How to Get Incubators in Pokemon GO


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Hatching Pokémon from eggs is a fun way to add new Pokemon to your collection and even discover rare finds. But first, you need Incubators. How to obtain the incubators? And can you get them for free? In this article, we’ll show you how to get incubators in Pokemon GO and offer some valuable tips on their effective usage.

how to get incubators in Pokemon GO

Part 1: How to Get Incubators in Pokemon GO

Incubators are essential items that allow you to hatch Pokémon from eggs you collect at PokéStops. The distance you walk determines how long it takes for the egg to hatch, and incubators track your walking distance. To get Pokemon GO incubator, there are 4 main methods.

Way 1: Level Up Rewards

Reaching certain levels in Pokemon GO grants you rewards, and incubators are definitely part of the package. You start with one that can hatch one Pokémon at a time. You'll also get bonus Incubators at certain levels, with more given at higher levels.

Tip: Focusing on activities that give XP, like catching Pokémon, hatching eggs (of course!), completing quests, and battling in raids, can earn more Incubators. Spin PokéStops and Gyms daily for a bonus, and use a Lucky Egg during an XP bonanza will double your gains for 30 minutes.

make use of Lucky Eggs

Way 2: Earn Free PokéCoins

Players can earn free PokéCoins by placing their Pokémon in gyms and defending them. These coins can then be used to purchase incubators from the shop.

Way 3: Purchase from the Shop

Pokemon Go incubators can be bought from the in-game shop using PokéCoins, which are obtained by defending gyms or purchasing them with real money.

Way 4: Special Research and Events

Completing research tasks and achieving research breakthroughs are other ways to get Pokemon Go incubators. Also, some special events offer incubators as rewards or discounts.

Part 2: How to Incubate Eggs in Pokemon Go without Walking

Now, you have learned how to get an egg incubator in Pokemon Go. How about obtaining eggs and hatching eggs? As we all know, the more you walk with the egg in the Incubator, the closer it gets to hatching. But what if I told you there's a way to incubate Pokemon Go eggs without even leaving your home? With the WooTechy iMoveGo location changer, you can do just that.

WooTechy iMoveGo is a tool that allows you to change your GPS location on your iOS or Android devices, giving you the ability to virtually move around the Pokémon Go map without physically going anywhere. You can effectively hatch eggs, explore new areas, catch Pokémon, access Pokéstops, participate in raids, and even battle other trainers in gyms.

    iMoveGo: Best Way to Hatch Eggs without Moving




    • Any address or coordinates can be entered for precise location changes.

    • Simulate realistic walking routes, and the distance will be tracked.

    • Complete with adjustable speed to hatch eggs and collect stardust safely.

    • Control your character's direction with the joystick.

    • Features cooldown timers to make your spoofing experience smoother.

    • Fake Pokemon GPS on up to 10 devices at once.

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iMoveGo is known for its reliability and user-friendly interface. You can easily incubate Pokemon Go eggs without walking by following the below guides.

Step 1: Download and install this location changer on your computer or mobile. (The computer version is recommended as there are more features.)

Step 2: Connect your iOS or Android device to your computer using a USB cable or the same WiFi.

get started with iMoveGo

Step 3: To calculate walking steps to incubate eggs, you should choose to simulate the route by Multi-Spot Mode or Jump Teleport Mode. Then, use the map interface in iMoveGo to select your desired location. You can enter specific coordinates / addresses or search for a location using keywords. Once done, click on the "Move" button to simulate your Pokemon GPS location.

plan route in Pokemon Go

Part 3: Can I Get Super Incubators Pokemon GO for Free

Super Incubators are a type of incubator in Pokémon GO that hatch eggs at a faster rathe than standard incubators. They cut the hatch distance in half, allowing you to hatch Pokémon quickly. Unfortunately, there is no way to get super Pokemon GO for Free through regular gameplay. However, you can participate in Wayfarer Challenges (if available in your area). It will reward you with Super Incubators.

Super Incubators distance

Part 3: Can I Get Super Incubators Pokemon GO for Free

Prioritize 10 km Eggs:

Since 10 km Eggs have the potential to hatch rare Pokémon, prioritize using your limited-use incubators for them. Save your infinite-use incubator for 2 km and 5 km Eggs, as these require less distance to hatch and can be completed faster.

Maximize Egg Hatching Efficiency:

Try to hatch multiple Eggs simultaneously by loading all available Egg slots with Eggs. Use multiple incubators, including both regular and Super Incubators if available, to hatch Eggs simultaneously and maximize efficiency.

Make Use of Location Spoofer:

Enable Location Spoofer to simulate your walking distance even when you are at home. It will allow you to make progress towards hatching Eggs and earning rewards without actively walking.

Plan Your Routes:

When going for a walk or run, plan your Pokemon GO route in advance to cover the desired distance efficiently. This allows you to hatch Eggs faster and make the most of your incubators.


We have introduced how to get incubators in Pokemon GO. Regular incubators are more obtainable through levelling up, PokéStop spins, and research tasks. Additionally, maximizing the effectiveness of incubators by prioritizing Egg types, planning walking routes, and utilizing WooTechy iMoveGo.

By the way, iMoveGo is free to download and free to trial of all features. Download it now and start incubating eggs in Pokemon Go without Walking!

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