The Best Way to Fake A Run on Nike Run App


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Which is the best way to fake a run on Nike Run App up without getting caught? Cheating a system tracker is one thing, and getting away with it is another. The Nike club has motivated fitness enthusiasts across the globe to engage in personal running routines and workout plans remotely.

It enables the runner to run while tracking their pace and the distance covered. The fitness community has gained traction, making fitness running easier for most individuals. It’s a game-changer for runners who depend on coaches and instructors to stay fit. Today we will show how to cheat Nike Run Club, and provide the review to the best running Apps.

Why Are People Looking for Cheating Nike Run App?

The Nike Run Club is a community of enthusiastic runners utilizing the Nike Run mobile application to record and keep track of a user’s day-to-day running progress. Their slogan clearly states the app is ‘Your Guide to a Better Run.’ With the Nike Run App, you can set running goals, challenge your friends, and maintain your routine, thus motivating you to stay on track towards abiding by your routine.

While the app avails a wide range of features meant to track your routine’s stats, some users find it difficult to keep up with set goals based on the distance covered and consistency levels. FYI, you can cheat the system and still top the charts, keep your streak intact, and even challenge friends virtually while faking running.

Many individuals fail to accomplish their running goals and friendly challenges as time passes, and that’s where cheating on the run app comes in. Nowadays, runners use advanced software to fake their mileage, pace, terrain, and even racing stats when participating in community challenges with the rest.

If you fail to achieve certain running goals, races, or challenges, you can use a GPS simulator to trick the Nike Running tracker systems into believing you were on the run. Therefore, you can cheat to fake the mileage covered, keep your running streaks, and even simulate race victories against other runners.

fake a run on Nike Run App

The Best Way to Cheat Nike Run App without Risks

There are several hacks Nike runners can use to simulate virtual movement on the app. But, are they worth risking for? If you’re looking for the safest way to cheat the Nike Run app without system security risks, Wootechy iMoveGo will do the trick without getting you in trouble. You can use this GPS simulator to fake your running movement and maintain a realistic pace that won’t raise any suspicion. Simulating your GS location has been acknowledged to be the most popular, effective trick most Nike runners tend to go for.

iMoveGo can be used alongside the Nike Run app to simulate your running activity virtually to fake the runner’s mileage without running. This software enables you to spoof locations, replicate natural movement, pace, miles covered, and your routine’s stats from day to day.

iMoveGo supports Android and iPhone devices and works perfectly across all location-based apps such as some dating Apps, AR Games or Find My. It has outstanding adaptability features that assure data privacy and protection from system trackers, which could flag you for cheating on the Nike Running Club. That’s what happens if you can’t cheat safely!

Advantages of iMoveGo




  • Easy to fake GPS on fake running app and rank on the top.

  • Supports all location-based apps. Requires NO JAILBREAKING and ROOTEING.

  • Customized Speed and Route during GPS Simulation.

  • 360° Joystick Mode for flexible movement.

  • Adaptable to Android/iPhone/iPod/iPad devices.

  • Available for both Windows and MacOS.

  • 100% Data Privacy & Protection.

  • Supports Multiple devices simultaneously (Up to 10).

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How to Spoof Location on Nike Run App using iMoveGo?

Step 1: Download and install Wootechy’s iMoveGo on your computer device, then GET STARTED.

Get started with Wootechy iMoveGo

Step 2: Using a USB cable, connect your mobile to your PC, add your computer to ‘trusted devices,’ and enter your passcode to confirm this connection.

Reminder: As soon as your phone has been connected, make sure your Nike Run App is installed and running.

unlock device and trust the device on imovego

Step 3: After installing iMoveGo, launch the app and choose the mode you’d prefer to use to simulate your GPS. That is either Two-spot or Multi-spot mode.

fake gps location by teleport mode

Step 4: Select a spot on your map to change your device’s GPS on iPhone or and Android, or fake running step and distance before launching an activity on the Nike Running app. Then click "Move."

multi spot mode imovego

Step 5: Now that both apps are running, your phone’s location will be synced with iMoveGo’s virtual GPS. You can begin moving around using the joystick to customize the running pace and direction on the spoofer. Every movement detected on iMoveGo during the session will be tracked and recorded on your stats by the Nike Running app.

