2024 April Fools' Day: Top 14 Apps to Prank Your Friends


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Gone are the days of classic silly putty in your hair or whoopie cushions on chairs. Now, we've got whole new prank ideas for friends on April Fools’ Day, thanks to the technology. But with so many people in on the act, how do you make your prank truly impressive? Here, we’ll introduce 14 apps to prank friends. From fake GPS to voice changer, there’s a prank app out there for everyone, guaranteed to make this April Fools' Day unforgettable!

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Part 1: Top 14 Apps to Prank Friends

1. Fake GPS

Faking your GPS location is a hilarious and easy way to prank your friends on April Fools' Day. And Wootechy iMoveGo allows you to do this in a few clicks. This tool let you set your phone's location to anywhere in the world. The fake location will also show up realistically on your phone and can be shared with friends as well. Some prank ideas are as follows:

Send a postcard or message to your friends from a tropical location you're definitely not in. Your friends can even receive your location in Antarctica, even if you're in New York.

Tell your friend you're on your way to meet them, then suddenly "teleport" to a faraway location using the iMoveGo fake GPS app. Next thing you know, you can pop up in front of them again.

You could post pictures on social media with a fake location tag, making it look like you're on a luxurious vacation somewhere exotic. Or, throughout the day, send messages or update your social media with fake locations that jump from place to place.

For those who have access to a family Life 360 circle, you can simulate GPS movement and make your GPS appear to be another place to surprise them.

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2. Time Bomb Broken Screen

Time Bomb Broken Screen Prank apps simulate a broken screen on a phone or tablet to scare your friends. Hand your phone to a friend and tell them you want them to see something. After a few seconds, the app will simulate a crack and shatter sound. It'll work better to set the timer for a short time and walk away a little, watching your friend from afar as they pick it up.

Time Bomb Broken Screen

3. Voice Changer

The third app to prank your friends is SoundBot Voice Changer. It offers 250+ voices and 600+ sound effects, allowing you to change your voice to any type, like celebrities, gender Voice reversals, cartoons, or even non-natural sounds. The best part is that it works with various platforms and scenarios, like online chat, games, or live streaming, making it easy to prank your friends online. Here are some ideas:

Surprise your friends online by suddenly changing your voice in real time while chatting on Skype, Discord, PUBG and so on.

Pretend to be a reporter interviewing a celebrity using a voice changer to impersonate their voice. Throw in some ridiculous questions and fart noises for extra laughs.

Using a spooky voice filter in SoundBot, then surprise them with a loud fart sound when they seem worried.

Wootechy SoundBot

SoundBot: Best PC App to Prank Friends

Easy to change your voice to sound like a funny character or someone your friend would recognize, like Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Alien and Venom. Play pranks through sound effects during online chats and games.

Best PC App to Prank Friends

4. Face Swap Live

AI face swapping has been a hot topic lately. Imagine your friend's surprise if they see a video of you with your face swapped onto another one like celebrities, your family, or your pets. You can also swap faces with a friend and then film yourselves doing something silly or unexpected. Face Swap Live is the one to play the pranks using AI.

5. Ghost Photo Prank

Ghost Photo Prank can be directly downloaded from Google Play. This app lets you add spooky ghost images to your photos. You can take a selfie with a friend or select a photo, and then quickly add a ghostly figure behind them using the app. Now, see if you can spook your friends! Not to mention that adjust the transparency and position of the ghost to make it look realistic.

6. Fake Chat Maker

WhatsMock is a third-party app to prank your friends that lets you create fake chat conversations on WhatsApp. You can customize every aspect of the conversation, including the sender's name, message content, and even profile pictures. Once you've finished editing, save the conversation and share it with your friends via social media or messaging apps.

For example, create a fake conversation between yourself and a famous celebrity or politician, discussing a ludicrous piece of news. Share the screenshot with friends, pretending it's a leaked conversation revealing shocking information.

