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Fixed: iPhone Storage Full and Won't Turn on


Nov 09, 2021 (Updated: Nov 24, 2021) • Filed to: Fix iPhone

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"What can I do when my iPhone won't turn on because I have no more storage? There is ample information on what to do when your storage is full. But there is not much information on what to do once your phone has no more space and will not start up."

Do you have a problem like the above user? Well, fear not! You have come to the right place! Today I'll show some nifty tricks you can do when your iPhone storage is full and won't turn on. Don't go away just yet! I'll go in-depth on talking about the methods. So, please stick around till the end! And let's jump right in, shall we?

How to Fix iPhone Storage Full Won't Turn On

We will talk about primarily three ways to fix this storage problem. These are quite simple and easy to follow. So, follow them closely. Are you ready? Let's go!

1Clean iPhone Storage on Computer

Use a type-C cable to connect your iPhone to your PC. You can use anyone's PC which was trusted before for this process. Turn off your iTunes and enter your storage through the PC. Delete all the unnecessary photos, videos, and files. Your phone might restart during this process, but don't stop deleting. After you free up good amounts of storage, your iPhone should boot up and work normally. After booting up, we would advise you to further check your storage by going through the storage menu.

Look for files that are unnecessarily large and back them up to iCloud. Delete some more if needed. iOS requires at least 2 GB of free storage to work smoothly and efficiently. So, always ensure that.

2Fix iPhone Storage Full Won't Turn on with iPhixer

If your iPhone still cannot turn on after you clean the iPhone storage on the computer, then go and get Wootechy iPhixer on your computer, which is a troubleshooting application that can easily fix issues like freezing, slow performance, and storage problems on your iPhone. It can fix all types of "iPhone won't turn on" problems, like the "iPhone 7/8/X/11/12/13 memory full won't turn on" issue.

The iPhixer comes with four different modes. The standard, advanced, reset iDevices, and enter/exit Recovery mode. The Standard mode helps you fix issues without losing any data.

Wootechy iPhixer

75,000,000+ Downloads

Key Features of iPhixer:

  • It fixes all iOS/iPadOS/tvOS issues such as won't turn on, black/white screen of death and boot loop without any data loss.

  • It supports all iOS versions including the latest iOS 15 and all iPhone models.

  • It is available on both Windows and Mac computers.

  • It has the highest success rate and has a user-friendly interface as well as super easy-to-follow steps.

Download NowDownload Now

To fix the "iPhone storage full won't turn on" issue, you will use the Standard mode. Just follow these simple steps using the iPhixer application.

Step 1: Open the application and select the Standard Mode. Make sure you have your iPhone that is storage full and won't turn on connected and ready.

choose repair mode

Step 2: Then iPhixer will ask you to put the phone into Recovery mode to fix it. Follow the instructions on the screen. For example, it will tell you to press certain buttons to make your phone go into Recovery mode.

put iPhone into recovery mode

Step 3: Next the app will ask you to download the latest firmware version. Just click Download and it will set up and install the latest version on your iPhone.

download firmware

Step 4: After finishing the installation of the firmware, just tap the Start icon on the screen. Then just let the app do its job. After a while, your iPhone should automatically boot up normally.

repair iPhone


Remember to clean your iPhone storage on your computer first, then use the above steps to fix your iPhone won't turn on. Since some storage should be left for the software to resolve your problem.

3Restore iPhone with iTunes

Or you can use iTunes to fully restore your iPhone device when it won't turn on because of full storage. However, you should also first clean your iPhone storage on the computer. Then do as follows.

  • Make sure iTunes is updated to the latest version on your PC.

  • Then connect your iPhone to your computer and enter Recovery mode.

    • To boot up recovery mode on iPhones 8 and above, hold and let go of the "Volume Up" button. Then do the same thing for the "Volume Down" button. Then gently hold the "Side" button. You will see the "Connect to iTunes" icon on the screen. Voila! You're in.

    • To boot up recovery mode on iPhone 7/7 Plus, press the "Side" and "Volume Down" button until when you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen.

    • To boot up recovery mode on iPhone 6 and older, hold the "Home" and "Top" button until the "Connect to iTunes" screen appears.

    iPhone in recovery mode

  • Click the Restore option.

  • restore iPhone with iTunes

And, voila! Note that this will erase all data from your iPhone device. But there are different tools that you can use to partially or fully get back all your important data. Provided that you backed up all of them beforehand on iCloud.


So, in short, the easiest way to fix the iPhone storage is full and won't turn on problem is to delete some files directly from your PC. If that doesn't work, then you have troubleshooting apps like iPhixer to get the job done for you without data loss. As a last resort, you can just factory reset your phone using iTunes. Hopefully, after reading this article, whenever your iPhone storage is full and won't turn on, you will know what to do. Stay safe and goodbye.

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