Another Way to Faking Run in Nike Run App

On the other hand, there is another GPS fake running app available on Play Store. Rated 3+, the app has more than 50K downloads. This GPS simulator is also an effective option to fake running on the Nike Running app. Nike runners can use this to fake real-time movement. All you need to do is install the application, launch it, then switch the Location mode feature to ‘GPS ONLY’ before launching your Nike app to continue your routine. Upon configuring the location settings, you can utilize its Auto-running feature or move around using the joystick to fake your Nike Run app’s movement direction and speed.

However, even though this app has proven useful to many users, it has also been reviewed negatively for its limited efficiency compared to its competitors like iMoveGo. For instance, this app isn’t available for some Android versions, thus making its adaptability limited. It has also showcased poor ratings and reviews on the play store, a huge red flag for new users. The low ratings and its trifling number of downloads reflect its level of functionality. Moreover, the GPS Fake running app is seemingly in its early start-up stages and is still undergoing technical development. Some users have reported bugs and crashes when selecting a starting point on their Android devices.

GPS fake running app on Play Store

Bonus: The Best Running Apps Except for Nike+ Run Club

1Adidas Train and Run

Athletes use this running app to record their workout progress and review their statistics during their daily routines. On Adidas Train and Run, you can set running goals and participate in friendly challenges, motivating you to push your fitness limits in the long run. On this app, you can also share your progress and achievements with the runners’ community. It enables you to compare your activity with the rest of the community. Here, you can choose a muscle group and devise a workout routine that complements your daily schedule.


  • Easy-to-start, basic tracking

  • Realtime voice-activated stats tracking

  • Workout challenges to motivate you

  • Running & Workout training plans


  • Lacks community engagement & activity

  • Dual-app download to experience all features

Adidas Train and Run


This running app has been rated top list for its user-friendly UI and various features that enhance its levels of functionality. These features include its exclusive time, pace, distance, and elevation gain trackers. Runkeeper comes with pre-customed workout plans for individuals who value versatility and wish to venture into different workout exercises. It also has systematic tracking features that measure your real-time progress weekly, monthly, and annually.

It's the perfect running app for engaging in plans and setting long-term workout goals. You can access the app in either the FREE or PREMIUM subscription plans. To ultimately experience the Runkeeper’s features and functionality, we recommend you try the premium plan, which is versatile compared to the free one.


  • Clear and compelling ‘On The Run’ screen display

  • Highly custom-made

  • Effective for runners on all levels

  • Adaptable and highly integrable with various fitness apps


  • Needs premium (Paid) version for advanced training plans & metrics

  • Live/Real-time tracking requires a Premium version

runkeeper running app


Before we call it a day, let’s look at the last running app on our list. Strava is available for both Android and iOS users. Just like Runkeeper, this app can be accessed in two plans; the FREE and PREMIUM plans. Apart from running, one can use Strava to track a wide range of workouts, such as cycling and even swimming. This app is quite easy to use and navigate! Strava has been crowned the best option for interactive runners seeking to engage socially with the rest of the community. Furthermore, the application is adaptable to other dieting and nutritional apps. For more details, check out the app’s details and reviews before downloading it on your device.


  • Variety of workout plans to choose from

  • Interactive group features and accessible friends’ workouts for motivation

  • Easy Navigation and Usability


  • Not linkable to Music apps

  • Data Privacy Issues since it shares workout info with friends

Strava running app

Choosing the Best Way to Fake a Run on Nike Run App

From the illustration in this guide, it’s crystal clear we have several working methods that runners can use to fake running on the Nike Run app. Yet, you’re advised to note that most apps that can perform the task aren’t safe to use. If we compare the listed ways to cheat fake your movement and GPS location, we can agree that iMoveGo is the safest and most sophisticated.

You don’t need to jailbreak your phone when using Wootechy’s iMoveGo because the app supports a wide range of device models. Its joystick also allows runners to customize their movement pace and direction. The GPS spoofer assures you full data privacy and protection from trackers and location-based security systems when faking runs on the Nike Running Club application.

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