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Similar to how one can root Android phones, the iPhone also facilitates such functions. But the iOS device is a bit more secure as it uses the Device Firmware Update, or DFU mode to complete the task. So, does DFU mode delete everything like the Android recovery mode?

When you enter the DFU mode on your iPhone, none of the data on the device is erased. But if you restore the device in DFU mode, all data will be erased. Of course, there are ways to restore your device without erasing everything. We will talk about this in great detail in the rest of this article.

Part 1. Does A DFU Restore Erase Everything?

When you enter the DFU mode, it doesn't delete any data from your device. Instead, when you try to exit the mode, you are forced to restore the iOS and, in turn, delete all your data. So, it is not that entering DFU mode deletes anything, but the DFU restore will erase everything.

When you use DFU restore, it clears all your personal data. This is done so that your device is restored to its original state. Now you can change the iOS version using this mode, but you will lose all your personal changes and data.

So, if you are wondering, does DFU mode delete everything on iPhone, then the answer is a big no. On the other hand, if you ask if DFU restores erased iPhone data, then it is an obvious yes!

Part 2. What Happens If You Put Your iPhone In DFU Mode?

DFU mode is the system recovery mode, similar to Android recovery mode but for iOS. When you enable this mode, you will be able to change the system settings with ease, even if your device is an iPhone X. Since this is the iOS system recovery mode, it restores the entire system. So, does DFU restore erase everything? Well, it's definitely a yes.

1. When Should You Use DFU Mode?

iOS releases a new version almost every year. These latest versions are auto-updated on your iOS device. If you use an iPhone 6S, you will find that the iOS version of your device is not the same as when you bought it. This happens due to the auto-update feature.

But all these new features are not always perfect. In most cases, the latest releases are filled with bugs. Many users wish to downgrade to the previous version and later update to the latest. And this is the perfect case to use the DFU mode.

When you enter DFU mode, the iOS system is on, but the phone is off. That means it will not look for any updates. And in this state, using iTunes, you can upgrade, downgrade, restore and even jailbreak your device.

2. How to Enter DFU Mode?

Before you learn how to enter the DFU mode, some precautionary steps must be followed. They are as follows:

  • Perform an iCloud backup. If possible, also do iTunes backup.

  • Install the most updated iTunes version on your Mac or Windows PC.

  • Make sure the connection is stable when your iTunes performs the system restoration.

  • Do not use DFU mode to restore an iPhone that might have been water damaged.

Using the DFU mode to perform the changes will void your warranty. So, if you are okay with it, here are the perfect steps to enter DFU mode on any iPhone model.

For iPhone 8 and Up:

Connect your device to the PC and boot up iTunes.

Press the Volume Up button once and then the Volume Down key. Now press and hold the Power button.

Once the screen goes black, press the Volume Down button while still pressing the Power button.

After about five seconds, release the Power button but keep pressing the Volume Down button for another 5 seconds.

If your iPhone screen is still black, then iTunes detects your device in the DFU mode successfully.

Now press OK and Restore iPhone on iTunes and change your iOS version.

dfu restore

For iPhone 7:

Once the device is connected to PC and iTunes is launched, press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together.

After 8~10 seconds, only release the Power button but continue holding the Volume Down button for 5 seconds.

When iTunes detects your phone in DFU mode, restore the iPhone with ease.

For iPhone 6S and Prior:

Connect the device to the PC after you launch iTunes.

Press and hold Power and Home buttons together. Release the Power button after 8~10 seconds but keep holding the Home button for 5 seconds.

3. How Long Does It Take to Restore an iPhone in DFU Mode?

The time required for any recovery mode depends on the amount of data to be recovered. In the case of DFU mode, the average time required is about 30 minutes. But this period can change depending on how much data you are restoring and the status of your Apple devices.

Part 3. How Do You Restore Your iPhone Without Deleting Everything?

It is evident that the answer for "does a DFU restore erase everything" is a massive yes. But there is a way to restore iOS without erasing everything. You will have to rely on the professional iOS system restore tool WooTechy iPhixer. This is software made for iOS/iPadOS/tvOS, so it is 100% secure and your privacy won't be invaded.

Key Features of iPhixer




  • Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod touch in DFU or Recovery mode without deleting data.

  • No iTunes needed, so there won’t be any errors.

  • Fix all iOS/iPadOS issues such as boot loop, black screen and stuck on Apple logo with 100% success rate.

  • Support all iOS and iPadOS versions including the latest iOS 15.

  • Has other functions like resetting your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and freely entering/exiting recovery mode with one click.

  • Download Now

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Launch the iPhixer on your PC and connect your device. Select the Standard Mode to restore your device without data loss.

select standard mode

Click the Next button. But if your device isn't recognized, make sure to follow the onscreen instructions to enter Recovery or DFU mode.

enter dfu mode

Download the firmware of the version you want to use and verify by clicking the Download option.

download iOS

Finally, click the Start button, wait a few minutes, and your device should be restored without any data erasure.

restore iOS without data loss


iPhone recovery or restoration is a tricky but crucial thing. That is why many people prefer to use the DFU mode. It's the easiest way to restore your iPhone and iOS to their factory state.

So, does DFU mode delete everything? In short, DFU mode doesn't delete anything. But when you try to exit DFU mode after restoration, most of your data will indeed be deleted. To restore your iOS devices in DFU mode without deleting everything, WooTechy iPhixer is your best choice.

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