation lock is that it works in any scenario, not just when you don’t remember your passcode. With the help of the software, you can unlock the Find My iPhone lock in case of a second-hand device, restore without signing out Apple ID, etc. What's more. it is compatible with the newest iOS 15!

Here’s a Step By Step Guide to Remove Find My iPhone with iSalvor

Step 1: After downloading the iSalvor on your Mac or PC, run it. From the software’s main interface,Launch WooTechy iSalvor. On  the homepage of the software, select “Trun Off FMI”..


Step 2: Then connect your device to the computer and jailbreak with the instruction provided in the program.  Jailbreak for iPhone 6 to iPhone X can be done by following the in-app guide. Jailbreak for iPhone XR to iPhone 11 Pro Max can be done according to this  jailbreak tutorial.

jailbreak device

Step 3: Then iSalvor will start turning off the Find My iPhone function. Simply wait for a while.


Step 4: After turning off Find My iPhone, you need to verify your FMI status according to the on-screen instruction, and select “ON” or “OFF” in the “Find My [Device] is” dropdown list. After that, click “Confirm”.


Step 5: Finally, iSalvor will remove the Apple ID from the device completely. Wait for the process to finish and then you can use the device as a brand new one.


iSalvor can also remove the Find My iPhone from device even it's locked by a screen lock or in disabled/lost mode. But after unlock, some certain functions will be limited. For detailed information, check out the guide page or download a free trial version with the buttons below.

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Part 2: (With Password) Turn Off Find My iPhone on iCloud

If you do remember the passcode for your Apple ID using on the iPhone, then you can disable the Find My iPhone feature remotely from on your computer.

Below is a step-by-step guide to turn off Find My iPhone on desktop from

Step 1: On your computer, visit and enter your Apple ID and passcode for the sign in. Make sure to use the same Apple ID and passcode linked to your iPhone.


Step 2: After the successful sign in, you’ll see a lot of Apple services and you need to choose “Find iPhone” to continue.


Step 3: Tap “All Devices” located at the top of the screen and choose your iPhone from the drop-down list.


Step 4: Now, you have two options.

Option 1: If your iPhone is powered off or offline, you can tap the “Delete” button located next to your iPhone name and then tap “Remove”. This will turn off Find My iPhone on your offline iPhone. But, if your device is online and connected to the internet connection, the Find My iPhone feature will be reactivated and your iPhone will reappear in the Find My iPhone devices list. In order to completely disable Find My iPhone, turn to Option 2.


Option 2: Tap “Erase iPhone” and then follow onscreen instructions to wipe out all data and settings on the iPhone remotely. Once your iPhone is completely erased, tap “Remove from Account” to completely remove your iPhone from the Find My iPhone account. Now, you can set up the Find My iPhone feature on your iPhone with a different Apple ID.


That’s how you can turn off Find My iPhone feature on from your computer.

Part 3: Common Misconceptions about Find My iPhone

There are a lot of persistent misconceptions about the Find My iPhone feature you should be aware of, especially when you are trying to turn off Find My iPhone with a laptop. So, are you ready to explore very common misconceptions about the popular Apple’s security feature called Find My iPhone? Have a look at below:

1 "Jailbreaking can be used to turn off Find My iPhone"

Many users think that jailbreaking can be used to disable the Find My iPhone feature on iPhone/iPad. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. In case if an iOS device is locked by activation lock, then simply jailbreaking the device is not going to remove the lock.

2 "Bypass activation lock is not legal"

If you think that bypassing the activation lock is not legal, then you are not alone. Many users think that it is illegal to bypass the activation lock. And the truth is that it is completely legal to bypass the activation lock as long as the iPhone is your own. So, you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of bypassing the activation lock.

No person has even been arrested for activation lock bypass on an iPhone/iPad by far. But you should know that you could get sued if you are trying to bypass the activation lock on a device that’s not yours. It isn’t because of the bypassing activation lock but due to information or property theft. So, if you legitimately owned the device, feel free to bypass the activation lock on it.

3 "Any Apple device can be bypassed with iSalvor software"

If you ever come across a statement that claims that iSalvor software can bypass any Apple device, then it’s completely untrue. iSalvor supports most of the iOS devices but not all. Have a look at all devices supported by iSalvor:

  • iPhone: iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/SE/6s Plus/6s/6 Plus/6/5s.

  • iPad: 5TH Gen/6th Gen/7th Gen /iPad mini 2 (2013)/iPad mini 3(2014)/iPad mini 4(2015)/iPad Air, iPad Air (2013), iPad Air 2(2014)/ 12.9-inch 1st Gen iPad Pro (2015)/ 12.9-inch 2nd Gen iPad Pro (2017)/ 9.7-inch iPad Pro (2016)/ 10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)

  • iPad Touch 6/iPod Touch 7

  • Supported iOS versions are iOS 12.3 and above with iOS 12.4.5/12.4.6 excluded.

Go to the product page of iSalvor for more detailed information.


That’s all on how to turn off Find My iPhone from computer. No doubt, Find My iPhone lock comes in very hand to protect your iPhone. It is suggested to remember your credentials when having the Find My iPhone feature enabled. However, iSalvor is always here to help you bypass your Find My iPhone lock in case you forgot the credentials. This tool supports iOS 15 right now. Just download and give it a try!

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