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Are you tired of being mediocre in Pokémon Go? It is time to jump to the next level. Upgrade your Pokémon’s to become the best player.

The article is specifically formulated to assist you in that aspect. Being an enthusiast, you want to achieve all sorts of accomplishments in Pokémon Go. For that, you need to formulate a strategy. You must study different Pokémon Go tips and tricks to make your mark in the game.

Every champion follows some tips and tricks, so why not you?

Read thoroughly and implement the points we have compiled for you. Undoubtedly, you will become a better player after reading them.

best pokemon go tips and tricks

Part 1. Pokémon GO Tips and Tricks to Get Ahead of the Curve

Pokémon Go offers great competition among its users. Every enthusiast is trying to capture the best Pokémon.

Wars are waged, and battles are fought to catch the best Pokémon. However, you need to understand a few Pokémon Go tricks and techniques to improve your game. Without a sound strategy, you cannot win the battles, let alone the war of becoming the best Pokémon Go player.

The following points will shed light on Pokémon Go tips and tricks to make you a better player. Read it until the last word to strategize your gameplay.

1 Exchange Your Pokémon for Candies.

You may exchange your excess Pokémon for Candy. The Candy is unique to the Pokémon you trade in. By doing so, you may create a place for more powerful Pokémon while also strengthening the ones you retain by feeding them.

For example

If you have 20 Rattata and want to strengthen your Raticate, you may exchange some excess Rattata for Rattata Candy, which you can then use to power up your Raticate.

20 rattata pokemon


Remember that you may only carry a specific amount of Pokémon, so it's advisable to trade in the lesser ones to make way for the stronger ones.

2 Lucky Eggs, Use Them Sagaciously.

Occasionally, you will get a Lucky Egg. It will get you double XP for 30 minutes. Try to utilize it to its fullest potential to help level up your Trainer rather than just discarding it.

For instance

It may be the case when you arrive in a new, bustling area where you anticipate capturing or hatching Pokémon or if there are several Gyms for you to combat - and win. Understand this Pokémon trick to improve your game.

Therefore, reserve your Lucky Eggs for spectacular town center Pokémon Go sessions to get the maximum XP.

3 Step in Gyms

The real glory is in the gyms, which are the way to get Coins. Gyms are the main focuses of Pokémon Go. You fight, win, and then your team takes over a Gym.

You should leave a strong Pokémon at that Gym to protect it because the longer they stay there and protect it, the more coins you get. You can buy more stuff when you have more Coins.

step in gym to fight battles

4 Select a Rare Buddy

Some Pokémon show up only sometimes. Making them your walking companion allows you to gradually accumulate those sweets since you will only encounter them sometimes.

Eventually, you'll realize you have enough to develop that Pokémon.

Avoid doing that with Magikarp since it requires 400 candies to develop, and you will likely get bored before anything occurs. It's important to remember that different Pokémon will need you to trek across various distances.

play with your buddy

5 Learn the Various Pokémon Varieties and Fighting Strategies.

Suppose you're having trouble defeating a Pokémon and can't figure out why. Then, the type advantage is definitely to blame. It is the guiding idea of the whole Pokémon fighting universe.

Pokémon Go replicates this, with weather conditions favoring certain kinds over others. There's also the matter of any specific battle techniques your Pokémon may possess.

Following are some examples:

Bug > Dark, Grass, Psychic

Dark > Ghost, Psychic

Electric > Flying, Water

Fairy > Dark, Dragon, Fighting

Fire > Bug, Grass, Ice, Steel

Fighting > Normal, Rock, Steel, Ice Dark

6 Initiate More Battles for More Rewards.

The development of Battles adds a new dimension and several rewards since the original Pokémon Go game was about exploration and finding Pokémon.

As you advance in the game, you may combat in tiers and win prizes. Battles is a section of the game you may play at home since it doesn't need you to go out strolling and exploring.

7 Be Smart About Saving Your Battery: Pokémon Go Is a Power Drain on All Devices.

One workaround for this is to enable Battery Saver in Settings. It works on phones with accelerometers and turns off the screen when your phone is pointing downward in your pocket.

However, the app will continue monitoring your location to hatch eggs and vibrate to warn you about Pokémon.

8 Weather Can Make a Difference.

The weather affects the kind of Pokémon you will encounter, much like location.

A snowy day is ideal for collecting ice-type Pokémon like Sandslash, Glaceon, and Darmanitan, but a rainy day will bring out more water-type Pokémon with more power and Stardust!

The benefits of each sort of weather are broken out below.

Clear/Sunny: Ground, Fire, and Grass

Fairy, conflict, and poison in the clouds

Rain: Electric, Water, and Bug

Snow: Steel and Ice

Windy: Flying, Psychic, and Dragon

9 How to Capture a Boss Pokémon

When you defeat the Boss, you will be awarded Potions, Revives, PokeCoins, and Premier Balls, which you may use to capture the Boss.

