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When iPhone call volume is low, this can be a major inconvenience. No one wants to deal with a phone that is not working properly, especially when they need to make important calls. In some cases, fixing this issue can be quite simple.

You might only need to adjust the volume on your device with the volume buttons. However, if doesn't work, then keep reading. We'll tell you why this problem occurs and how you can fix your iPhone call volume low issue quickly.

Part 1. Why Is Your iPhone Volume So Low on Calls?

If you notice your iPhone call volume is low, you might wonder why this is happening to your device. Really, there are a few reasons this could happen. In some situations, you may have accidentally hit the down volume button when you were on a call previously. In addition, having bad service or having a phone speaker that have not been cleaned can also affect the volume of your phone.

However, if the issue is more serious, it could be a software issue or a hardware issue with your phone. For instance, if you have dropped your phone a lot or your phone is old your hardware won't work properly and iPhone phone volume will be too low.

Finally, if your noise settings are not correct or your phone is not fully updated, this could also make iPhone call volume low. The next part of this post will address this problem fully and show you how to fix it!

Part 2. 10 Common Solutions for iPhone Call Volume Low Problem

1Check the Connections

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your iPhone is not connected to another Bluetooth device or speaker. If your phone is connected to a speaker or headset, then your phone volume will be lower or not work at all.

2Use the Speaker Mode

Putting your phone into speaker mode will let you know if your phone speaker is broken or if you are having a software glitch issue. When you are in the middle of a call, press the speaker button. If your call gets louder, then the issue might be with your phone software. Look at our other steps to address any software issues. However, if your iPhone call volume is still too low, then the issue has to do with your hardware.

3Adjust Noise Cancellation Setting

The "Noise Cancellation" setting could make the iPhone call volume too low. For some people, this setting will help them hear better in noisy and crowded areas. Still, this setting could interfere with call volume. So, it might need some adjustment.

Go to the Settings icon on your iPhone's home screen.

Then you want to scroll down to Accessibility. (The Accessibility option is in the General tab for iOS 13 version.)

From here you will go to your Audio/Visual setting. Look for Phone Noise Cancellation, then you can adjust it by switching it on or off to see which situation could make your call volume louder.

adjust iPhone moise cancellation

4Check All Audio Routing Settings

You want to make sure that your sound is routed to your phone and not to another device, thus avoiding the iPhone call sound low.

Go to your Settings icon on your home screen, then click on Accessibility and Touch options.

Tap on Call Audio Routing. From here, you will click on the option that says Automatic. This way your audio is automatically routed to your phone and not any other device.

iPhone call audio routing setting

5Turn on Hearing Aid Mode/Compatibility

This option could make your phone a little louder if the call volume is too low. This is especially workable for the hearing impairment and other people who can't hear the person on the call.

Again, you are going to need to access your Settings on the home screen. Then go to Accessibility.

Turn on the Hearing Aid Mode/Compatibility. (Sometimes, this option can be seen the Hearing Devices tab.)

turn on iPhone hearing aid mode

6Check iPhone Audio Balance

To check your iPhone audio balance, go into your phone Settings first. Next, click the Accessibility tab and Audio/Visual. Then look at the audio balance slider at the top. The slider should be adjusted so that the volume is located in the center. Move the circle to the middle of the slider if it isn't already adjusted there. Then call someone and check if the call volume is working properly again.

iPhone audio balance

7Disable Headphone Audio Limit

While you are using your headphones and you found the iPhone call sound low, go into the Settings and disable your Headphone Audio Limit.

In the Settings, you want to go to Sounds and Haptics. Then click on Headphone Safety. From here, you can press the off button on the reduce loud sounds tab. This will take off the headphone audio limit.

iPhone headphone safety

8Clear the Receiver

Cleaning your phone receiver can also help with fixing the iPhone call volume low. You should get a clean cloth and gently wipe it over your phone receiver. Your receiver is at the top of your iPhone. Once it has been cleaned make a call and see if your phone volume is working properly.

9Clean iPhone Speaker Slot

Call volume issues are not always the result of software or hardware problems. It could simply be that your phone has accumulated a lot of dust and dirt which is clogging up your speaker slot. You can use something thin and sharp to dislodge any dirt or dust that is stuck in your speaker. This is a simple but effective way to increase call volume.

10Reset All Settings

If your iPhone call volume is still low after trying out all the options we listed above, then you should consider resetting your phone settings.

Go to your Settings first, then scroll down and click the General option.

Look for Reset tab and click it. Then tap on Reset All Settings. Your phone will restart but your device should work normally after you reset it.

reset all settings

Part 3. Fix iPhone Call Volume Low Due to Software Glitches

When your iPhone call volume is low and the above solutions fail, this could be the result of a software glitch at most cases. So it's time to use professional iPhone repair software -- Wootechy iPhixer to resolve your iPhone call volume low problem. Our software will repair your phone and get it back to normal in no time.

Key Features of iPhixer




  • It is professionally developed to fix all iPhone issues including iPhone call sound/volume bugs, iPhone ghost touch and screen problems.

  • Any data will be not lost after using the program to get problems resolved.

  • It supports all iPhones and iOS versions, iOS 15 included.

  • It has the fastest speed and the highest success rate.

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Step 1 Get the software and open it up. Choose the Standard Mode and connect your iPhone to your computer.

choose repair mode

Step 2 Click Next button if your device is detected. Otherwise, follow the instructions to enter Recovery Mode.

connect iPhone

Step 3 Click Download button to get the working firmware for your iPhone.

download firmware

Step 4 Once it is downloaded, iPhixer will fix your phone and get it back in working order.

repair iPhone call volume low

Part 4. Repair Faulty Speaker Due to Hardware Issues

As a final resort, we recommend bringing your phone to a repair shop to fix any hardware issues. You could try and fix your iPhone on your own, but you might end up causing more issues if you don’t really know what you are doing.

A professional will know exactly how to fix your iPhone with low sound call volume. But, only repair your hardware after trying all the solutions we suggested. You don't want to waste money or time if the problem is fixable.


There are many ways to fix your iPhone when the call volume is too low. We went over the best solutions for this issue here throughout the post. Read over each way you can fix your phone before you spend any money on repairing it. We put together a great list of fixes here. So, when your iPhone's call volume is too low, refer to our post.

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