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The Pokemon Go game needs players to move to physically find and capture different Pokemon. Moreover, the legendary Pokemon are not available in nearby locations, so many players go for the shortcuts like location spoofing tools like PGSharp. However, they somehow end up with a PGSharp Softban, where the Pokemon will flee as they try to catch it.

Part 1. What Is PGSharp Softban?

A soft ban is when a player violates the cooldown rules of the game, and his account will get a ban. When a player gets soft banned, any Pokemon that they try to catch flees away. Moreover, any pokestops they try to spin will give a try again later error message.

So, technically the game will become unplayable because all the exciting features will be banned for some time. This ban will happen when you use the PGSharp tool for location spoofing to find legendary Pokemon without moving.

Part 2. PGSharp Raid Soft Ban Duration & Cooldown Rules

The duration of this soft ban will vary depending on several factors. The algorithms for this ban differ depending on your country and location and the violation you committed. In most cases, you will find a ban lasting from a few minutes up to 2 hours. However, it will last up to 12 hours in the worst case. You cannot feed any Pokemon or drop the ball during this time.

After this ban time ends, you will get all the banned features working back like normal. You may take the Cooldown rules as a simple calculation of the distance you travel between the in-game actions and the cooldown time you must wait.

For instance, the cooldown time for a 1 km distance is under 1 minute. Similarly, the cooldown time for a 100 Km distance will be 35 minutes, and that for 1350 KM will be 2 hours.

Part 3. How to Remove Soft Ban in PGSharp Pokemon Go

If you get the soft ban on your account and you want to remove it, then the first and easy solution that you may try is waiting. Waiting until the ban ends is one way to remove the soft ban. Once the ban is lifted, you must refrain from making the same violations again.

However, waiting will not be the right option for many if the ban is more than a few minutes. In that case, you may try the following steps to remove the ban:

Step 1. Create a new Pokemon Go game account on your app.

how to remove softban pokemon go

Step 2. Now uninstall the game and install it again.

Step 3. Log into the game with the account that got the soft ban, and you may have lifted the bad.

It will be simple for you to remove the ban from your account. However, creating a new account every time you get a ban will not be the most feasible solution.

Part 4. How Do You Avoid PGSharp Softban in 2022

Following the game, rules seem to be the only way to avoid soft bans and PGSharp raid cooldown times. Even if you think you can try the new account creation method every time you face a ban, remember that it will need a new Google account every time, and creating one may take longer than waiting for the ban to be lifted.

Thus, it is easier to say that there is no shortcut to lifting the ban, and the right way is to abide by the game rules. Players who use location spoofing tools like PGSharp must follow the PGSharp cooldown rules along with the following forbiddance:

Using lure.

Gym battles

Spinning the pokestop beyond your limit

Putting your Pokemon in the gym

Catching wild Pokemon

Catching shadow Pokemon

Feeding berries to a wild Pokemon

Feeding the gym defender

Avoiding these activities will help avoid the PGSharp soft ban in 2022.

Part 5. Free PGSharp iOS Alternative Without Being Soft Banned

If you want to catch all the legendary Pokemon in the game without getting any bans, then you need to switch to a better PGSharp alternative. iMoveGo lets you spoof your GPS with controlled movement with keyboard and joystick controls. Additionally, it supports several devices so everyone can use it.

Key Features of iMoveGo




  • Supports the latest iOS version 16k.

  • Works on iPhones and iPads.

  • Compatible with the macOS and Windows OS.

  • Multiple spots, GPX route, and two spot route modes.

  • Automatic 360-degree movement with speed control, etc..

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So, download the tool and install it on your PC. After successful installation, you will need to follow the steps below to start spoofing your location:

Step 1. Take a USB data cable and connect your iPhone to your PC as you launch the tool. Click Get started.

Connect Your iOS Device

Step 2. Tap on Trust if your iPhone asks. Otherwise, this method won’t work.

Launch iMoveGo on Your PC

Step 3. Go to the top right section and select Teleport Mode. Enter any location in the search bar.

click move

Step 4. Check the location where you want to Move. Wait a short while, and you will find your location on iPhone has been successfully changed.

Upon pressing the move button, you will move to that location. Similarly, you may use the GPS movement feature to find better Pokemon.


If you use PGSharp, the soft ban will be the most frustrating because it will restrict you from certain features. While there is nothing wrong with the tool, it is usually because of your mistakes. So, either use this tool the right way or switch to a better alternative, iMoveGo, where you can control your GPS spoofing movement speed and location.

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