The Best Pokémon Go Walking Hack in 2024


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Are you looking for a way to hatch eggs and catch Pokemon without walking all over town? If so, you're in luck! Here is the best Pokemon Go walking hack!

By faking your GPS location, the Pokemon Go believes you're in a different place, granting access to unique Pokémon and gyms. There are several walking hacks in Pokemon Go that can help you get the most out of the game without having to leave your couch. However, not every Pokemon Go hacking tool is safe. So in this article, we will show your the safest guide to hacking Pokemon Go walking without risks.

Pokemon Go Walking Hack

Part 1. The Best Pokemon Go Walking Hack in 2024

Niantic, the maker of Pokémon GO, has done its best to crack down on Pokémon GO walking cheats, but there is still a massive demand for players that do not necessarily want to spend hours walking around their community. And below are the most common ways for Pokemon Go walking hack.

1. Wootechy iMoveGo

iMoveGo location changer is the ultimate solution for a safe Pokémon Go walking hack experience. It is available to spoof locations on both Android and iOS devices without Jailbreaking. With that, you can teleport to any specific locations and then use a Pokemon Go joystick feature within the application that doesn't have to be refreshed abruptly.

Worried about safety? iMoveGo also supports simulating the GPS movement with the customized route and speed on Pokemon Go, which allows you to simulate the most realistic movement like a human being. Importantly, it works on official Pokemon Go. It is hard to detect.

    iMoveGo:The Best Pokemon Go Walking Hack




    • Once click to teleport anywhere with a high degree of accuracy.

    • Freely control the direction with a Joystick.

    • Built in a PokeStop Map and Cooling timer for Pokemon Go players.

    • Plan routes with adjustable speed.

    • Able to simulate jump, returns, loops, etc...

    • Works on all location-based Apps not just Pokemon Go, such as Snapchat, Find My or Tinder.

    • Support spoof Pokemon Go locations on up to 10 devices at the same time.

    • Works on both Win, Mac and mobile end.

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imovego overview

2. Android Fake GPS

If you'd like a more "on your device" solution, try going to the Google Play Store and downloading apps that have a somewhat effective reputation for working, like Fake GPS Location - GPS JoyStick. This kind of Pokemon Go walking hacks Android lacks of features but it does not require to access computer.

fake gps location gps joystick

3. Use Tweaked Pokémon GO

While these solutions do allow you to change your location and even give you various tweaked features, they are prone to challenges. Apps like iPoGo and Spoofer X are routinely patched or updated. That means they can be detected by Niantic and are likely to get your account banned. If you do use them, try not to use your main account in case you do get permanently banned and cannot retrieve your Pokémon or items. For security reasons, we can not recommend this method.

ipogo download ipa

Part 2. The Safest Guide for Pokemon Go Walking Hack

Using Pokemon GO walking hack allows you to use real-time movement that mimics if you were actually outdoors and physically walking around the target location. And below is the safest guide to hack Pokemon Go Walking.

Pokemon Go Walking Hack iOS

Pokemon GO Walking Hack Video Guide:

Pokemon GO Walking Hack Text Guide:

Step 1. To use iMoveGo for Auto-walking, simply download iMoveGo location changer on your Windows or Mac first.

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Step 2. Connect your device to your PC using a USB cable, or WiFi connection afterwards.

connect android or ios with computer to use imovego

Step 3. Choose Teleport Mode, search for the location you desired or select the location you wish to explore on the map. Click Move and your location will be changed instantly even thought you are seating on your sofa.

change location with imovego teleport mode

Step 4. Make sure you have selected Multi-Spot Mode or Jump Teleport Mode if you wanna simulate GPS movement. Then, plan a route and set a speed. Now, you can control your GPS moving!

simulate gps movement with imovego multispot mode

Pokemon Go Walking Hack Android

iMoveGo is available for both Android and iOS. If you are Android users, follow the below;

Step 1. Like the step for iOS users mentioned above, download the iMoveGo location spoofer and finish the connecting.

Step 2. Enable the developer mode and allowing USB debugging by following the on-screen instructions.

allow usb debugging to use wootechy imovego

Step 3. For using Pokemon Go walking hack, choose "Gaming mode" when pop up. If you want to change location on social platforms such snapchat, choose "Universal Mode".

choose gaming mode or social mode on wootechy imovego

Step 4. Once done, you are good to go like iOS step guide. For example, choose "Joystick Mode" and freely to explore more Poekmon or Gyms without walking.

use Joystick with imovego Joystick mode

Part 3. Risks of Using Pokémon GO Walking Hack

The cooldown period is the only thing to watch out for with Pokémon GO walking hacks. Niantic is doing its best to crack down on users who engage in some form of GPS spoofing and keep checking the latest updates for anomalies.

To avoid detection that can include soft bans or permanent bans for repeat warnings, stick to the cooldown rules. These are time limits between in-game actions calculated by the distance you have traveled. Essentially you want to have a few minutes between jumps.

If you do choose to enjoy the many benefits of using a Pokémon GO walking hack, stick to the average walking speed. For iMoveGo users, you can enable the built-in Cooling timer. It will remind of you when to pause and when to restart the location spoofing. This is one of the reasons why we recommend iMoveGo most.

Just for reference, here is the general cooldown chart:

Total Distance Waiting Period
1 km 30 seconds
5 km 2 minutes
10 km 6 minutes
25 km 11 minutes
30 km 14 minutes
65 km 22 minutes
81 km 25 minutes
100 km 35 minutes
250 km 45 minutes
500 km 1 hour
750 km 1 hour 20 minutes
1000km 1 hour 30 minutes
>1500 km 2 hour


The "Pokemon Go walking hack" offers an new gameplay for Pokemon Go users. With that, you can get the most out of the game without having to leave your home. However, some of the risks of using Pokemon Go walking hacks include getting banned from the game.

So, if you want to use a Pokemon Go walking hack in a safest way, download iMoveGo, making use of its GPS simulating features and built-in cooling timer. So that you will trick Pokemon Go without risks.

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