Your performance in combat determines the number of Premier Balls provided, and they vanish when you try to capture the Boss.

So, take your time and eat a lot of berries to increase your chances. The Boss Pokémon escapes after all of the Premier Balls are depleted.

10 Use Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolutions temporarily allow Pokémon like Charizard and Gengar to become more powerful versions of themselves.

To use this function, you must first collect Mega Energy for the Pokémon you want to develop (the quickest way to do so is to complete Mega Raids as quickly as possible).

11 Travel to Far-off Places

Some people may need help to do this, but visiting as many locations as possible will enable you to collect more varieties of Pokémon. Make sure you visit other sites to discover additional varieties since your hometown is dominated by one or two of them.

The frequency of special events has increased, introducing previously unknown or uncommon Pokémon and certain region-specific characters you may not have seen before. To stay updated, be sure to check out the news area of the Pokémon Go app.

It may sound like Pokémon Go tips and cheats, but in reality, it is a tool to get better at your game.

It brings us to our next step. It is the most useful tip to upgrade your level in Pokémon Go. We will guide everything. Stick with the information given below to make a difference in Pokémon GO.

Part 2. The Best Pokémon GO Tip and Trick - Spoof Location in Pokémon GO

WooTechy has created a location-spoofing app called iMoveGo. The program has the ability to conceal your position so that others cannot follow your every move.

It serves a wide variety of purposes. The device is compatible with various virtual reality (VR) games, including the popular Pokémon Go. iMoveGo is able to spoof the original Pokémon GO app safely on both Android and iOS devices. Specifically, it allows you to use the official Pokémon GO app downloaded from Apple Store/Google Play.

iMoveGo – Best Pokémon GO Spoofer




  • Teleport your location to anywhere and plan customized routes for Pokémon GO.

  • Location-based support for all games and dating apps.

  • Works without jailbreaking and revoking required.

  • Compatible with all Android and iOS devices (including the latest iOS 16 and Android 13).

  • Able to spoof location on 5 devices at one time.

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How to spoof location in Pokémon GO with iMoveGo:

Step 1 Download the application on your PC and install it. Connect your iOS device to the computer via USB connection or WIFI connection.

connect your device to computer


For Android, before the next step, follow the onscreen instructions to enable USB debugging and select Gaming Mode for Pokémon GO.

choose desired mode

Step 2 Select the Joystick Mode and enter the address desired.

use joystick to move freely

Step 3 Click Move to start auto-walk. You can also use the Multi-Spot Mode or Two-Spot Mode to create a customized route.

use gps joystick in pokemon go

Until now, we know two things about iMoveGo: It works on Android and iOS devices and is very easy to use.

Now, we will enlighten you with questions that are frequently asked by Pokémon Go users. Read them to clarify any ambiguity you have.

Part 3. FAQs about Pokémon GO Tips and Tricks

1. What Is the Strongest Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

Arceus is the strongest Legendary Pokémon. This Normal-type Mythical Pokémon made the whole world the closest thing to a god in the Pokémon world.

Arceus is the only Pokémon with the ability Multitype, which lets it change its type depending on the type of plate or Z-Crystal it holds.

It can talk to other Legendaries through telepathy and is easy to control. Arceus is the best both as an opponent and as a friend.

2. What Pokémon Should I Keep in Pokémon GO?

Most people agree that dragon-type Pokémon are the finest and most useful, at least in general.

Dragon types are often considered great all-rounders because they can be used against many opponents since they don't have much resistance.

Shadow Dragonite is currently the best in many ways, but Shadow Salamence isn't too far behind.

3. How Do You Get Rare Pokémon in Pokémon GO?

Start Moving: Step out of your comfort zone and hunt Pokémon. Gradually, you will find out the rarest Pokémon.

Navigate The Landmarks: Go to noteworthy places near you. Some places where people like to travel. Go there and try your luck.

Upgrade Your Trainer: Your trainer quality and the scarcity of the Pokémon you'll meet are linked, so quickly raising your level will assist you in finding those better Pokémon.

Search out Nest Rotations: Nest rotations usually appear in parks and spawn a lot. This is a good tip because you don't have to go far to find good battle partners.

4. How to Play Pokémon GO Without Walking?

You can easily play Pokémon Go without walking. All you have to do is to use spoofing tools. The best spoofing tool to spoof your location is iMoveGo. It provides a joystick to control the movement. You can easily maneuver it by sitting comfortably on your couch.


Pokémon Go will test your nerves. Therefore, you must carefully plan every move. Your arsenal should be repleted with the most powerful Pokémon.

The article has explained everything you need to accomplish your goals. All you need is to choose the best tools at your disposal. The spoofing tool, iMoveGo, will drastically improve your game. It is the most potent Pokémon Go trick you can come up with. Use it!

Surely, you are a better player now. You have learned new tips and tricks. Now, you must muster your courage and implement these tips to become the best player.

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