Fake Chat Maker

7. TV Remote Apps

Download a TV remote control app on your smartphone first, like AnyMote. When someone is watching TV, secretly use the TV remote app to change channels, adjust the volume, or even turn the TV off intermittently. Watch their confusion as they try to figure out what's happening with the remote.

8. Lie Detector

Set up a mock lie detector test with a partner or friend, and prepare a list of humorous or absurd questions to ask during the "test" to make the situation more entertaining. When they react, you can pretend to analyze the results and determine whether the person is telling the truth or lying. What's true is that you can control the results of the lie detector.

9. Fake Posts Creator

Funsta app can be used to create realistic-looking fake social media posts, allowing you to customize various elements like usernames, profile pictures, likes, comments, and timestamps. It’ll be better to prank your friends with iMoveGo mentioned above: create a fake post where you pretend to have a celebrity encounter or interaction first. Pick a location far away from where you actually are, and pretend to be on vacation in that location by posting pictures, videos or updates with location tags.

Fake Posts Creator

10. Chat Prank Story

Chat Master is an app to prank your friends with fake stories. You choose a messaging platform like WhatsApp, Messenger, or Telegram to create a fictional character or persona, known as the "Chat Master." Use this persona to initiate prank conversations with friends or family members.

11. Fake Call Prank

With the Fake Call Prank app, you can schedule fake incoming calls with customized caller IDs, names, and even prerecorded voices. Write a funny script and record yourself playing a character. When your friend picks up, play the recording through your phone.

12. Fake Text Message

Fake All is an app to prank text your friends, which is a perfect tool for pulling off hilarious pranks on April Fools' Day. This app allows you to simulate fake text conversations, fooling friends into believing they're receiving messages from someone else. With a wide range of customization options, including sender names, message content, and even timestamps, it offers endless possibilities for creative pranks.

Fake Text Message

13. Prank with Apple Watch

Pranking your friends with an Apple Watch is one of the hottest pranks of the year. Perhaps you've seen many examples of spoofs on TikTok already. You can use a fake call app to simulate an emergency call on your friend's Apple Watch, catching them off guard. Or, manipulate the activity rings on their Apple Watch to show absurdly high or low activity levels, leading to confusion or amusement.

14. Prank on iMessage

With iMessage apps like Phoneys, you can send stickers that mimic messages, allowing you to prank your friends by making it seem like they're saying something they didn't.

Prank on iMessage

Part 2: FAQs about Apps to Prank Friends

1. Are there any prank apps that are safe for kids?

This is a good question. As we all know, some apps have sounds or jokes that aren't appropriate for younger kids. However, using SoundBot voice changer is a great choice in that you can choose some cartoon characters' voice, or kids' favourite film or TV characters, like Ice King, Micky Mouse, or SpongeBob. It will be safe to prank kids.

2. How can I prank my friends without using an app?

There are so many ways to prank your friends without using an app. The app is just one of the new ways in recent years. For example, replace the toilet paper roll with a roll that has a fake spider or a scary message written on it. When they go to use it, they'll be in for a surprise. Anything is possible if you dare to think about it.

3. What to keeping mind when using the app to prank friends?

Pranks are supposed to be funny, not hurtful. Know your friend's boundaries and avoid pranks that cross them. Respect their personal space, beliefs, and sensitivities to ensure that the prank remains lighthearted and enjoyable.


Are you still looking to add more fun to April Fools' Day? Look no further than these 14 apps designed to prank your friends and family with clever tricks. These apps offer a variety of ways to fool your friends, you can see which one is more suitable for your friend. For example, utilize the iMoveGo app to prank your friends by faking your location check-ins, fooling them into believing you're somewhere you're not. Have a try and enjoy the day!

    iMoveGo: Best App to Pranks Friends by Faking Location




    • Instantly fake location to anywhere in the world.

    • Works on all location-based apps, like social media apps or monitored apps.

    • Support simulating the real GPS movements to prank your friends, like walking, driving, and jumping.

    • Easy to use.

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