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Smartphones help us carry out crucial tasks like data storage. But there is something that you've to worry about with these gadgets: data loss. However, having proper solutions will help you recover data from broken Android.

Data loss might due to many factors, including virus attack, accidental deletion, physical damage, and formatting errors. Amongst all these factors, physical damage is the most disastrous. That's because it makes your phone unresponsive. It's the same case with a broken and cracked screen. This article will walk you through the effective methods to recover data from a dead/broken Android whether you have got a backup.

how to recover data from a broken dead phone

Can You Retrieve Data From A Dead/Broken Android?

The short answer is yes. But it will depend on several factors. If the broken phone doesn't have a functioning display, a second device for data recovery will help. Also, it's possible to retrieve data from the SD card by moving it to a new computer or phone.

However, the above process works for those with SD cards or backups on their android phones. When you don't have either of these, the solution is to use third-party software. This is the option that will work without USB debugging. Below are the most common scenarios that call for data recovery via a third-party tool:

When you perform a factory reset by mistake

When you want to recover data that was accidentally deleted

When Android's drive is corrupted

How to Recover Data from a Broken/ Dead Phone

You've already confirmed that recovering data from a broken phone is possible. Next, we will walk you through all the solutions including a professional data recovery service, Google Drive, and USB debugging.

1. Recover Data from a Dead/Broken Android Using Software

If you're experiencing data loss and don't have any backup, worry no more. D- Back Android understands your pain and is ready to help you retrieve your data. But, what type of data is the D- Back Android going to retrieve? The files you'll retrieve includes:

android data recovery file types

Why is iSeeker Android the perfect deal for Android broken screen data recovery? First, it's compatible with a wide range of Android versions. Again, you can preview the files to choose your selective data file. iSeeker Android has 4 modes to help you retrieve your information. These include:

Broken Android Data Extraction

Android Data Recovery

Recover Data from Google Backup

WhatsApp Data Recovery

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You can now breathe relief for Samsung data recovery from a dead phone. iSeeker android will avail all the data you've lost. What's more, you can even preview them and recover selected files.

2. Recover Data from Dead/Broken Android From Google Drive

This method works for Android phones when you've enabled backup on your phone. There are two options to retrieve data from Google Drive as described below.

Option 1: Recover Data from Google Drive

It works when the phone's data is backed to a Google Drive. the following steps can help do this:

Step 1: Open your device's Settings. Choose the About Phone>Backup and Reset.

Step 2: Then make sure the Back up my data option has been enabled before.

back up my data google drive

Step 3: Return to the Backup and Reset page to confirm your Google Account is linked to your phone's Backup Account.

Step 4: Sign in to your new device using the exact google account you were using broken Samsung phone

Step 5: Browse to Backup and Restore, then tap Automatic Restore choice for broken Android data extraction

automatic restore google drive

Cons of Data Recovery via Google Drive

  • You must have a first internet connection.

  • Can't support upload of files larger than 5 TB.

Option 2: Search Google Drive Backup Using iSeeker Android

The process entails the steps below:

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Account. Then, iSeeker will display all the information you can recover.

Step 2: Click Select All or choose the data you want to recover.

Step 3: iSeeker for Android now starts to scan the information on your account. It takes a while, and thus, make sure you're internet connection isn't disconnected.


It's compatible with a wide range of the Android versions

You can preview files and choose the data you want to download

3. Recover Data from Dead/Broken Android via USB Debugging

If you have enabled USB debugging before, Vysor app will help you deal with a dead/broken Android on computer. It requires that the system software on your phone work well and then you are on your way to recovering most of your files.

Step 1: Start by downloading the Vysor App.

vysor app

Step 2: Link your Android phone to the computer. Make sure the Android USB debugging is enabled and PC recognizes your device. When this isn't the case, download ADB drivers and enable USB debugging on your device.

vysor app

Step 3: Control your device. The Vysor app will open a new window that will display your phone. This step implies that you will be able to manage your phone directly using your mouse keyboard. You can carry out any activity, even when the screen is damaged.

vysor app

Wrapping Up

Several techniques help in data recovery, as already elaborated throughout the article. Amongst the most effective methods is iSeeker Android, which will help recover data that has been deleted accidentally. The iSeeker Android will help you recover your data even with a damaged screen.

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Coming Soon

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